Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when we saw Bro Iyke and the Maid digging deep inside the store house. I quickly pulled Oge away while we made for the parlor to reminisce over what we saw. After some hours, I left Oge and headed to the boys room to meet with Bro Iyke.

“I saw you” I told bro

“Yes, I know you did” He replied.

“Don’t you think Mummy and Daddy should hear about it”? I asked

“Please, they shouldn’t hear about it” He begged.

“I want to fvck Oge in that same place, and I need you to help me” I asked with boldness

“If you don’t help, maybe everybody will even hear what I saw” I said while about moving out.

“Come back here my friend” He said a little bit angry…

“Oge is my step-sister and also your cousin” He said gently

“So you don’t commit such an immoral act with a blood relation” He said

“If I do nko”? I asked

“It is an abomination” He replied calmly

“But I need to fvck” I told him.

“I will give you whom to fvck” He said.

“Are you now happy”? He asked with a smile

“Yes, I am” I replied with a smile also while I made my way outside.

Two days passed, while running round the house with David, being chased around by the dog, I heard someone shout my name. I knew it was Bro Iyke. I told David to continue running, that I am coming. I made straight to the room, where I was directed by Bro Iyke to the store room: I opened the store room and behold, I saw the maid of the house, patiently waiting.

I entered while Bro Iyke waited and watched around for me to repel any unwanted intruder. I asked her to pull, which she complied and obeyed immediately. It was a tight store house without lights, so I couldn’t even see what I was supposed to see.

“Where should I put it” I asked confused

“Haven’t you done it before”? She asked surprised

“I have, but there is no light here and I can’t see” I replied.

Another problem was that she was standing and asked me come in from behind. I was confused because I couldn’t locate the ROAD from behind especially when she is standing.

“Can you kneel”? I asked her

“No space to kneel na” she said “Or can’t you see”?

We continued till we finally found a way out.

“Your thing is still small ooo…” She said jokingly while we were in the kitchen

“Maybe because I am still a small boy” I replied while eating a free carrot she gave me.

“Ori e oti baje ooo…” She said smiling

“What’s the meaning”? I asked.

“Don’t worry, it is nothing bad” She said.

This time, I was feeling her waist and touching her bum while we were still in the kitchen. She was smiling all through while I fondled with her body parts.

“They will soon catch you o…” She said jokingly

“They won’t joor” I replied

“Oya na… it seems like you really like my body” She said smiling

“Yes na, it is so sweet” I said smiling.

“So hope we will keep doing it again o…” I asked still smiling

“If you want it, tell me” She replied while I tried finding my way under her skirt

After a while, she removed them and said she wants to start cooking.

Every two two days remained heaven on earth for me. I totally forgot about Oge and even tried as much possible to avoid meeting with her. It was a big house in Ikeja area of Lagos; so some days you can be at home and nobody sees you.
I didn’t know if she continued her affair with Bro Iyke, but all I knew was when I wanted it, she gave me like her life depended on it. I remember the day before we planned departing Lagos, I hurriedly rushed to her to explain to her that we will be travelling the next day.

“You will miss my thing shea”? She said laughing

“Yes na, that’s why I came now na”? I said

“You want us to do again”? She asked

“YES”!! I said with a big smile.

“Oya don’t worry, when I want to bath, I will call you” She said while I left the backyard for the parlor.

I waited for that call like a student waiting to hear his common entrance examination score. Sometimes, I even peeped to know if she was done with whatever she was doing, I couldn’t wait!

Few minutes later, I heard the call!! I didn’t know whether to dance first or jump so that my head could touch the sky. Either ways, I headed for the backyard, while she took me to the boys quarters bathroom. We quickly found our way to the bathroom.
She undressed me this time around and saw my already protruding deek saying “Hello”. She removed hers and collected a little soap, rubbed it round my deek before bending like a dog. She directed my thing to where it was supposed to enter and asking to make it faster. I obeyed her instruction and was making it faster!

While I was busy, I noticed she was saying so many things I didn’t understand; well, I concentrated on my job. I continued till she said one of the statements repeatedly

“Oti re mi” she said

‘What”? I asked

“I am tired, I need to now bath and go back and finish preparing dinner” She said.

“Alright” I replied smiling.

We both had our bath together; well she did the bathing, while I did the touching. After bathing she promised to give me a gift because I tried this time around. I directed her to my room and helped her identify my travelling bag because she promised to make it a surprise.

The next day, I wore my cloth alongside Bro Iyke and my two sisters; we were driven to the park by the driver. The journey home was quite enjoyable because I kept smiling even while I was sleeping till we reached home.

We arrived home quite late because our luxury bus kept spoiling and it was always fixed. Mummy welcomed us; Daddy traveled abroad for an art exhibition. While playing round the compound two days later, I heard mummy scream my name. I rushed to meet her in my room, and she asked me…

“Who owns this I saw in your bag…” mummy asked angrily

“Jesus”!!! I shouted

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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