Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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“Point am” The army man shouted to the boy

“The one in that chair” He said while crying

The truth of the matter was that one of the men we duped and ran away with his money caught one of the boys in his car again. He brought him to school and the army men took over the case. After much interrogation, he confessed to doing it with other people that was why he pointed at me.

“Stand up my friend” The army man shouted at me

I kept calm and stood up while following all the directives he gave. We went straight to meet the driver for Identification.

“Na the boy be this”? The army man asked the driver

“I no remember him face again, but I know say they reach like 5 that day for my bus” The driver explained.

“Did you follow and enter this man’s bus that day” Oga Army asked me

“No Sir, I don’t always take bus home, most times, my daddy comes to pick me up” I explained with an innocent face

“Do you know this boy”? He asked while pointing to the guyed that picked me

“No sir, I only remembered his face the day he begged me for money, and I refused to give him, that is why he is always saying bad about me” I said

Just while I was explaining, a senior Army guy came in and fortunately, he was among those I buy things for.

“My friend, wetin happen”? He asked in a friendly tone

“Them theif this man money Oga” the junior Army man said

“This boy no fit do that kind thing” He told the junior officer

“You theif any person money”? He asked me

“No sir, I don’t do such” I explained calmly.

“Leave am, make him go. Na this one resemble theif. We go deal with am today” He told the junior officer while slapping the other guy.

I quickly winked at the other guy, before running back to my class. On getting to the class, it was the geography teacher who had entered immediately. She called me in and asked me to stand in front of the class.

“If you be like this small thing, you will fail and fail out. Please don’t be friends with him because you will end up doing yourself.” She said while addressing the class

“Where are you coming from”? She asked me

“An officer called me, so I had to answer him” I replied her

“All the time, from kneeling down to cutting grass to staying in student’s guard room. You will make history before you fail out from this school. Now go to your seat, Anu ofia(meaning bush meat)” She said.

But she was wrong! I had built my connections so well, every teacher loves me now. Infact in some cases, I am used as a good example to those who were still stubborn in my class. Infact, they all love me.


While going home, I made sure I double checked all the buses with their conductors, before entering the bus. We always kept to our plans and we evicted the other guy from our group because he broke a code. “If you are caught, don’t expose others” I always reminded them.

Exam was around the corner, and I doubled up my reading habit. My vice commando took over the crew at home.  I spent most of my time, reading at home and I was mostly indoors.

So believe me when I say I passed and smashed a lot of people’s failure ambition for me. I and my crew at school were flying high. We were about taking over the school when the time was ripe. I was given an award as the “Surprise Student of the Year”. Maybe this will be the last good record I will hold in the school, but let time be the judge.

It was now time for the Holidays, and it was going to be spent right here in the coal city state of Nigeria. I already had a target and I needed to deal with the target. Her name is Chioma!!

This isn’t the Chioma you all know, this one is older than I am with almost 2 years. She is the same age with Mary. She is quiet, beautiful, tall, fair and above all nice body shape. I already mastered her ways and how she operates but the problem is that she is in their church prayer warrior group of Mountain of Fire church.

I know she has a brother of my age; I know about her family a little bit, so I tried to familiarize with her family members.

“Good morning Ma” I greeted her mum as I made way towards her

“Goodmorning, who are you looking for” She asked me with a smile.

“Ma please I am looking for Emma” I replied her

She called out the boy, he was happy to see me. It takes special luck for him to have someone of my rank coming to their house.

“Come in na” He said while very happy.

It was a small two bedroom house, so I managed to grab a seat in the palour while he bugged me with questions.

“Hmm, this one you came to our house, hope everything is fine” he said while smiling

“Yes everything is fine, just that I just wanted to know your house and maybe become friends with you” I said while smiling back.

“Wow… I am your friend already ooo” Emma replied while laughing hard

We talked and talked over lots of things, but we focused more on religion because it was a Christian home. While we were talking, Chioma passed and I greeted her and she replied back.

“How is your sister”?

“Ermm… which of them”? I asked while smiling

“Mary of coruse na” She said

“She is fine, and she said I should greet you” I replied while still smiling.

“Shea your name is Chioma”? I asked while forming as if I didn’t know

“Hmmm… so you don’t know my name? let me go and keep this bible and come and query you seriously” She said while forming angry.

She stepped inside their second room, and spent a little time inside before coming out to meet us in the parlor. We talked for a long time and I played my own part in making her laugh, she had to leave her seat and come closer to mine. He mother spoilt the fun when she sent her on an errand, messing everything up for me. Immediately she left, I quickly excused Emma and went my way.

I went back home and was thinking about how the hole between her legs would seem like. I already guessed she was a virgin from the way she rebuked and cast away any man that will come to her that is not sent from God. Infact, at a point in our discussion, she was even advising me to abstain from sex before marriage. “I am also a virgin” I told her during the course of our discussion.

Any day that passed without me touching a girl or even inserting my thing into her, makes me feel frustrated or even uncomfortable. If they should take a census of the amount of virgins in our street between the ages of 16 downwards, I think there won’t be plenty of them. If virginity of girls could be exchanged for money, I believe I will be richer than a lot of working class people.I wasn’t okay with my progress, and I don’t seem to be okay.

Chioma was becoming a hard nut to crack, and I guess it was because of the age difference. I decided to use the only method available to me. Bro Iyke taught me, and this was the perfect time to experiment it. I am not bad; but when I need sex from you, there is always no escape route.

I went to her house few days later because schools were about

resuming and she was in a boarding school. I had to sit down to hear what she wanted to tell me. She preached the bible to me, and I listened perfectly. I even asked her some questions in the bible she probably didn’t know the answer.

“You see, I am also a Bible guru and you should give me some respect” I said to her, while smiling

“I like that, you really surprised me” She replied smiling too

“There is a book I always read, and it exposes a lot of things that happens in the spiritual realm that most Christians don’t know about. I will be happy if you see it” I said to her

“Jesus” She shouted…

“Are you serious, bring for me, let read na” She begged

“I can’t bring it outside, it is very secretive and I am scared” I said to her

“So how I can see it, I really need to becoming enlightened in the spirit more” She said while demonstrating some spiritual moves.

‘You can come to my house and read it. Infact, I will make everyewhere comfortable for you so that you can concentrate well and digest it” I said with a warm smile

“That will be nice; but hope I will be safe, I don’t want wahala ooo…” She said with a light smile

“There won’t be any wahala” I replied

“Next tomorrow in the afternoon” I told her.

“No problems, please don’t fail me o…” She begged

“Believe me” I said while leaving the house

I quickly left there house and started making preparations on how to achieve my goals. I can’t let the bush meat run from the trap this time around. I was supposed to be scared of what I was about doing, “But if Bro Iyke can, why can’t I”? I gingered myself.

I quickly reached for my chemist friend; he was more of a quack than real. I told him what I wanted to achieve and he gave some white powder stuff and told me how to use it for effectiveness.

On the D-day, I assembled my room and kept the book where it could be and every other resource I was going to use for the assignment. Chioma knocked and the door was opened for her. I quickly showed her my bible and my church jotter. She asked for the book, and I showed her. The book was actually filled with occultism stories, and she was enjoying it.

I quickly rushed to the fridge and opened an Eva wine that has stayed there for long. I emptied some into two different cups and didn’t put anything yet in it. When I brought it to her, she did the unthinkable.

“Wow, that nice of you” She said smiling

“Just for you to enjoy” I said with a fake smile

“But you have to taste it na, before I drink because I am scared of guys” She said still smiling

“But I am a boy, not a guy” I said laughing out hard

“Just taste it please” she begged

I quickly drank everything, so as to achieve my aim. I knew she would ask me to taste, so as to build trust. I brought her a fresh drink and gave to her, she drank and we talked and after a while, I went ahead for the reason I invited her to the house.

I quickly started touching places I never dreamt off in my full life. Instead of shouting or getting angry, she was smiling and laughing.

“I want to have sex with you” I whispered into her ears

She didn’t say a word; instead she was touching herself and making funny sounds as if she wanted to cry

“Wow” I shouted

I quickly stripped her off her clothes, including her skirt and pant and headed straight to the Main Menu. I knew my guess was right, she was Virgin! Immediately, I reached for the groundnut oil can and applied to both mine and hers. She was still shouting and moaning, while I quickly tried putting my dicck inside her own. She cried and shouted, but I was more determined. Blood flowed and tears rolled, but it was the end. She was no longer a virgin!

After some little romance and sex, I cleaned her up before she whatever was wrong with her cleared up. I quickly asked her to leave, while she was still shedding tears and begging to stay. She went home and wrote me a letter.

You betrayed my Trust, and did something I never wished for. I won’t tell anybody, but only God will forgive you.

I replied her letter.

I didn’t force you, you gave me yourself. God has already forgiven me, and I know you enjoyed it. I love you chioma and will want us to have sex again. I always dream of you and I know you like me too. I will be at home tomorrow, if you have chance, you can come. I love you.

I was at home all day, expecting to see the result. By 11am, I heard a knock on the door and lo it was Chioma. I quickly rushed her and hugged her, she kissed me and hugged me back. We headed straight for the room and in fact, this time she started the whole process.

I and Chioma became fuck mates and it continued not once or twice but till the point of writing this Diary. She has a boyfriend now, whom she said she will love to marry. But I and the boyfriend share something in common, his girlfriend’s Virginia. Chioma is still in the MFM church but she has left the prayer section and entered the choir section. She has a good voice, and I believe she will make a good Choir mistress!





Chapter 11

“She don get belle oo” Said Chibuzor

“Who”? I asked

He came closer and whispered into my ear. Just then,

“Hahahahahahahahahaha” I gave out a huge laughter

“Wonders has ended” I shouted

To be continued…


Chika my trusted babe is now pregnant. How did it happen, I kept on asking myself.

“How do girls even get pregnant”? I asked chibuzor,

“Me no sabi oo” he replied while laughing.

I went to ask her if it is true, but she said it is a lie. I tried pestering her to know the truth, but she kept on denying. I knew she was lying because I always know when someone lies to me. After few days of asking her, she finally opened up to me.

“It was Onyeka” She said with a sad face

“Who the hell is Onyeka”? I asked with a bitter face

“The elder brother to Sorom that is dark and long” She said

‘So you were always sleeping with him, and allowed him to enter you thing. Why did you allow him”? I asked with a very angry face

“She was doing it better than you do, and his own was sweet too. Infact, his prick long and big than your own. So I was liking it pass your own” She said with mixed emotion

“Wow, now get out of my house before I close my eyes and open it” I shouted

She was still trying to explain, before I pushed and dragged her outta the copound. I felt so bad, but there was nothing I could do about it.

David was a friend I have known since child immemorial; we attended most schools together just that we were never close enough. His family just moved into our neighborhood and we became close enough. So most times during this holiday period, I always visit him. He is about 3 years older than I am, but he respects me for reasons I don’t know about. After my meeting with Chika, I got angry and went to his house to explain to him the insult that Chika gave to me about not knowing how to fvck.

“How far David” I shouted as I entered their house

“Come backyard” He shouted

I quickly ran to the backyard and we started to talk.

“Chika don get belle ooo, and she say na me cause am” I said to him

“But you never reach to give girl belle na, what happened” He asked while laughing

‘She said I don’t know how to do, that was why she went and met another guy” I said being a little shy

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha” David gave out a loud laugh

“You don fvck up” He shouted

“How”? I asked with a low voice

“Make I see your prick” He said while laughing

“You want to eat it or what”? I asked while laughing

“I wan see the size” He said while laughing

I pulled down my boxers with my short, and brought it out for him.

“Jesus” He shouted

“What”? I asked confused

“E big pass your age na. E even big pass my own” He shouted.

“So why she come dey complain say she no feel am”? He asked

‘That girl be witch” I said while laughing

We talked at length; and being an expert at sex like he claimed he gave me some tips.

“If you dey fvck girl and she never cry, just know you haven’t started anything” He said bodly

“Cry”? I asked surprised

“I thought it was supposed to be sweet”? I asked while laughing

“Who deceive you”? He asked disappointed

“Nobody, just asking” I said

“Make person no deceive you, that cry is the sweetness” He said with Authority

“After you fvck girl and she cry well well, anyday she remember that cry, she go come back make you fvck am again” He said

While he finished, he went inside, brought out a book and showed me the list of girls he had on his timetable. I was surprised that someone was beating my records seriously.

“Everyday, if I dey in the mood, I always have a girl to fvck” He said while boasting

“Chineke” I shouted  “How you dey do am”? I asked with curiosity

‘Just sabi fvck, that’s all” He said

“You fit teach me”? I asked with all humility

“Your punishment na say, you will bring the girl and I will show you ontop of the girl” He said

“No problems” I said; “When you go get chance”? I asked him again

“You will give me two days, make I refresh before I start work again. You know say I don almost go retirement” He said while laughing.

I quickly greeted him and went back home, thinking of who will be my specimen like my Chemistry Aunty always say, for this my practical. The first day was up and yet no sign of any girl. Chika is pregnant, and nobody to help arrange a girl for me. While I was thinking, I remembered Chioma, She can do the job, I said to myself.


I quickly went to Chioma’s house and saw her with just a wrapper tied over her body; I tickled her from behind before grabbing her waist. We kissed for a period of time before I told her if she will be available this evening, that I wanted to show her something in a friend’s house.

“I am scared” she said with a bitter face

“Why”? I asked

“I am not really in the mood” She said

“But we are not doing anything na” I said while laughing

“Close mouth joor, that’s what you always say. Before I know, you are already ontop of me” She said while we both burst into laughter.

After much discussions and explanations, she finally agreed to follow me to David’s house. She wasn’t free because of house work, but I told her the techniques to use so that she can use church practice as an example to leave home.

That evening, she waited for me at the appointed junction, while I came around and took her to David’s house. He waited for me outside, while I initiated the process. After a while, he came in and joined the experiment.

“Will he also do” chioma asked me

“Yes, he just wants to show me something” I said

“But you didn’t tell me na, It is not good what you are doing to me o…” She said with a sad face

“Don’t worry na, is it not just sex”? I asked bluntly

“Is anybody killing you”? I said with a fake angry face

She finally agreed and David took over leadership. To be frank with you, it wasn’t a sight to behold. He treated her like she owed him up to a year salary. I couldn’t bear the sight and the noise Chioma was making was getting much. David had to close her mouth with his hand and continued hitting her like it was a serious battle. The sweat on his body could bath two young children and one adult. Chioma cried and kept crying.

But I noticed something, no matter how hard Chioma was crying, she was still holding tight unto David’s body. I was trying to figure out the reason behind that. She would cry and cry and start kissing David, and I was still imagining what kind of fake cry was that. After a while, she started shaking like a demon was coming out of her body and that was when David added much pressure to what he was doing before he himself started shouting a bit too. After a while, he stopped and Chioma hugged him so tight and they slept on the bed.

I was on the seat, looking like a lost mad man.

“What happened and why the shouting before they stopped”? I asked myself within

I could see how Chioma hugged him so tight even after the sex and they were playing some little love play. I quickly alerted her attention out of anger and told her that it was time to go. I dragged her out of the house and took her towards my house

“Did you enjoy it” I asked with anger

“No” she replied

“You stupid lair” I called her

“For the last time, did you enjoy it”? I asked her with a hard looking face

“Small” She replied

“Never go the house again. If you do, I will sing to your Mother what happened in that house the other day. You understand”? I asked her

“Yes Love, I won’t again” She replied

“Good” I said before we went our various destinations.

David never told me what happened to both of them that they kept shouting, but I wasn’t so eager to know. One thing I learnt was you fvck them like they owe you money!


Our Youth convention was around the corner during this long term break, and I decided to attend, not because I chose but because it is a must. I made plans with David and other friends in church on how to go about the camping. Everything was set and we decided a day to leave for the camp. We arrived the camp, and it was a popular school building of a school in the state of Enugu. It is around Gariki road and a kind of busy area. The first night as usual was always dry so we attended the first night Message. I and David with the other guys entered the Auditorium and looked for a perfect spot to sit. We finally found a place filled with some cute young girls and decided to sit also

“Hi… please I just wanted to know if I can join you guys here”? I asked with a smile

“No space” one of the girls replied

“You want to build a house here”? I asked while pointing to a space on the chair

There was a general laughter among the girls excluding the one that received my jibe.

“Don’t mind her, you can sit” Another girl said while smiling.

I quickly sat close to the girl I said those words to, but she wasn’t ready to smile. I sat for a while and noticed that David was already smiling with one of the girls but the other guys were listening to what the pastor was saying. I decided to follow suit immediately.

“I know you are angry with me, but I am also angry at myself for saying such words to someone beautiful as you. I am sorry” I said with a little smile

“Don’t even sorry me, just face your front” She replied a little bit harshly

“I knew I was going to see someone like you, so I bought you meat-pie. This is just another way of saying I am sorry” I said while bringing out the meat pie from my jacket.

‘Just keep lying; did you know I am going to be here today”? She said with a little brightened face

“Yes, I always see things and do things unimaginable” I said with a huge smile.

“Oya show me” She said with a smile

While I was about to demonstrate, an Usher came around and disrupted our little fun. I had to wait for a while before I continued.

“Your name is grace” I told her…

“How did you know”? She almost shouted in amazement

“That’s what your friends called you” I told her…

“Mtcheeewww… you see, wayo boy” She said with a little scornful face

I laughed and asked her to focus on the day they gave birth to her and her month, she did exactly. I asked her some questions, and after few minutes,

‘Did they give birth to you on the 5th”? I asked her

“Jesus… You are a devil” She shouted lightly

“Did they give birth to you on the month of september’ I asked again while laughing

“Oh my God, you must be the anti-christ” She said.

Out of excitement, she called her friends, and they joined our discussion. I had to do the same thing to all of them by telling them their various names and birthdays. It was a fun filled night. After the message, we stayed all through and discussed and they promised to keep a seat for I and David the next day.

Very early the next day, we were chased out of the hostel and ordered to go and bath. We came into the camp hall and saw our seats neatly arranged for us according to who you had a friendship with. We discussed and stayed out together; went on break together, before we started moving round the camp. I had to separate from the other guys, so as to allow me concentrate on the Job at hand.

I took her to a lonely place during the break period, and all I was thinking about was how to touch her. I finally saw a wound on her laps, and here came my opportunity

“What happened to you here sweety”? I asked, my putting my hand on her lap

“Did you just call me sweety”? She asked while laughing

“I was thinking of something of something sexier” I said to her

“Hmmm… I am a child of God, don’t spoil me oo…” She said while laughing

“Ever since last night I saw you, I became spoilt. And I want to decay or rotten because of you” I said with foreign accent

“Are you serious or you are joking with me” She said soberly

“I am joking with you” I replied her.

The laughed and allowed me continue inspecting the wound, while my hand was going deeper into her skirt. She closed her eyes and was licking her lips, while I reached for her pants Just about then, we saw an usher coming around then I quickly stood up and we both ran away while the usher tried chasing us.

David was caught and kept at the security post for kissing a girl in a Church camp. David helped the girl run away while he held unto the security man that caught him. He was being asked to produce the girl, but he wouldn’t. That resulted to another offence.

After some hours, he was flogged and asked to go back to the camp and was warned not to do it again. I know he would get the reward for his bravery.

That night was the night of life. After the last message, I quickly took Grace to a hideout I discovered and we sat down there. I romanced her, and she responded almost immediately. It was fun. She purposely didn’t put on undies like I instructed her and she wore something flexible. I used my fingers to rub around her lower side while she was making some melodious sounds to my ears. It was like a choir of experts singing for me. I continued till I noticed her thing was becoming watery and watery. I lay her on the floor, while I removed my own trouser and boxers. I quickly brought out my own thing and inserted it smoothly into hers. She made a sweet sound and I decided to do what I have learnt. Fvck her like she owes you your salary.

I started slowly at first, and was increasing the speed of my movement. It was one of the best feeling ever. I covered her mouth to avoid shouting while I continued. Just then, I heard…

“Both of you stand up”

To Be continued

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