Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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“Can you identify your money”? Oga John asked Kenneth


“Even if I am asleep sir, I will identify it” Kenneth said to amusement of the whole class. Then he was called to a separate corner where he whispered something into Oga John’s ear. Oga John went bag to the bag, probably to verify if it was his. After verification,


“Who owns this bag”? Oga John shouted. I didn’t even allow him land


“It is hers” I shouted while pointing towards Ifunanya. Everybody in the class was shocked as to why I was the person who revealed the owner of the bag. I didn’t care and would never care about what they thought. I just smiled and everybody went back to their various chairs while Ifunanya was bundled out of the class alongside I and Kenneth.


Stealing in my school is considered one of the greatest offences. It is better you commit exam malpractice than you steal. Imagine what happens to a criminal caught in an Army Barracks. Before we reached the gate, Oga John gave Ifunanya a thunderous resounding slap that shook the ground where we stood. She shouted and yelled that even teachers rushed out to her defense.


“She stole someone’s school fees” Oga John shouted at them. The shock on their faces was enough to electrocute a boy of two years.


“Ashawo” One of the teacher’s shouted


“Can’t you see her eyes, always looking for someone’s money to collect” Another said


“Anytime you see her, she is either with a boy in the canteen or somewhere they are spending money” Another said. They all started analyzing the matter before taking a stroll back to their offices. When we got to the gate, she was asked to lie on the floor and was given something they called “Introductory cane”. She cried like someone who has lost everything in life. While she cried, I didn’t know whether to smile, laugh or jubilate.


I stood there smiling and at the same time squeezing my face so as to avoid suspicion. She was asked to frog jump back into the class for some briefing before she will be taken to the guardroom.


“Bring out your student handbooks” Oga John said in class. Everyone quickly brought out theirs and they opened to the chapter that Oga John told them to open.


“Read for us you” Oga John said while pointing to one of the girls in the class. The whole class was like a grave yard as the girl read.


“Any student caught stealing or who stole shall be expelled from the school after proper punishment” The girl read. Immediately she read that portion, Ifunanya cried harder.


“Do you have anything to say” Oga John asked her. With tears in her eyes,


“I didn’t steal the money. I swear with my life and my Parents life” She said


“So who stole it or who owns the bag that the money was found” Oga John asked while the class went into a deep laugh.


“If you are coming tomorrow, carry your parents and come so that you can face the panel and get your letter of expulsion” Oga John said with much anger. She was still crying hard but this time, she was looking at me. I only winked at her and went back to my seat. She was taken to the student’s guard room, where she was made to serve heavy punishments. I went back to my seat feeling like I just won a lottery and yes.


I got to my seat and opened my bible and asked Kenneth to help me read, while I meditated on the verses.


“Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned? Can one go upon hot coals and his feet not be burned”? “Proverbs 6: 27, 28” Kenneth read for me, while I started interpreting the meaning of what he just read and we had a good laugh.


“Oya go pay your school fees before you will lose the money true true” I told Kenneth while laughing hard. I quickly congratulated him for a Job well done and sponsored his meal for that day, while I waited for the next subject teacher to come around. After school that day, I was packing alongside Kenneth when I saw Ifunanya rush into the class like someone about missing her flight, and came close to beg me. She knelt down and her hands on my leg, started crying. I was just having a good laugh, while she was wasting away her tears. I have learnt how to crush enemies completely and maybe I would continue with her.


“Anything you want, I will give to you please. Just help me beg Oga John not to carry the matter to the Commandant” She said with a very bitter face. I quickly brought out my dicck and showed her the bruises she and her friends gave me to me.


“I can’t bath without shouting, you have injured me and I need to Injure you back” I told her. She still held on to my leg, before I kicked her away. Kenneth couldn’t bear the tears and joined in begging me. I was scared of sabotage from Kenneth, so I had to give in to his demands.


“Meet me in my street, 7:00pm. If I don’t see you, forget it” I said to her while moving out of the class with style and anger. I quickly rushed home and went to meet some of my loyal dudes.


“How many of you want to fucck”? I asked them. Before I landed, those sex starved boys were already all over me. I helped them in buying some drugs from the Chemist guy in our street and they kept it waiting for the time to strike. It was few minutes to the time I gave Ifunanya, so I ordered them to take their drugs. After few minutes, they were already erect.


“Where the girl na”? One of them asked angrily. I was already laughing because of their faces, it was not really good on them.


“If that girl no come, I go rape your sisters ooo… or you go find ashawo for me ooo” One of the older guys shouted. It was a very funny scene, so I left to check up on my visitor. I saw her waiting at the desired spot. I quickly took her towards the building, they saw me coming and went and hid, according to our plan. There was no need drugging her like she did to me.


“Let’s have mad sex” I told her


“Anything for you” She said. I just smiled because she never knew what was coming. I tied her mouth and her hands before signaling to my fellow comrades to come out of hiding. The three of them were already feeling the pains of an erected dicck and they pounced on her without reading instructions.


“If toto no free, put am for nyash” One of the local boys shouted. It was a happy scene, but I was collecting my pound of flesh without any drop of blood. I could hear her shout in serious pains, but it was the pain filled cry that got me horny.


“She don sleep ooo…” One of the guys shouted after few hours. I quickly asked them to stand up and go get me water. I quickly collected the water and poured it on her body while kicking her from her buttocks. After some kicks, she woke up immediately. She looked around and I helped un-tie her. I gave her some money on the floor to get herself home. She was too weak to stand and was already crying badly. She was bleeding from her pvssy but that wasn’t my concern actually.


“When you get home, greet your lesbian friends for me” I said to her while walking out of the building.


“Guy, I never release ooo” One of the guys said to me before receiving a mild push from me. I watched her walk in pains up towards the main road before I finally went home. I reached home and collected some few 500naira notes from daddy’s wardrobe. When I got to school the next day, I used the money to buy a drink for Oga John.


“Oga Mi, your boy brought something for you ooo” I said while smiling and handing ove the drinks to me. He quickly collected it and gave me a very heavy handshake.

“This boy, you see why you be my man? Any problem from anybody” He asked me with a deep smile. I quickly brought to him the subject matter about the theft from Ifunanya.


“Oga, na because of that girl wey theif oo…” I said with a smile.  I gave him reasons to free her off the case. He was very reluctant to let her go, but I persisted to see reasons with me.


“If to say na outside school, I for fire that girl with gun. You no sabi how much I hate people wey dey theif” He said with a resounding anger. I quickly apologized and kept apologizing. He told me the only way he could let her go, and you already know the answer. SEX!!. I quickly assured him he will have his way. I quickly told Ifunanya about the deal, and told her the ball was in her court. I left her to Oga John, and few days later I never heard about the case again. So I assumed they found a common ground.


My reputation grew; I became a hot cake at school. Everyone became scared of me and I used it to my advantage.  Sex and Study became my watchword. We were tagged the most corrupt and stubborn set in the history of the school, but they didn’t even wait for us to finish 2nd term and 3rd term before concluding. More things are going to happen, so I was angry that they already released the rating already.


“I want my name to be remembered in this school for long” Kenneth told me. I laughed and smiled.


“You will surely be remembered” I assured him.


Ifunanya came back begging for my friendship back. But I already was more wiser than she was.


“I don’t date harlots” I told her plainly. I saw tears running down her cheeks, but fvck her. I simply told her how she fell into my trap.


“You saw the morning I asked you to allow me help you hold your bag as a sign of my submission and friendship to you, that was when the money was kept in your bag. You messed me up with your friends and expect me to stare at you? I simply paid you back in your own coin”


I told her all these and she was crying silently. “Don’t fvck with me next time, you will end up very bad” I told her. She was crying but I knew it was tears of anger. I simply smiled and left the class alongside Kenneth for her. She promised to get back at me, but I was already too careful to fall for her trap. It was a game of traps, and only the weak would fall.

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