Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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“Don’t let me slap you” She shouted

“Who own this thing I brought out from your travelling bag” She yelled the more…

“I don’t know who kept it there na” I said almost crying

I was still trying to say another word before I got a destiny resounding slap that changed my ear drums for better. I held my face while crying before Bro Iyke came back.

‘What happened”? He asked me

“Mummy saw a girl’s pant in my bag and slapped me” I said still crying

‘Who owns the pant” He asked while laughing

That was when my brain had a flashback when the maid asked me where my travelling was so as to give me a gift. I explained to him; after having a good laugh at me, he decided to help me out. He later explained to mum how he wanted to buy a pant for Mary, but bought the wrong size and while cleaning the house, he mistakenly tucked it into my travelling bag. After much questioning, I was apologized to in a very awkward manner.

“Go and carry that Ice cream in the fridge and lick” Mummy said while standing at the door of my room.

“Next time, be a good boy” She said while leaving the room.

The night wasn’t such a pleasant one because Bro Iyke kept laughing at me and making me cry more. I have received slaps, but that one mummy gave to me was life changing.


Chapter 7

Staying with bro Iyke were moments that I cherished even till date. I like him not just as a cousin, but also as a friend. He taught me a lot, so whoever that reads this diary should bear that in mind. I remember telling bro Iyke about Nonso; the girl in our children church. He gave me the best method to catch her. We practiced it, and decided to go for it.

Let me tell you guys some Noteable things that happened in-between these periods:

  • Driver was relieved of his Job because daddy traveled much and we were grown-ups now
  • A family friend from our church started attending my school.
  • Mary transferred to my school, She is in Jss3 while I am in jss2
  • I am still in Children church, due to age.


Mummy started staying at home most times because she was now doing her full time Master’s degree program. So we were always attending missions (local name for evening fellowships in church) any day we had such meetings. I wasn’t enjoying at first it till I found out why I shouldn’t miss any fellowship day. Your guess is as good as mine; Nonso never miss such fellowship, so why should I miss!!

“You won’t believe that I saw Nonso in church today” I shouted out of excitement as I was telling Bro Iyke when I got home.

“Did you talk to her”? He asked smiling

“No, I was only winking at her” I replied “You know mummy is also in children church as a teacher” I said

“So what will you do now”? Bro Iyke asked

“I don’t know ooo…, that’s why am telling you na” I responded.

“Now here is the plan” bro Iyke said as he muttered some words to me with some diagrams on a piece of paper.

I waited for the next evening service like a prisoner waited for his next free meal. I dreamt of it, I thought of it, I saw visions of it and I Wanted it, finally it came. That Thursday, I was the first to prepare for mission and was hurrying the rest like I was the pastor to preach that evening. We finally got to church and I sat down, looking up and down for Nonso like I lost my lunch money for school. Finally she came but sat in a different row. I allowed darkness to fall before smuggling my way beside her

“I missed you” I said to Nonso

“Did you bring anything for me”? She said “So how did you now miss me”? She asked quietly

“Just know I miss you so much” I said more confidently

“Hmmm… okay, let me believe you” She said.

“Can I rest on your legs” I said while smiling…

“What do you want to do while resting on it”? She asked smiling.

“Don’t worry, let me rest first” I said while smiling quietly

“I hope your mummy won’t see you” She said

It was night already; I immediately bent my head on Nonso’s laps. I stayed there for a few seonds before tinkling her laps with my fingers. I knew she was feeling it because of the way she moved her laps in slow sucessions. I did it for a few seconds before making way to her panties; she kept feeling the reaction before binging up an idea bro iyke already gave me.

“Do as if you want to urinate in that bush, I will join you” She said

“Brilliant” I said within me

“Okay, make sure you come ooo…” I whispered to her ears while giving her a small peck.

I immediately collected permission from our teacher and made way for the bush. After urinating I waited for some seconds before I saw Nonso walking stylishly towards me. Her sight quickly made me respond to stimulus and all I wanted was just a taste of what she carried. Immediately she came closer; I grabbed her and kissed her, before arranging her of the bush ground. As I split her panties apart and tried forcing my thing into hers, there was no way forward because it was too tight. So we just romanced and carefully joined up with others before church dismissed.

I and Nonso’s romance every evening service became something continuous. I hear the preaching of how God loves little children but it never sank into my ears.

“Maybe God should wait till I grow up” I always say to myself.

I finally told Bro Iyke about my inability to enter into Nonso but he told me that I needed help.

“What help”? I asked him

“An expert needs to help you” He said

“Who is now the expert”? I asked confused

“I of course; I will help you open it and you will always enjoy it” Bro Iyke said with smiles.

“No problems” I said to him

The next time we met in church during our “BUSH” fellowship, I convinced Nonso to come to our house that I bought gifts for her. She agreed and we fixed a date.

On this faithful day, Nonso came around. Bro Iyke asked me to go buy Crush drink for her; I dashed off faster than a bird. I came back and gave the drink to Bro Iyke; he asked me to go and stay with Nonso in the palour. Few minutes, he arrived with the drink in a cup and gave all of them to Nonso. I tried tasting the drink, but he jokingly told me to allow our visitor enjoy her drink.

Few minutes later, I noticed Nonso was complaining of feeling sleepy; I was angry that she wanted to sleep so early but Bro Iyke told me to allow her sleep. When she slept, Bro Iyke gave me money and asked me to go buy a pain reliving drug from the chemist. While I was still trying to know what was happening, I heard cries from the room where I and Bro iyke always sleep. I tried going back, but I didn’t want to disobey bro Iyke.

I bought the drug and came back, Nonso was still half asleep. Bro Iyke ordered me to pull, I objected at first but he became angry and asked me to remove my cloth or he beats the hell out of me.

“I don’t want to do again” I told him

“Now raise her legs” He shouted gently

I did as I was told and he showed me where to put it. Nonso was still shaking her head even in her sleep, and I noticed that her thing was having some red particles around it. I did as bro iyke ordered me before seeing tears rolling from the eyes of nonso.

When she finally woke up fully, she asked me what I did to her while she was touching round her body. I tried explaining, but she started crying, wore her cloths and left the house.

I couldn’t sleep that night, and I hated Bro iyke so much.

“What’s wrong with you” He asked me we a strange look

“Nothing, I am fine” I said while trying to hide my tears

“I know you are not, but let me explain to you” He said

“If you don’t want mummy to know who owns that pant, and what happened in Lagos, you better do as I say: You understand”. He asked

“Yes I do” I said while crying slowly.

“Now clean your eyes” He ordered

“Okay” I said while cleaning my eyes with my polo

He said a lot to me that night, he even went ahead to explain to me that a time would come when this same Nonso will kick me out like a piece of rag. He told me never to let a girl make me cry.

“They are all sex materials and you should see them as such” He said

“When you get a girlfriend, treat her well but always make sure you have sex with her” He continued

“Not every boy will tell you this, but as you grow always remember that you can have sex with any girl” He concluded.

Those words sank deep into my brains and memory. Even as I write this diary, I know someone will ask me why I believed bro Iyke. Right, let me explain.

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. I frequently had sex with Nonso. In most cases, she requested for it. I gave her things ranging from Money to gifts and wrote her letters all the time.

Then there came a time another family started attending our district church. They were so rich and had their children were seen as gods in the children church. I noticed that wheneven I came to church late, Nonso was always sitting close to Joshua.

Joshua was the last Boy in their family of four. The closeness continued till I started asking Nonso why she loves sitting close to Joshua instead of me.

“I hate people that don’t bring drivers to church” She said to me

“But we had a driver before na” I tried explaining “My Daddy is not around that is why we can’t have a driver” I explained

“Can you give me twenty naira to buy Choco Candy while going home”? She requested

“I have finished my money. Didn’t I buy for you when I came to church” I said with a sad face

“I am talking about now and not past tense” She replied harshly

“Joshua is my new friend and I like him so much” “Do you know how much he gave me now”? She asked

“He gave me thirty naira” She replied herself

“But I like you a lot, please don’t leave me for Joshua” I said almost crying

“I don’t like you again, maybe you will find someone that likes you and like her back” She replied while about leaving back to her seat.

I stood there looking like someone that failed his common entrance exam. I wrote her lots of letters and even sent friends to help me beg her, but all to no avail. That was how Nonso was gone!!


Bro Iyke was not quite helpful during this period. I was always crying, but didn’t want mummy to notice. So all he did was make me cry more by remembering all the moments I told him about nonso.

“Didn’t I tell you”? He said while laughing

“You caused it!!!” I said crying bitterly

“It was that thing you did to her that made her leave” I said still crying

“Girls will always be girls. You should be happy you had sex with her before she left” He said before leaving the room.

After a while, Bro Iyke said I should find other girls to make myself happy. Everyday became a day for having sex as long as the chance was right.

Bro Iyke would help me bring a girl to the house and ask me to do what I want with her. The excitement, the joy and the fun was almost equal to nothing. Some days, he brought girls from his polytechnic and ask me to watch while he had sex with them. Some days he will give me an opportunity to be touching the girl while he was having sex with them.

I started failing woefully at school, but managed to get promotion to Jss3. But that didn’t stop me and bro Iyke to continue with our friendship. Bro Iyke started teaching secondary children in our estate and majority of his students were girls. We had sex with most of them together: The only exceptions were those that were still young and tender.

I saw him wearing a rubber like substance round his pen1s, and I requested for mine, he told me that it was not yet time to wear such.

“When you get to the bridge, you will cross yours” He always said.

Bro Iyke became my Cousin, Brother, Mentor, Sex mate and anything “Good” in Life. He was always there for me while we conquered all territories.

I remember sleeping with Twin sisters at the same time. Both of them were virgins and Bro Iyke got them “Normal” state (He always called virgin girls Abnormal) before I took over from him. If I start writing about all the exploits in our estate, my little book won’t be able to contain it. Incase you see this book and read about me, just know that it was one of my best period in life.

Chapter 8

“You are lying. Are you”? Bro iyke shouted

“I swear bro, I heard it live and clear from her friend” Mary said while laughing

“They said her belle will soon start coming out” Mary continued.

All these were the words that woke me up that Saturday morning. I rushed outside like a rat…

“What happened” I asked mary

“Amebo” Go and sleep my friend

“Please na, tell me” I begged with passion.

After few begging, Mary broke the news

“She is pregnant” Said Mary

“Who”?? I asked with my eyes wide open

To be continued.

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