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How to make money online without paying anything

Is searching online for how to make money online without paying anything possible? The answer is basically yes; most of the ways to make money online doesn’t come with investments. I am not saying that you don’t need to pay anything at some point; it just means that the business isn’t dependent on whether you pay anything or not.

The funny truth about making money online is that 90% of your success comes from your idea; 5% execution and 5% finances. The 5% financing is negligible if you find alternative means to by-pass it.

Let’s say…

I decide to make money as a graphic design freelancer on Fiverr; there are some basic and important investments I need to make;

  • The laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Other necessary software



These three are so important that it constitutes the tools you would need to make money online. Even though the channels through which you can make the money allow you to make the money without paying anything, the tools for execution remain very important.

Things you need to Make Money Online

make money online for free

Nobody will explain this like I will do on this page. Everyone would tell you how to make money online without paying anything, but they forget about telling the secret behind making money online without investment. These things I am about to mention is what determines your success if you are ever going to make money online. What are the thing/tools you need to make this money online?

The Equipment

AKA your work tools; a very important factor to enable earn a living on the internet. If you don’t have a guitar, you will never be a rock star – it is as simple as that. The equipment you have is what enables you to perform your function efficiently.

Most times I see people ask questions like “can I start making money online with my mobile phone?”

The phone itself is a tool but unfortunately can’t be used to perform high-end functions like working online. I understand the fact that there are other sophisticated phones out there, but the right tool to earn a good living online is your laptop.

What are the needed Equipment to earn a living online

  • The Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Other laptop peripherals (Graphics card, Cam coder, etc)

Once you have all these, then you have solved the first problem that 50% of those who wish to make money online face. This still isn’t okay to earn a living online, but you are already on the right step. What next…?

The Information

What if someone tells you right now that there is an Island in the world, made of gold to last you a lifetime. What would be your next action? You would definitely start begging for an exact location.

Well, you stand a chance to start touring all the islands in the world – at least you might stumble on the said island. Since you already have the information, you stand a better chance than others who don’t even have the information at all.

Information is the key to the success of making money online without investment – at least you now have an idea that people can be able to make money online without paying anything. This is a very good start; a very good one at that.

Now you know, what else should you consider…?



The Channel

Now that you have the idea that it is possible for someone to make money online without investment, the next question is how?

There are several ways that will help you achieve that, which I will still list later on in this post. There are so many ways you can make money online, but not all would enable you to make money online without paying anything. These channels can be simply considered as the best when it comes to making money online for free.

The skill to make money online without investment

Back to our treasure island filled with gold and diamonds. Let’s assume you have the plane and fuel to go round the world searching for this island, but you don’t know how to fly a plane, what would happen?

I know a lot of people who have the equipment, the information, but they don’t have the right skill to execute. They have money-spinning ideas in their heads, but they have no idea how to execute them. Well, you have two options;

  • Learn the Skill
  • Hire an expert

Since we are focused on how to make money online without paying anything, then I suggest that you sincerely need to have the skill to execute the information you have. You can know one thousand and one ways to make money online without any investment, but you can’t be able to achieve any. The reason is simply that you don’t have the skill.

Once the skill is there, the process to make money online becomes easy for you to execute. I will still give you a list of several ways to make money online for free. That will help you launch into the world of making money online with ease.

The Secrets of making Money online for free

This is one of the aspects nobody would easily want to tell you. Don’t be deceived; any successful online business has its own secret code to unlock success. It isn’t all about hard work and dedication. If you work hard on your online business, it would take you years to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. On the average, 70% of people end up not figuring out anything.

A few years ago I signed up on Amazon Kindle as a publisher. It took the intervention of a friend to show me what was really selling in the market before I made a substantial amount of money. Making money online isn’t all about the hard work; it is majorly about the secret behind that specific way to make money online.

Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything


Ghost Writing for Bloggers

The majority of writers hire ghostwriters to help them create wonderful content. Ghostwriting simply means writing to someone for money without getting acknowledge. It simply means you sold your rights to the content for the money.

Unless you currently earn 6-digits, you shouldn’t feel bad about ghostwriting for a content developer. They sincerely have the platform to make the money, which I believe you don’t have. So your best shot is to write, collect your money, and transfer the copyrights to them.

To some people, it is pretty difficult to find who will pay for their services. A couple of others who have written on this same topic would ask you to sign-up on the following platforms;

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Project4hire
  • Freelancer

I don’t have problems with all these freelance sites, but your chances of making money there as a newbie freelancer is on the low side. Here’s how I started exactly.



Step 1

I discover a blog I intend to write for. If I am a good career writer, I go on Google to search for the term “Career Blogs.” From the list of options I have, I decide on which I am going to send a message to.

content writing for blogs is a way to make money online without paying anything

How I discover blogs to write for

Step 2

Let’s assume I find a couple of blogs that are strictly career niched, I then send them emails to introduce myself and what I have to offer them.

How to send a content writing email

The Email I send blog owners

Step 3

I do my follow-ups to know what their response might be. People are generally busy and might forget to respond after your first mail. The moment you send a follow-up mail, they might be willing to respond.

Once you gain their attention, depending on the negotiation; you will discover that it was easy for you to make money online without paying anything. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Let’s look further to know which other ways you can make money online for free.



Amazon Kindle Publishing

Have you watched “Harry Potter?” Do you have an idea who wrote the book? Her name is J.K. Rowling. She was flat broke before she wrote that book that made her a millionaire. She being broke means she didn’t invest a dime before publishing her book.

The rise of J.K. Rowlings

The Author of Harry Potter

This is the same opportunity that Amazon publishing offers you; it offers you a lifetime opportunity to make money online without paying anything for their help. I will break down the steps in details.

Step 1

Log on to KDP

Amazon KDP sign-up page

How to sign up on Amazon Kindle

Step 2

Fill in the necessary details you need to fill in

Step 3

Write your book

Format the book in MS Word

Design a cover


It is really a very simple platform the moment you go into it. As long as you have your books already written out, you can start publishing almost immediately. I have written a specific guide that can help you go from beginner to making so much money on Amazon.

It is as simple as ABC if you believe in yourself and trust the process. Amazon has given a lot of people the opportunity to make money online without investment.

making money online for free with Amazon Kindle

This Month’s Amazon Alert


What if I could show you a proven method you can use to make money online without investment, wouldn’t you beg for it? No need to stir your curiosity up more, mini-importation is the answer.

An unemployed friend started this business with practically zero dollars; today she makes well over $1000 monthly. It isn’t about knowing the information; it is about the secrets behind the information. I will show you how she was able to achieve that flawlessly.


How to start mini-importation

Learn the process

Locate a product of your choice on a Chinese site

Mini-importation business to make money online

My favourite Chinese site for Mini-importation

Download the picture samples

Advertise it on your platforms (I prefer Whatsapp)

Get orders from interested people

Collect payments before delivery

Buy the products from the Chinese site and ship down to your country

Deliver the products and keep your profit

Repeat the same process all over again.

Carefully you will discover that in no distant time, you will build your profit base to enable you to start importation on a large scale.

But remember; you must have to get trained by a certified importer. There is much information on the internet, but 99% of them are false. Do you ever imagine that someone would release such millionaire information like that on the internet for free?

Once you get trained, it becomes easy for you to know the secret behind mini-importation. That is a whole topic on its own which I can’t really write about in this post. But you can contact me to know more about mini-importation. Just leave a comment and I will tell you what to do next.

Put it into practice

Unfortunately, most people learn just to learn; while others learn to earn. Whichever category you belong to affects your income. After you have learnt all you need to know about mini-importation, the next thing should be to just put it into practice.

Instagram Comedy Influencer

I sincerely hate when young and good looking youths roam the social media aimlessly without converting it into money. You spend countless hours watching videos without making a dime from it. The game is about to change and I will give you some hint.

If you have a good smartphone, you can start up with it. When you discover that many people are looking for what to make them laugh without paying for it, you will understand why it will be a good online business for you.

If you really want to make money online without paying anything, then you should get creative. Instagram comedy influencers are becoming rich every day just by making people laugh.

How do they do it?

Open an Instagram account (If you don’t really have one)

Start posting funny videos of yourself (either you are acting or you are saying funny things)

Be consistent but be really funny to attract the right followers.

As time goes by, you will discover that your little followers would translate to something larger in numbers.

How do you make money from it?

You can then sell advertising spaces to advertisers who are willing to put their products in front of your followers. If you are good (which I believe you are to get large followership), you might even get calls for auditions to feature in a movie.



The opportunities are endless; once you make up your mind to make money online, nothing should stop you. If you don’t have the right start-up funds, there are how to make money online without paying anything just like I have explained.

This page would be continually updated, so always visit it from more ways to make money for free on the internet.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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