Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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“Where is your father” Her dad asked me. I was so startled to talk or even say a word. If someone had asked me my first me my first name at that point in time, I wouldn’t have remembered.


“Who is at the door”? My mother yelled from inside. I heard her voice, but I didn’t even know what to say or even how to reply again. My heartbeat was faster than that of a formula1 car. Then suddenly I realized that the crowd was growing. Steph came, Mary came, Mum came and finally Dad came out.


“Any problem sir” My daddy asked in a low tone while also looking at me


“Your boy raped my daughter and she is in a terrible condition” The girl’s father said with a very sad and mean face.


“When did this happen”? My father asked me and the girl simultaneously


“A day before yesterday” The girl replied almost crying.


“Was he the one that raped you or where they in group”? My father asked her again


“It was only him sir” The girl said bursting into tears. I stood there and wanted to cry, but I believed I was a man and needed not to shed tears. My eyes were so red to the extent I avoided talking so as not to burst into tears. I knew that I made a terrible mistake. Just then Bro iyke’s words started flashing through my memory.


“In the game of relationship, only the weak loses. Never take a girl for granted else she will become your doom. As long as time permits you, break as much heart as possible and allow yours to be broken too. It makes you stronger”


“Never help a girl without a price attached to it; if not, you will become an easy prey for them”.


I was meditating on all this, before a miracle working slap brought me back to planet earth. For the next one minute, I couldn’t hear a single thing. I bent so low, held my ear and cried like I lost someone precious to death. I wasn’t crying because the slap was painful, I was crying because I knew I had messed up and maybe I wouldn’t get another chance to redeem myself. I overhead Daddy and Mummy begging the man not to press criminal charges and allow them foot the bill of her medical treatment and upkeep.


They concluded at a stage before my father signed a cheque and handed it over to him. I knew I was finished, but I was calculating for how long I would survive what awaits me. After the Man left, I wanted to run out of the house, but daddy held me so fast. He dragged me on the concrete floor into his room. He quickly brought out some electric cable he had in his room and curled it together before lashing it on my back.


I remember, I saw something like a flash of light passing through my eyes. As if it wasn’t enough, he tore my cloths off my body and left me bare chested while lashing the wire uncountless times to my back. He locked the door so that mummy couldn’t help; therefore I knew there was no space or room for escape. I tried saying something but the wires kept coming at me till I couldn’t talk but cry. I managed to say some few words…


“Daddy if you love me, you would know I can’t rape a girl” But maybe he didn’t take note of the words. The wires kept coming at me and a point I became soaked in my own blood.


“Who did it”? Daddy yelled


I was already too weak to talk and I lay down struggling for breath…


“Please don’t kill him” Mummy was shouting from outside. But it didn’t even make an impact because I was still receiving a lot of strokes. While I was down, daddy was kicking my face and punching my skull. I remember that one of those kicks touched my eyes and I lost couldn’t see a thing again.


I woke up and saw myself in the hospital bed and didn’t know how I got there. One of my eye and my arm were tied with a bandage and I had felt some little stiches near my belle. I tried waking up and looking around, but I had a blurred vision.  I asked the nurse where my parents were, he said someone else brought me to the hospital.


Just then, I saw a man walk inside and greeted me. I tried remembering his face, but my memory failed me.


“Don’t worry, you will be fine” He said while smiling.


“Are you my father”? I asked confused


“No, when you are okay, I will tell you” The man said as he left.


I fell back immediately on my bed as tears rolled my other eye.


“What happened to me” I asked the nurse.


“Don’t worry, you can’t remember anything now. But you will be fine” She assured me.


Just then the doctor told me I lost memory but it is just short term; “Within days, you will remember. As I write this right now, tears fill my eyes because I actually remembered. The man who brought me to the hospital was actually our neighbor. He heard my shout and before he could reach, daddy has thrown me outside and I was lying on the floor like a dead man. He picked me up and brought me to the hospital. David visited me in the Man’s house and I explained everything to him, and he asked me to get well soon before we think of what to do.


I didn’t go to school for days; the bandage on my eyes was looking scary and the stiches made me moan in pain every time I used the bathroom. Mary and Steph always brought food to me alongside mummy anytime that daddy was not around. I recovered fast but my left eye was still not clear and the blood line was still showing, so I left the bandage there. I Visited David and he told me what we needed to do.


“You still remember that guy wey fuck that girl wey come your house”? David asked while he was walking around the parlor


“I don’t remember anything” I replied him. So we decided to visit around the region we caught the both of them before. There were lots of uncompleted building there and we decided to visit another one that evening. Just as we tip-toed inside, we heard some joyful moaning. I wanted to rush and dive the little bastard, but my body was too weak.


David brought out his Sony Ericsson camera phone and went inside alongside me, and he held the guy, while I held the little prisoner. I was thinking of either to kill her or hang her to death before David said I shouldn’t touch her.  I held my angry peace and followed instruction.


David ordered the boy to lie down and that the girl to climb ontop of him.


“I won’….t” The girl was about saying before she got a slap that shook the foundation of the uncompleted building. She quickly responded to every instruction given and even did the ones she wasn’t told.


“Now be shouting Leave me alone” David ordered the boy


“And you, hold his neck while riding on top of him” David ordered the girl


They both complied and did as they were told. After recording it with his phone, he played it for them and they watched while crying.


“Your dad will see this” David told the girl “Now lie down again” He said again. The girl obeyed. With her mouth tied and the other boy tied like a ram, David fucked the hell out of her. He fucked both her bum bum and her vagina. She cried and cried and was almost bleeding while I watched in ecstasy. I wanted to join the sex game, but I was even too weak to carry myself.


After that, David tortured the girl mildly while the guy was tied to a stick and received the beating of his life. David brought out a lighter from his pocket, arranged his weed in a paper and forced him to smoke. The same thing was done to the girl and he also used heat on somewhere very close to her private part. The guy’s peniis was brought out, and David used the heat from the lighter to burn the tips. He tried shouting but his voice couldn’t be heard because it was a lonely place.


“I will take you to their house and also your father’s house and you will tell them exactly what I told you to say. If you don’t do it, the next time I will catch you, I will kill you forever” David said to the girl and also the guy.


We bundled them tied up and dragged them along the street. People came out and were asking what happened, but we didn’t reply any of them. We got to her dad’s house and kept both of them together. The Dad came out and was shouting; He never saw the slap coming. David gave him a wonder working slap while he staggered to the floor. The Man was in his late 50’s or 60’s so he couldn’t fight back. People tried intruding but as soon as David started explaining and using my eye and body as an example, curses started raining on the man and his family. David explained to him and showed him the video shoot after which we walked out of the compound like an Actor in an American film. We headed straight to our house and luckily, Daddy was at home. David explained to him and kept explaining that Daddy immediately ran inside the house, brought out his rifle and headed for the Man’s compound while we ran along.


While in the Man’s compound, he fired two shots into the air and everybody scampered for safety. He faced the gun towards the man and I believe he was about pulling the trigger before the wife of the man lay down on the floor and held my father’s leg. Everybody joined in the begging and noise and cry filled the air.


My father ordered him to go inside and bring out that exact money he gave him and also quoted some amount for my own treatment before he left. When we got home…


‘I don’t know how to tell children sorry, but look inside of me and know that I am very sorry. I know you hate me for not believing in you, but I did it out of anger. It would have been a public embarrassment if people heard about it. I am sorry” Daddy said with mixed feelings.


“But you said you don’t know how to say sorry, what did you just say now:? I joked with tears in my eyes. Just while I was about fighting of the tears, I cried freely. Daddy came close and hugged me and kept apologizing. He thanked David and gave him some big money for helping in this situation and he left to his own house. I received a lot of gifts from daddy, but it wouldn’t cure some of the permanent marks received from the cane. I see some of those stiches on my body and it sends a signal to my brain all day.


The girl’s family packed out of the neighborhood after paying back my father’s money and we don’t know where they relocated to… But how did we catch the boy and the girl in that building?


*******David caught the boy one day at night and pointed something like a gun to him. He obeyed immediately and followed David. He followed him and met some of the bad guys in the neighborhood, and after serious beating, He confessed that he was the one that told the girl to report me to her father because I don’t look like a bad guy. After they tortured him, he was told to carry the girl to that same location at that given time and date. That was how David knew that they will be there************




Next Episode**********************

“Who died”? I shouted… “Oh my God” I screamed…


I couldn’t believe my ears; it was just like a dream and I felt like waking up.


“What was the cause of his death”? I asked almost sobbing


“They said it was complications of High Blood Pressure and other heart failure issues. He was laughed at and the embarrassments were much, that resulted to the heart attack before he died” Mary explained roughly…


I couldn’t hold back the tears again; I ran inside and I cried bitterly. I have cried before, but all the last minute actions I had with him made me cry like never before. I wanted to spill out the truth and explain what really happened, but there was nobody to tell. I hid it down my heart and pretended that nothing really happened.


I was back to school and noticed that the teachers kept asking after me. The first day I resumed after my long absence, it was duly noted by the Army men at the gate that I have returned back from school. Infact, I was handed over to my fellow classmates for punishment. It came as a surprise but due to the bandage on my eye, I was left unpunished.


The English aunty came into the class and noticed how noisy and rough the class was…


“Is he back” She asked with a grin on her face. The students didn’t even asked who she was referring to, and gave out a loud chorus answer


“YES ooo…” We all shouted. I joined the shouting of “YES” because I believed she wasn’t referring to me.


“Who do you think I am referring to” She asked me with a mild voice.


“Him” I said while pointing to one of the quietest boy in the class. It didn’t take long before there was a general laughter in the room. The English Aunty felt liked laughing and held it.


“What made you think I was referring to him” She asked me with a squeezed face while everywhere was silent.


“Well’ since he wasn’t at school, everywhere was peaceful” I said.


“Where have you been since”? She asked me


“I went for an international examination.  I represented my church at the national level” I said amidst laughter from the class.


“And you came back with a bandaged eye? I guess you disgraced your church by not winning anything and they gave you a serious beating right?” She asked while I was laughed at by the whole class. I simply gave up avoiding much insult from her because she was known for having a bad mouth in the school.


After the morning session at school; I noticed that comfort didn’t even ask about me all the while I wasn’t at school. I picked up a quarrel with her and dumped her immediately. The news went round the school and I quickly replaced her with Ifunanya who is more matured and also an expert on bed. Just for dating Ifunanya, my popularity soared very high in schools and other bigger boys wanted to roll alongside. I quickly transferred Comfort to Oga John the soldier man, and they became fuck mates.


She cried about the whole issue; left for me, I didn’t even feel the impact of her tears. She wrote me a lot of letters, but I tore virtually all of them. Ifunanya was actually a bigger girl and very very matured. She stayed around my area but kinda far from my house; the truth is that she was way above my league. Most of her friends are girls in higher institutions. I don’t know why she agreed to be my friend, but I was just happy.


I remembered the day she invited me to her house and asked me to come see some of her friends in her house. I was warned not to go because they heard that she belongs to a girls society of some sort…


“Who cares, I even belong to a Boy’s society and Boy’s scout sef” I joked while talking to the person that gave me the information. I quickly discussed with Oga John, and he allowed us leave school around after 10 am. We went to a nearby place and we exchanged our school uniforms with the ones we brought from home. She then hired a taxi and we drove off to the location. Immediately we got to the junction, we alighted from the car and went straight into the compound. Believe me, our family house is wonderful but this house we entered was a joy to behold.


“Is this your house”? I asked Ifunanya shocked. She smiled and asked me let’s go inside. I refused to enter till she gave me an explanation.


“This is my father’s house, and I am the only child” She said while smiling


“Are you”? I screamed


“Yes Love” She replied while giving me a kiss in the mouth to avoid further questions. I responded well to the kiss because her lips were so inviting, I forgot to ask further questions. We strolled into the house and really, it was a big house. She brought me a drink from the fridge to cool myself down and I did so. Few minutes later, I saw some girls with skimpy dresses coming out one by one from various sections of the house.


“Who are these” I asked with a little fear


“These are the friends I told you about” She replied with a smile. They greeted her with a kiss; not just a normal kiss, but a deep intimate kiss. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. After the rounds of kissing among themselves


“Meet my sweet young boyfriend, the one I told you people about” Ifunanya said with a little smile on her face.


“Hi” I said while waving my hands towards them. I introduced myself and they welcomed me. I have seen people smile, and I know what a fake smile looks like. We got talking and smiling but some of them were still giving me a very stern look with their face. One of them switched on the music in the CD-player and the girls numbering about three plus Ifunanya started dancing. They brought out a large number of drinks which I knew was alcoholic and kept it on the ground.


“Let’s play a game” One of the girls yelled…


“Yeaaaaaa” They all shouted together. I was sitting, a little bit confused as to what kind of game they wanted to play.


“The game is, do you know your partner?” The girl said. “If I ask you a question ad you get it correct, you will be allowed to touch your partner anywhere you like. But if you fail it, we will give you a large cup of this drink to finish” The girl said.


I knew I don’t even know anything about Ifunanya apart from the last time we had sex and the color of pants she wears every day, but I decided to use my instincts and play along. They paired us into two, and the remaining girl was the questionnaire. She asked the other couple of Team girls; they answered their questions with ease. They fondled themselves and my dick responded in unison.


“Wow, this will be great” I said to myself. I quickly adjusted my trouser but I saw one of the girls peeping at my already expanded trouser sharply. It was our turn and they asked Ifunanya my full name, she answered it without stress. She quickly opened my trouser and swallowed my dick in her mouth and licked it like it was a stick sweet.


“Oh no” I shouted and the other girls started laughing. When it was my turn, they asked me for her date of birth


“Wow; I don’t know, she has never told me” I said looking sad


“Then you should have asked” The questionnaire replied. I was immediately given a big cup of the drink to take; I gulped it down as sharp as possible. Few minutes later, I realized I was beginning to see thing in various dimension


“What was added to this wine? I asked bodly


“Any problem” One of the girls asked.


“No problems” I replied.


We went through the game again, and I failed mine again. I was equally given another big cup of the drink to take. This time around, I took a lot of time to finish it. After drinking, I started feeling weak and dizzy. I could hear them laugh, but I didn’t know the reason. Sooner than I expected, they argued that since I wasn’t myself again, that we should dance or have fun together. I heard all they said but I couldn’t contribute because I was already half weak and shaky. They started dancing round me and touching me. I could see all of them remove their cloths and they were all Naked. Even in my tipsy state, the sight of Ifunanya’s ass got me erected.


One of the girls saw my erected dick and alerted the rest and they came feasting on it. They took turns to suck the average dick and also sucked themselves. They kept sucking and sucking till my dick grew hard like an iron rod, then they left me. I saw them focus on themselves and they divided themselves into two and started inserting things into their private parts. They repeated the same thing among themselves before heading towards my direction.


Two of the girls tied my hands with a rope to the chair, while the Ifunanya and the other tied my leg to the other part of the chair. Then they took turns to climb on top of me and started bouncing up and down very hard. While one of them was bouncing, the others including Ifunanya will be fucking themselves with various objects. This was my first time to see such a thing, and I was so scared and surprised.


It was sweet at first, but after she stayed there for more than 30 minutes, rotating round my dick, it was becoming painful. She twisted her waist and was moving my dick like the steering of a car. I was feeling the pain round my dick. I started shouting mildly, but it was like the music in the house was becoming louder. The first girl was kind of skinny, so I was feeling a lot of bones within her hole area. After a while, she came down and another girl climbed on top. I was already feeling the pains, and it was becoming much. I was shaking my head badly to show signs of pains, but I was only seeing her back, while she faced the other side on top of me.


When my shouting became much, she quickly came down and used her a little cloth and tied up my mouth, then I knew that there was no going back. She continued from where she stopped and kept bouncing very hard, almost breaking my dick whenever she missed a bounce. When I couldn’t shout again, I started shedding tears. The pains have become so much that tears where flowing from my eyes.


“We love you and we heard you are good with sex, which is why we are doing this” She said. “Only two people have done, don’t be selfish na” She reminded me


I wish my mouth were open, I would have rejected that claim of being good with sex, but the wicked girls tied up my mouth. They continued till I no longer felt anything; I was awaken by a guy who came into the house and asked me to start going.


“Where are the rest”? I asked him


“O boy wear cloth they go, I wan lock door” The guy shouted. That was when I realized I was even naked. I quickly wore my cloth and made way for the door. I couldn’t work well because my dick was paining me so badly. I quickly stopped a bike and used the money I saw in my pocket to transport myself back home. I knew I have been dealt with, but I pretended all is well. I couldn’t bath well that night because water made my dick pain me so much. So I tied it with a cloth before and covered it with a water-proof nylon before pouring water on my body.


“Where you go yesterday” Kenneth asked me the next day at school.


“We get program for church, so I left school on time” I replied him.


“You pray for me”? He asked jokingly


“Yes, I did” I said while moving out of the class.


Our little secret stayed with I and Ifunanya; I knew I was going to pay her back, but I was looking for a perfect way to carry it out. Then I remembered…


“See it here sir” The girl shouted…


“Jesus… everybody shouted”


To Be continued…

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