Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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The real world…

“When I have the chance, I will kill you…” He shouted with anger.


Aunty Vicky later found out I was fvcking another woman in the neighborhood and things went sore. She invited me to the house and asked me to come back to her, or else she will do something I never wished for.


“You don’t make me scared okay?” I said to her before her very eyes with much boldness that made her wonder


“Why don’t you want me again” She asked in a low tone


“How many of us are fvcking you”? I asked her with anger


“Just two” She replied


“Me and who”? I asked again


“Just you and my fiance” She said with a smile. Well, I wasn’t in the mood for some smiles and I knew she actually deserved some slap but I was too young to give her one for being such a foolish girl.


“You  left your future husband to fvck someone else” I asked her in anger “What is wrong with you for Christ sake”?


“Nothing” she said while smiling. I couldn’t believe I was fvcking someone else’s wife to be and lots of thought were running through my head at the same time.


“Tell me you don’t enjoy me” She asked in a mild angry tone


“I don’t” I replied. She gave a smile before giving me another shocker of my life.


“Do you know the girl you are sleeping with now”? She asked me rhetorically, “She is married and I will just inform the husband and give him your phone number”. I laughed it off and tagged her desperate. While I was about leaving the room, I slapped her bum and was bout running when she held me back.


“Before you leave, please fvck me one last time” She pleaded. I was a young boy then, but I was fully aware of something they call the last bite that always trap a fish. I quickly removed her cloth, kissed her badly and was fingering her. When I knew it was becoming pleasure for her and she was already naked, I acted like I wanted to remove my cloth and I ran out of the house.


That evening, while I was browsing, I got a call.


“Hello who is this” I spoke with accent


“When I have the chance, I will kill you…”  The caller shouted with anger.


“Who are you”? I asked with a little fear.


“I heard you sleep with my wife all the time” The man said with mixed emotions “If I catch you, I will strangle you”


“Wrong number” I shouted back. He was still trying to say some other things, I quickly terminated the call. The truth is that the wife was too young to have a husband. I saw her as a good lonely girl that always attend church services. Because of her, I attended one of their Catholic association meetings. I became a member so as to have a meeting point with her. After we became friends and started talking, things moved faster than I expected.


While returning from the meeting one evening, along a lonely bush path I held her hand. She grabbed mine in return and I quickly stared at her and I could see fire in her eyes. I moved my face slowly towards her own and she remained calm. I quickly reached for her lips and did what I know how to do best. Because of the open location, we quickly located the nearest un-completed building and did something I loved doing. She was putting in a skirt and that allowed easy access to where I wanted. I know a lot of sex styles and I knew the one that would be okay for this our situation. He quickly touched her toe and kept her bible one side, while I destroyed her from behind. I covered her mouth to avoid unnecessary shoutings as the act continued. We kept doing this for days till Aunty Vicky informed me of fvcking someone’s wife.


“Is it my fault” I explained to another friend of mine while telling him the story


“If that near you or touch you, halla me make I show am pepper” He said in our local dialect


“When you go begin smoke” He asked me


“No, I can’t smoke weed and I don’t drink” I said with firm resolution “I am a Christian”. I didn’t actually finish the statement before he gave out a loud laugh. I quickly thanked him and went my way. I became conscious of my movements and people trailing me from behind. I always walked with a small dagger a friend gave to me in case of any surprised attack, and that was the life of fear that I lived till after sometime and I felt the dust had settled.


It was no longer news that I failed Jamb on my first attempt. I actually scored 210 and I wrote the post ume exams of two schools and none of them admitted me into their system. I felt bad because I felt I needed to explore the university world. I have heard a lot about what happens in the university but unfortunately, I couldn’t experience it that year; meaning I had to wait.another year. I stayed at home and became one of the most known people in the neighborhood. My name alone could make an average guy run for help.


The truth was that I was always approached by cultists who needed my reputation to strike terror, but why should I belong when I was already a one-man squad. I knew all the cult leaders because money answers all things. I stayed at home for like two months and money became a serious problem for me. I could barely buy things I wanted and daddy never wanted to know how I fared. I had to resort to other things to make money.


First of all, I discussed with some street guys about what we needed to do to put money in our pockets for a while.


“We go hustle” Ugochukwu said with a smile. While we were there, an old man came out and asked us if we can help him find some metals, that he needed so many of them.


“Wetin you wan use am for” We asked him.


“Na big money o…” He shouted “If you people can find plenty metals, there are places you can sell it for plenty money” The man said in the local dialect. It was the best speech I ever heard from someone and I decided to put it into full practice. I started by selling of most of our valuables at home ranging from our old stabilizer to the compressor of our old fridge and any metallic thing I could lay my hands on. Few weeks later I ran out of metals at home and I needed to replenish.


“You know where we fit see Iron”? I asked my friend in the street.


“Look” He said pointing towards somebody’s house. It was a public compound and a battery was lying on the floor beside an abandoned motorcycle. We quickly arranged and sold off the battery and despite the plenty cry from the man that owns the battery, we wouldn’t bring it back for him. It wasn’t that we stole, just that we helped people sold off their scraps. We extended our terror down to the next neighborhood, and when we couldn’t see any metal to sell, we complemented with another scarce resource.


We stayed in a neighborhood where Fowls were rampant and moved around freely; whenever I felt I didn’t want to do something bad again, somebody somewhere puts up a brilliant idea.


“Instead of make we waste money dey buy food, make we chop chicken na” Chijioke said.


“You buy chicken”? One guy asked him while we were in an uncompleted building. There was a general laughter because everyone knew that he couldn’t afford the cheapest thing available apart from weed. He gave us a brilliant Idea which we decided to put into practice for a while.


“If we dey hungry, we fit  just roast any fowl wey we see, instead of waste money dey buy food up and down” He said with confidence. He barely finished the speech, when we saw a hen incubating her eggs she newly laid. The speed at which he dived and killed the hen without much sound was something I couldn’t comprehend. He quickly cut of the Hen’s neck with his bare hands and even packed some eggs along. While we were still looking around to avoid gossips, he had already set up fire and the hen was being roasted. Have you ever tasted roasted chicken and fried egg? Try it and see.


Terror upon terror, picking and selling, taking and eating became something we did for fun. But trust me, all this didn’t equal to the amount of free sex we got in a day. At a point, it seems like we were acting pornography.


At a point, I decided to leave the other guys, after having good money in my pocket and I finally met another guy in the street called Chinedu. He is well older than I am but we were in the same class at school. He stayed with family in a public compound a stone throw away from my house. He is a tall, fair, handsome guy and I went to familiarize myself with him to help me achieve my lustful aim. We became friends and I started learning from him. I visited him most often every morning when people were off to school and as expected he was always busy. Not with something reasonable but always having sex. It was like a morning ritual and his partners ranged from House-helps to married women.


“Teach me how you dey use get this girls na” I asked in a very humble tone


“You wan learn bad things shea” He asked me while laughing so hard. I just smiled because probably he didn’t actually know me too well. I must confess that I have slept with girls but on the score sheet of the achievements, he was leading me too well. I needed to catch-up and he had to help.


“You gats repackage” He told me in a humble tone “Girls like when you are presentable and handsome also. Even if you don’t have lots of money, merely being handsome, neat and presentable, most of them will accept you that way”


“How do I repackage now” I asked with keen interest.


“You are already handsome, but other features like hairstyle, clothing, wrist watch, perfume and shoes has to be up to standard” He said while showing me his collection. The truth is that he was from a below average family but yet he invested so much in all these. He wasn’t even through with me, when he picked up a call and directed someone on phone to his house. Few hours later, we heard a knock on the door and when it was opened, I saw Aunty Vicky.


To Be Continued


We stood there staring at each other for a while and I was having weird thoughts about what was about to happen.


“You sabi am”? Chinedu asked me


“Nooo…, I am just admiring how beautiful she is” I said as I winked for her. While she entered, Chinedu introduced me to her, and we shaked hands.


“It’s so nice meeting you, I have heard a lot about you” I said to her with a smile. After few minutes, I left the room after a signal from Chinedu for me to leave. I waited nearby while I kept imagining what would be happening inside that room. After few hours, I came back to the house and she had left.


“How was it” I asked Edu


“Mehn the babe sabi fvck ooo” He replied with so much smile on his face “You wan follow taste the girl” He asked me


“Emm… no, I won’t and I can’t” I replied him. After that day, I started hanging out with Edu and was undergoing repackaging. First of all he showed me how to curl my hair using a Relaxer and to color it dark using a dye. I wanted to go buy some new cloths and he escorted me to the market and helped me with the selections I needed. I started undergoing some mild body building programs to help make my body structure lovely, and also coached me on the new method of wooing girls by talking to them.


“They must gree” Edu exclaimed anytime I finish any task successfully. It was a moment of pain and pleasure and not before long; the results were becoming visible in all aspect and the way I wanted it. He took me to some of the ceremonies he attended and I was given a task whereby he points at a girl and I am expected to go talk to her. Some gave me the highest snub someone can give to somebody while one of them almost gave me a life changing slap as a take away gift. Any of my failure resulted to serious laughing from Edu and I was almost discouraged till a the help I needed came forth


“I saw you from afar and I wanted to know if you are among the people doing the wake-keep” I said to a girl I saw sitting alone few distance away from my seat


“Seriously” She replied with a grin on her face.


“Yea sorry, I didn’t know what to say and I decided to use that line. I know its whack but I really wanted to talk to you” I replied with a sincere face. The truth was that I had nothing else to say and I had to come out clean. I have already wasted the night, using stupid lines I thought were cool. She gave out a loud laughter while I watched keenly.


“Who taught you to use that line you used the first time” She asked jokingly


“My friend over there” I said while pointing at Edu that was spying from a distance


“He must be an armature” She said while laughing


“Yea, He is really an armature” I replied jokingly but with a mean face.


“What your name”? She asked me, and I told her my name and we started chatting. We joked about lots of thing and talked at length that she even invited her friends to join the discussion. Within few minutes, I transformed from a joker to a Casanova. I held them sway with my jokes and discussion that one of them started coming close and touching my hands frequently. I feel that Nk noticed that she quickly asked me to escort her to buy something somewhere down the road that night. We ended up not buying anything tangible that I became forced to ask.


“Why did you make me leave the company of your friends”? I asked with an unserious face


“Don’t you see that they were beginning to like you and I don’t want to share what belongs to me” She said plainly


“Do I belong to you”? I asked while laughing


“Go away joor big head” She said with a emotionless face. I already knew the interpretation of “go away” and “Big head” and I quickly utilized my opportunity. I held her hand firmly that she hit me on the back, and I knew that was a sign of good things to come.


“Why is this part of your lip very red”? I asked with a serious face


“Show me where” She said. I quickly held her hands while I advanced further and she was standing still while holding my hands tighter while I advance forward again with my own lips. We stood very close to a road, exchanging lips and kissing. Even while I was about letting go, she interlocked her lips with mine so badly that I felt my dicck standing at attention. Only the loud sound of a horn was able to disengage us and we laughed over it.


“I want you bad” I whispered into her ear. She gave me a seductive smile which I assumed was a go ahead.


“Have you ever had sex in an awkward place before” I whisphered.


“No, teach me” She said with a romantic smile. I could feel my dicck bulging out of my trouser and it was becoming so restless. I quickly took her along, and we found a cool car pack where we settled down to have fun. Nk was wearing a very long pink gown that could sweep a whole compound if not handled with care. The gown was never an obstacle because she quickly raised it up with her hands, while revealing the most seductive pink pant I have ever seen in my life. I gently pulled down her pant while I went down on my kneed to appreciate what she had below with my tongue and lips. She tried shouting but held it within so as not to attract

attention, and I continued in my service to her pvssy. There was no time to waste so I didn’t allow her do same for me, so I had to quickly insert my dicck while she was touching her toes behind the back of a well-packed car. Under the shadow of darkness, I had an unimaginable fun that I never thought of. I banged her with all the frustration that other girls gave to me and it turned out for good.  We returned back to meet with her friends after our exploit and we were warmly greeted.


“This buying of something was actually long ooo” One of the friends shouted and the others gave out a loud laugh. They joked over it even though I felt they actually knew what happened.


“Both of you went to buy something and didn’t hold hands, and you came back holding hands like lover. Oya tell us what happened” One of the friends queried jokingly. We laughed over it and it was actually a night to remember before we exchanged numbers and went our various ways the next morning. My other sexual exploits with Nk might be recorded as the diary continues because she was really good at it. I reunited with Edu who congratulated me for a night well-spent.


Few months later, I enlisted to join a Jamb lesson and it was another avenue to learn more about what life without school uniform had to offer. I met with lots of people and made friends in a slow manner. My nature is taking time to observe an environment before making any move. I realized and noticed that we had different categories of people in that lesson center. Some came to show off their clothes, intelligence, beauty, others came to because they wanted to hook-up, some came because they were bored and home and needed where to go while others like me came because we needed to pass Jamb that year.


During our lecture periods, I was always a gentle boy in class and was practically un-noticed. I knew I needed to pass Jamb and gain admission that year, but it was becoming too boring for me as per my type of person. I managed to remain gentle because I had a target on my mind.


“Seems like you love chemistry” I said to my seat mate for the day. She was a quiet cute looking girl with her glasses like someone who discovered river Niger.


“Yea, Chemistry is my best” She replied with a smile “You like Chemistry” She asked me


“I so much hate it with passion and I don’t know what to do” I said with a sad face. The fact was that I knew chemistry more than her if we were  to have a test of knowledge but knowing what I had in mind, I had to become a dunce.


“Would you mind me helping you out with it” She asked with a lovely tone. I have never heard such a sweet voice in my life before and she was sounding just like an Angel singing.


“Wow… you are really a lovely person.” I said with so much smile “People like you are difficult to come-by” I continued. While I was saying all this, she kept smiling like someone who was getting mouth action for the first time in her life.


“Thank you so much, I really appreciate your compliments” She said with a melodious voice. “Hope you are not like other guys who make noise and are very rough”? She asked me calmly.


“Noooo… Since I was born, I don’t think I have said up to 350 words I replied with a wink” She smiled and laughed while tapping my arm


“You sef, you are very funny” she said while still smiling. We talked and talked that we actually left the Chemistry subject and started discussing personal issues. I later found out that her father was a commissioner in my state of residence, meaning that money was no longer a problem. Because of her, I thought about every word I said before saying it out. I had to impress. She was using a Symbian Nokia phone, while I was stuck with my Sony Erricsson Old model phone. During lunch periods, I was sitting comfortably in a Mr Biggs Eatery while my mates where hustling Mama-put food. We became center of attraction of the whole lesson and they knew both of us. I protected her from intruders that were hell bent on snatching her from me. But there was a problem; she never had chance on her own. After lessons, their driver would always come to pick her up.


“I think I am getting emotionally attached to you” I told her one night during the regular mid-night call


“Me too… I can’t believe I always think of you when I get home” She said clearly


“Have you had sex before” I asked her after series of questions and answer. She was reluctant to answer at first, but after much pressure, she gave in.


“No, but I always feel like doing it when I am with you” She said with a shy voice. Immediately she said that, my thinking and brain faculty got triggered sexually immediately. I wasn’t thinking straight again. I pushed her on phone till we started the phone –sex stuff.

“How can we do it, when you don’t always have chance” I asked her on phone


“I will plan it, just trust me baby” She said with confidence. Most times during lecture periods, we spent more time exchanging love letters and knowing whose own was more sweet and romantic. We continued all this till one day.


“I haven’t seen your driver today” I asked her after much waiting at the lesson


“He is not coming today” She replied with a smile


“How, Why, What happened” I asked all at once


“Because I want you to have me” She said with some shy shy movement. I gave out my legendary seductive smile and eyes movement that I quickly gave her a big hug.


“But there is a problem baby” I said with a sad face


“Tell me darling” She said


“I don’t have money” I said plainly.


“How much” she asked


“It will cost us one thousand naira to get a room in a guest house and stay for a while” I said to her.


“Don’t worry, let’s go” She gave a commanding order. I couldn’t believe it, and I utilized the opportunity real bad. We arrived at the guest house very close to the lesson center and we headed straight to our room. She was shy at first but after much motivation, she became more active than I was. I gave her no space to settle before I started with our kissing and romance. She was putting on a trouser, so I took my time to undress her gently while the kissing was actually going on. She was already crying or moaning whichever she did, but I was focused on the job at hand. After undressing her, I took my time to romance all the parts of her body. She was well receptive while touching other places but as soon as I decide to go down, she held my hands firmly; meaning I start the whole process all again. I was becoming frustrated but I had to keep my cool.


“It is painful” She said with a sad face


“Believe me, It will pain just for a milli-second and after that comes everlasting joy. Even if you have never trusted me before, just trust me now” I said to her in a low romantic voice. I applied something around her pvssy region and in-fact; she was already wet before I gently and carefully found the desired break-through. She gave out a loud cry and shout that I had to cover her mouth before they assume I am killing a human inside the room. She shouted for a while before she became responsive and was beginning to feel that prophesy I made to her. We dug each other till we became tired and had to leave. It became a sex lesson for us almost on daily basis and I was just so equal to the task. She always wanted it, and I was always at her service to render it to her. We stayed together during the Jamb lesson and fvcked together after the lesson. All these continued for a long time before she broke news to me…

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