Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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It was summer vacation, sorry 3rd term vacation and I decided to travel to the village for a burial ceremony. I and my siblings with parents all went together. It’s being a while I came to the village, especially my mum’s side. So I saw it as an opportunity to know more about the village.


We went with our car and due to some breakdown along the road, we reached late. We were welcomed by a semi large crowd in the house already. It was a small compound so the whole place was filled up. Dad and Mum had to go to a hotel to sleep, while we were asked to sleep in the congested house. They had just two rooms and a parlour, coupled with my mum’s grand Ma and the two maids in the house.


Immediately I arrived, I quickly ran a fast scan on the two of them to know who I should go for. One was ugly and black, the other was cute and fair. I immediately opted for the second female specie. After spending a day around the house, I decided it was time to become familiar with my target.


“Can I help you with the sweeping” I said to her


“you don’t even know how to sweep” she said while laughing


“That’s my job. I am a cleaner at school” I said while smiling


“funny you” she said while laughing hard


“Whats your name”? I asked her midly


“Chekwube” She said


“That’s the name of the most beeautiful girl in my school” I said with a deep smile. “It seems everybody answering Chekwube are always beautiful” I said


“I am not ooo” She said while smiling deeply


She had already abandoned the broom and sat down listening to my gists, while I took her on so many long stories she wanted to hear. She was quickly reminded that she had a Job at hand, when my mum’s sister came back and complained about the dirty compound. I quickly ran to the room to avoid stories. Later in the evening I went to her again….


“Can you escort me, I want to go buy suya along the road” I said to her softly


“I will eat ooo” she said, while walking along


“what class are you” I asked her


“I just finished waec and I am waiting for admission” she replied


“What about you”? she asked me


“I am in Ss3” I replied bodly


“Wow, you are a big boy” She said while laughing


We talked about a lot of things, ranging from academics to personal to social to relationship. She told me she was staying here so as to enable her write her Jamb next year and enter into any of the universities around. We talked like we have known each other for ages and the chemistry between both of us grew. I love the way she smile and talk, and I was convinced that she was a perfect match,

On our way home, she held my hand while we joked and laughed about the suya we ate. I also bought some drinks to dilute the suya we ate. Just before we reached the gate of the family house, she hugged me and gave me a peck. She thanked me for the wonderful suya and asked me to do more of the same


“That’s why I am here” I shouted as she ran into the compound before me


It was sleep time; we started debating on how to share the available beds left. Steph and mary agreed to share a bed, while I and Grandma would sleep on the other bed. At night, I noticed we became three. I woke up with a sleepy eye, and behold all I saw was a white pant flashing before my very eyes. I double checked to make sure it wasn’t grand Ma’s own. I saw Chekwube almost naked on the same bed.

I sat up on the bed and sleep left my eyes immediately.


“What kind of temptation is this” I whispered to myself


“Maybe she did it on purpose” I kept saying.


I quickly checked the time, and it was just past 12am. I remembered Aunty Uche’s word.


“Always eat the food when it is hot” So she always say.


I quickly readjusted and started touching her immediately. I felt she wasn’t feeling it yet, only to see her holding my hands and directing it to those sensitive areas.


“Are you awake”? I whispered to her


“Don’t ask me, just continue” She whispered back


I continued stroking her sensitive parts and places where she directed my hands to. All she did was moan seriously while making sure that her voice wasn’t heard. I took all my time to touch and feel those heavily endowed part of hers and was making her feel good. She asked me to go down on her and lick her downside; I complied and went down to work as fast as possible. I stayed there for as long as possible till she was almost crying.


While I was thinking of how to enter into her sacred region because of the lack of space, she manufactured a style I never heard of.

“I will lie down, while you lie behind me” She said while whispering


“So how will I now put it”? I asked gently


“From behind na, so that everybody will think we are sleeping” She said while smiling


Under the shadow of darkness, we performed one of the most magical sex ever. Chekwube has this type of big nyash, so it was more of magical than fun. I wished morning would never come so that I can sleep on that ass all night. I started to notice movements on steph and mary’s bed, so we quickly disengaged and went back to our sleeping mode. We became closer than ever, and every slight opportunity we had together alone, we had sex.


It was the night of the keep proper, so everyone had gone to the venue of the keep. I followed them and told Chekwube to stay behind that I will be back for her. GrandMa was at home also because she was too old to walk around. When I got to the venue, I quickly greeted elders of the family and so many other familiarities to be done, before I dashed back home. I quickly saw her at home, waiting patiently for me to come back. Grand Ma was now the only obstacle we had on our way.

“What do we do to her”? She asked me


“I don’t know ooo…” I said while laughing


“Should we keep her outside and lock her”? Chekwube asked


“Nooo…” I shouted surprised “Do you want to kill her”? I queried


“Let’s push her to the parlor and stay inside the room” I said to her


We quickly arranged a seat for Mama, turned on the television to the highest and locked the door. It was like a fight; she rough handled me so well that I felt I was going to die. At a point in time, I started looking for air to breath. There were styles she did that day that succeeded in changing the structural pattern of my downside, All I did was close my eyes and shouted for both pain and joy. She kept learning various patterns with me, while I kept shouting for help. Infact, it will be considered rape in a law court.


“I just wanted to say thank you for last night” She said to me, while I was breathing heavily


“You almost killed me” I said with a confused face.


“Sorry love, can we do again”? She asked laughing


“No, I am going back to the wake-keep venue” I said while I was staggering to go open the door where we locked Mama.


“Are you sure you are okay”? She asked while laughing


“Yea, I am fine” I said almost falling


“Let’s go buy malt and peak milk” She said to me


“What for”? I asked


“It helps to give strength” She said while we prepared to move out


I drank it like a hungry war prisoner; before we went back and prepared for the wake keep that night. I and Chekwube did a lot of things various times, various awkward places and under various circumstances. It was fun and I wished it didn’t end, but it was time to go.

“Whenever you have chance, try and visit again ooo” Chekwube said with a sad face


“You can count on me all the time” I said as I found my way to our waiting car.

“Was the place boring” Mummy asked us inside the car

“Yes”!! Mary and Steph chorused


“What about you darling” She asked looking at me

‘Yes, it was boring” I said too


“Would you people love to go back…” Mummy asked


“Yes!!!” I shouted while interrupting her speech


“Hmmm” Daddy hummed while looking at me.


We made our way back to the east as we entered preparations to go back to school. We branched to the market and dad decided to buy things for school resumption..


I was prepared to resume Ss3 first term; despite all my hustle, I wasn’t even given any post as a prefect. They said I will be a bad influence to other students.  They went ahead to bring the jail book in the guard room and my name was topping the list of defaulters.


“Which post should we give him”? The V.P Admin asked joking


“We can give him crime prefect” One of the teachers joked


All the teachers present in the meeting had a good laugh. I knew I had lost out to deal with some junior students that were in my black book, but I wasn’t giving up so easily. I decided to use the remaining days I had in my Ss3 to terrorize the school more often.

Back at home, a new girl just packed into the neighborhood with her family. The jostle for who will eat the first fruit became a serious war. Everybody became Micheal Schofield in time keeping and trying to know her movement. The worst past was that she is a big time snub. She moves alongside her elder sister, and that one was looking very scary.

Chika has delivered of her baby, but we can’t see the baby. We later heard in the neighborhood that she sold the baby to a highest bidder. I asked her about the baby, she told me that she died in the womb. Well, I wasn’t in the mood to question her, but I welcomed her back to the game.


“Don’t get pregnant again ooo” I said while laughing


“I won’t” she said with a sad face


I later discussed about the new girl with her, but she said that the girl was above her league of girls. I asked her what we can do to get the girl, she said she has no idea. Later during the week, I met David and discussed with him.


“You don see that new girl” I asked with a smile


“The girl fine” He replied


“How we wan use do am” I asked
“I go try my luck. If she accept, we go run am marathon” David said with a grin.


“Nice one” I shouted


We started planning on how to get the girl down. David approached her while she went to buy something, but she really insulted my friend till everyone around burst into laughter. I consoled him while having my own laugh, but he didn’t want to listen.


“If I no deal with that girl, know say my name no be David”


Well it was his fight, so I left him to handle. Then I later realized that another boy in the street has started friending her. I quickly spread the gospel to all who cared to know about the latest.


“I don sabi her boyfriend” I said to David


“Who him be” He asked with all curiosity


I explained in details to him about the boy and we reasoned and brainstormed about how to get to the dude. It was a policy that you don’t sleep with any girl in the neighborhood without the right people knowing and the right document. Just then we started keeping an eye on both.


We discovered their hang out location and where they always stayed to make some funny acts. And we waited for them. On that faithful evening, I quickly alerted David and told him where our attention was needed. He asked me where, but I felt it should a silent mission. He followed me gently, while I led the operation. Just as we approached the Arena, we started hearing some funny sounds inside the uncompleted building. Just then I knew that it was a “fucking” sound.


“I dey wait ooo” David shouted to both of them


The shout of “Jesus” “Jesus” rented the air…


“Don’t be scared, just continue” I said to both of them


“No, I am not doing again” the guy said


“If I slap you, you go blind for one week” David said very furious “Just continue the nyash am”.


The little was still trying to make some funny moves, before a got a special slap from David, which made him go back to his factory senses. Meanwhile the girl was still seated on the floor and very confused.


“If you don’t continue fucking, he might kill both of you here. Nobody will know. So just fuck and let us watch” I said to both the girl and the boy that was already shedding little tears already.


“Please forgive me” The girl said with some crying face


“Do you remember me”? David asked the girl


“Yes!” She responded almost immediately


“I just snapped you people with my phone, and I am going to show it to your parents” David said angry


“Jesus! Please don’t do that to me” She said with tears in her eyes “I promise to do anything you say”.


David immediately ordered the boy to run without looking back and never to come close to the girl again. He then took the girl oneside and was saying some things to her, while touching her breasts. I didn’t hear what he was saying, but I knew it wasn’t something nice. After he escorted the girl in a friendly way towards her house before we made way to our own destination.


“What did you use to snap her” I asked David curiously


“So you believe that lie” David said while bursting into laugh “I never chop bellefull, na to snap person remain? Where I wan see money buy that kind phone”


We laughed over it, and he asked me when my house would be free. I gave him all the details he needed and we concluded on the matter. The next day, I heard a knock on the door in the afternoon after I came back from school so early, and it was David with his beautiful girl. I quickly ushered them into my room and offered them water. I couldn’t waste my drink on something that wouldn’t benefit me.


After they drank, David made a sign for me, and I acted like I wanted to go buy something while I left the room. I stayed  in the parlor and waited patiently, after some few mins I started hearing some serious shouting in the room. It became so loud that I had to start playing some songs with our DVD so as not to make people think we are killing someone. I came closer to the door of the room, and all I heard was


“Baby you will kill me please… I am dead oooo… Please don’t kill me” The girl was crying seriously.


Whether it was for pain or pleasure, I knew she was in deep shit. After a while, it graduated from just crying and talking to full blown cries. She was crying like she lost precious ones in an accident and I heard pity on her. Few minutes later, I heard the door about shaking and I ran back to my chair.


“Guy, the girl sweet” David said while sweating like someone that was fighting with a lion


‘wow… “ I said. “So una don finish”?


“Finish wetin”? David asked with a little angry face


“You wan do”? He asked me smiling


“Yes” I shouted


“Oya, run enter do, make I recover” David said while panting heavily


I went into the room and saw the girl naked and almost asleep. I tried touching her, but she woke up immediately and was trying to run towards the end of the bed.


“Please, don’t do this I beg you” she said crying

“I am tired, I feel like dying… Oh God I will die here today” She said while lamenting


She was breathing heavily with her body very hot. I knew that David was just fulfilling his oath. While I was trying to ask some questions, I heard David from outside…


“Guy no waste time ooo… If she ni gree, force am” David shouted.


For the first time in my life I saw a free sex and was contemplating whether to fuck or not. I so much had pity on the girl and the way she was crying. She kept promising me to give me another day if I allowed her go. She said she felt like fainting and promised me heaven on earth. While in the middle of the discussion, David interrupted and tried resuming duty. I held him and asked him to use his conscience. He became so furious with me, but I held my grounds.


I knew I was doing something wrong by blocking a friend from having fun, but I couldn’t see that girl cried again. I begged David and promised him another girl if only he allowed this girl go home. We had a mild quarrel but I stood my grounds. David became furious and wore his cloth and left immediately.


I quickly asked the girl to dress up, I gave her some food from the kitchen with drinks from the fridge. I later gave her some pain killers and some fruits to take home. While she was about going, I gave her some little money and asked her to avoid David and stay out of trouble. I escorted her towards the way her house and I saw she wasn’t walking well at all. She thanked a lot and made way to her house.


I quickly rushed to David’s house to see him and also beg him, but he was very mad at me and decided not to see me.


“It wasn’t fair” I said mildly to him


“When she insult me for road, E fair or black”? He asked with anger


“I am sorry bro…” I begged “Just that I couldn’t bear it, and I felt bad too”


“No problem” David said, as we started discussing about other things and we laughed. Few days later, I was walking along the way and saw the girl and her elder sister pointing towards my direction. I didn’t bother to know what they were discussing about, but I quickly ran and dashed off towards another direction.


I heard a knock on the door on evening while everybody was at home. I quickly rushed to the door and opened it. When I opened the door, I saw the girl and her dad… My heart quickly jumped into my balls.


“Is he the boy” Her father asked her


“Yes”! She replied…


To Be Continued…

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