Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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Chapter 11

Final days in school

“If you move, I fire you” The man shouted. Immediately the voice was heard, there were scampering and he fired a shot.

“OH my God”!!!!!


It became a hell filled time at school; Oga John has been transferred to another location, and a naturally angry looking man took over from him at the gate. He was brought from one of those South South states that were fighting millitants, and he only communicated in pidgin. He always mixes words and actions together. Anytime he said something, we always interpreted it in the negative way.


If he ever says “Come here”, it means “Better start running” to us

He became a terror to us all in Ss3. Once your name was seen in the black book, and you ever commit a small crime like coming late to school, just consider yourself finished. That was the reason we decided to create another means whereby we can enter the school late without being punished. We brainstormed for days and finally got a route through the officer’s quarters. It was one of the most dangerous places to pass illegally, but it seemed a better choice for us.


We tried it the first day, and everything went out as planned. With the burglary proof in our class expanded a little bit, slim guys like I and some other friends in class could pass so easily. We continued the whole new experience of coming to school anytime we wanted. While others were in the assembly ground, we would be hiding in class.


“When did you pass the gate” Oga Saliu the new man that replaced Oga John asked me.


“I always come on time, so that’s the reason” I replied him with confidence


“I am always in school by 6:00am, so when did you come” He asked angry


“I came by 7:00am and maybe you were busy with other students that is why you didn’t see me” I replied him with a squeezed face.


“You are a professional criminal; and the day I will catch you, I will fire you with gun” He said angry and leaving the class.


We became wanted people in our own school where we paid school fees. It was now a mystery to all the military men as to how they don’t see us pass the gate but we always come to school. I quickly told other guys that they should endeavor to come on time for at least, two days. After that day, I came to school the next day very early. I greeted the man specifically to alert him of the fact that I have crossed his trap without getting injured. With a disappointed face, he replied my greeting.


My other guys were late and one of them called me on phone to come over to the known location so as to smuggle them in. I asked them to wait for assembly to start before they tried breaking in. While they tried entering, I was in class to help draw them inside. As the last person was almost entering, we had a surprise visitor. Ifunanya entered the class and saw how we by-passed security at the gate. She immediately smiled and asked them to be careful so as not to get caught. They smiled along and even exchanged hugs and pecks. I was no stranger to the facts that all our efforts have being compromised.


“We have to change route” I told the guys


“Why” Ikenna asked me surprised


“Is it because of Ifunanya” Onyema asked


“Exactly, because of her” I said in affirmation


“She won’t do anything” Lazarus shouted. “Can’t you see the way she even smiled with us and kissed some of us” He queried.


They have never seen what I have seen and I tried explaining to them how it was practically unsafe to continue in this route. There was another route but it was heavily guarded by Army patrol dogs, and avoiding those dogs will require only a spirit to do so. After much pleading with them, they still didn’t understand my point of view so I let them be.


“Even if you guys want to come late, don’t come tomorrow” I said with fear. I knew that I was always late to school, but I combined two phones and one China phone as my alarm clock. The China touch phone has been helpful by making a very loud irritating sound once it is 5:00 am. The next day, the boys still didn’t come on time and as usual, I had to go to our location to bring them in and also avoid assembly.


“You see, anybody catch us”? Onyema asked


“No mind this fear fear Jew man” Simple added


“Hmmm… one day, monkey go go market, him no go come back as I kept reminding them”. We were still in class and Ifunanya came inside again. She immediately exchanged hugs with them and gave me a smile that I read a lot of meaning into. I have been with her for a while and I could easily read her. I knew she was timing and monitoring our movement, but I didn’t understand while she was doing it. During school hours, we had an emergency school meeting where the commandant raised the issue of late comers jumping various sections of the school fence.


“I think say na only us dey run that way o…” Igwe said with laughter


“Niggers dey vex badly o…” Onyema added, and we gave out a loud laugh that almost attracted attention to our group. I knew these were signs of a bad ending, but I couldn’t tell when it will happen. I tried asking them if they didn’t see what I was seeing, they called me joseph the seer and some other local names.


“Guy, the way you dey use fear this days dey make me ask whether na still you be this”? Onyema asked in a semi-angry tone


“Even me I tire ooo” Lazarus said


“E be like say since this Oga Saliu enter seat, our bad guy become pastor” Igwe asked as they all laughed. I giggled a little bit while my mind was still focused as to how I would come to school the next day.


The next day, everything was moving very slow in a surprising way. I hurriedly prepared for school, paid my bus fare not to attract distraction and reached school just on time. I entered the school and surprisingly, I didn’t see Oga Saliu at the gate.


“Maybe he is sick or even dead. Thank God sha” I said to myself


It was 8:00am, when I got a call and I had to report at our location. This time around, they had another friend. He was a fat boy in Ss2 of our school. We spent time arguing who should enter the school first, so we decided that that the fat boy entered first so as not to jeopardize the smuggling. As soon as he tried entering, I saw someone pass. I quickly rushed to check who was that and behold it was Ifunanya.


“What are you doing here”? I asked her strictly


“Is it your concern” She asked while smiling.


While we were still talking, her phone rang and she picked it up immediately


“Yes Sir” She said before terminating the call. I knew something wasn’t alright and I did ask her who she called.


“Ask me when your body is on fire” She said while smiling and showing me the marks she received from Oga’s John flogging. I immediately rush towards the place where the other guys were and saw that the fat guy was already stuck in the burglary proof.


“You guys have to leave here and go use the main gate” I shouted at them “She don cast this place”. They were still calling me fear fear while trying to undress the fat boy so that his belle and waist can pass through easily before they all got a shocker of their life.


“If you move, I fire you” The Military man shouted. Immediately the voice was heard, there were scampering and he fired a shot.

“OH my God”!!!!! The fat boy screamed. “Help me na”. I immediately threw his cloths at him and found somewhere to hide around the class area. I started hearing some cries and shouting outside and I could recognize who owns that voice. I was sweating real bad as the Army men came closer to drag out the fat boy from the burglary proof.


“How many of you dey here before we come”? The asked the fat boy with a thick slap while he was still naked


“Jesus… I am dead” The boy shouted in pains. He didn’t even hesitate before spilling out the truth.


“Three were outside and one was inside here” He said while crying


“Where is the one inside here” They asked him with another resounding slap


“It’s like he ran towards the assembly ground when you people came” The boy said while holding his ear in serious pain.

“Then follow me to the assembly, let us go and find him” The army said shouted


“I can’t recognize his face sir” The boy said “Let me wear my cloth please sir”


I was there and my heartbeat rate could win the fastest in any heartbeat race competition. I was surprised he couldn’t recognize my face or maybe the slap changed his vision. He was dragged naked outside the area, far away from my vision sight. I knew I was in a big mess only if my friends would expose me. Immediately I sensed that assembly was over, I quickly maneuvered my way and joined the crowd. It didn’t stay for so long before we saw an Army man carrying a wheel barrow with people inside of it.


“Did they kill them”? I shouted out of fear


But actually they were not killed; they were tied together like cows, bundled inside the wheel-barrow and brought them to the school field. From afar I could see the smile on Ifunanya’s face because probably she was thinking I was among. I walked towards her and beat and touched her.


“Good morning” I said as I touched her. She turned around and jerked like someone who saw a ghost.


“Well done” I said to her with a big smile.


“Well done for what”? She said with a grin on her face


“Well we will see later” I responded before moving out.


We all stayed and watched how those guys will be slaughtered with various canes and koboko. It didn’t take long before we saw another officer carrying a cane and koboko filled barrow. It was offloaded right there in the field and three junior army men stepped forward and stayed in position. The commandant took a microphone and started making some announcements with it


“Today we are recording victory over people who have decided to be the black sheep of our great school. We will use these three unfortunate ones to show others who are yet to be caught an example. This is a military institution and everybody ought to behave like responsible students, but these bad bloods wants to give our great institution a bad name. After today, the ones who will survive this flogging I believe will change a new leaf. To those entire still in hiding and breaking the laws, I am warning you to stop! For these ones, I will give them 50 strokes of the cane” The commandant said.


Col Dambazu is actually one of the scariest people in the military I have seen. He is considered a semi-giant because of his height and body structure. Since he became the commandant of our institution, the rate of crime fell down drastically. News has it that he once slapped an Ss3 boy and he fainted immediately. So I wondered what happens when he engages someone in physical combat.


I knew my guys could eat up a certain amount of cane strokes, but 50 strokes mixed with koboko, I doubt if anyone could withstand that. The junior army men filled with mostly hausa soldiers quickly took up their cane and it was 3 soldiers to one student. I tried watching them flog the first person but it was simply massacre. I could see blood stains on his back and his cry and shout filled the air. I couldn’t just watch. I had to quietly stroll back into class and started thinking of what can be done to the saboteur. After the beating, they were suspended for 2 weeks and asked to sign an undertaken of good conduct. I simply consoled them and told them the truth of what happened and they decided to join in my own plan.


When I got home that day, I met an unwanted visitor; opening the door to the house, I saw Chekwube. Do you know the feeling of after playing football and getting tired, someone offers you a bottle of chilled coke… that was how I felt. She didn’t even allow me say one or two words, before she divided my mouth with a kiss. It was so intense that I didn’t bother asking who was at home. I tried speaking but words wasn’t coming out because another mouth was blocking  mine. After the first stage kiss, I quickly asked…


“Who is at home”?


“You daddy dropped me and left with your other sisters” She said happily. I didn’t need a prophet to help me read meaning into what she just said. I quickly showed her my room and “Boom”!! We started.


“I feel weak” I whispered to her


“Don’t worry, I will do the hard work” She said while smiling “I missed you prick so much”. I was simply smiling sheepishly as she quickly scattered my cloths and flung them to separate places before descending on me. I was lucky to come out alive because it’s like with every passing day, she innovates new styles I have never heard of. She messed me up so bad that instead of her to do the shouting, I was doing all the shouting. The horn of daddy’s car spoilt the whole game for us. I quickly sent her to the parlor before while I dashed into my bathroom.

Later that evening, daddy introduced her to us and I feigned ignorance of even knowing her too well. The visitor’s room was there for her, but that didn’t stop the plans she had already.


“She is writing the exam of my school, so she will stay with us so as to write the post-ume of the school” Daddy said. I quickly smiled and told her welcome in a Godly way to avoid early suspicion and save the rest for the right time. I was always the first to go to school and the first to come back so as to eat what was waiting for me at home very fast. It was a season of “afternoon sex” and I made sure I utilized it properly. Every afternoon was fun. And it kept on like that till she finally left.


“I know we will meet again” I said to her while she was preparing to go back.


“For sure, we will” She replied with a fast kiss.


The external invigilator passed and I knew he had seen it.


“You stand up” While standing…



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