Memoir OF A Male Sex Addict!! [Love, Betrayal and Romance](complete story)

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Just at the embassy, I was told to present a doctor’s report about his health status. Thinking I could just go and manipulate a test result anywhere, I smiled and was about leaving when I heard the voice of the consular saying thus “remember we have lists of recognized hospitals and doctors we trust so much. It is a shame you didn’t ask me”. I was shocked and managed to ask the consular if it made any difference? “Yes it makes!!” replied the consular. “Nigerians are quite a funny people; you should know what I mean. See you 10 a.m. next week Tuesday”.

I started wondering how this could be done. My heartbeat increased in rapid succession. If anything made me wanna pee on my pants, it is the fear of going for an H.I.V test. Just then I managed to get home into the hands of my happy dad. “How did it go?” “Where you granted the Visa?” questions upon questions kept coming. I managed to calm him down, and explained that it was remaining my doctor’s report before I could be granted visa to go for my schooling abroad. “Thank God all is done” said my father all beaming with a deep hearted smile.

I found my way to my room, and lay on my bed, confused like someone who misplaced a salary cheque. Questions upon questions kept flooding my head. What if I come out positive, I asked myself. But I was always doing Medical tests in school before every semester exam my inner voice queried: just shut your trap!! Another voice objected, everyone knows how flawed the medical system of his university is. You take a test today and get the result tomorrow! Who does that??

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I was as confused as voter who has to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who will make a better president. Just then, everywhere went blank!!!

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