5 Ways To Make Money on the Side From Home

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 In this 21st century, the uses and benefits of the internet have become known to everyone irrespective of their gender. Due to this fact, being a nursing mother, students or a full-time worker– how to make money on the side from home is the simplest thing on earth.

However, you don’t need to be disturbed of being jobless, you can be working from your home and get paid with no stress. Making money online is real if you search the web; you will see a different promising platform on how to make millions in seconds. Truth be told, those platforms are a scam! They promise you many incentives and dollars but ended up working without getting paid. To get started, you can get your pen as you continue reading the ways on how to make money on the side from home and have it as a side hustle.

Before you get started with this, you need to know that making money on the side is not what you start in a minute and start earning. Hard working is also required even though you are at home.

These are the simple ways to make money on the side from home; 

make money on the side from home

  1. You can start blogging

The popular way which you can start making money from the side from home is through blogging. Blogging is a lucrative online business which you can easily manage right from your comfort zone. To get started with blogging, choosing a perfect blogging platform for your blog is very important. However, in so many cases it can be confusing to choose one. There are thousands of blogging platform online but the major one used by bloggers are “WordPress and Google blogger”, does it sound familiar to you? WordPress is the biggest and most popular blogging platform with millions of plugins which are available to equip your blog for the perfect optimization. In fact, there are themes available to make your blog looks more attractive. Before you can setup your WordPress blog, you need to get your hosting and domain. You can pay the web designer to help you with the setup if you didn’t get it properly. More also, you can go for the free alternative such as blogger if your startup capital is low. Blogging involve posting meaningful information for your audience to read. Hence, you can monetize it by placing adverts such as Google Adsense, direct ads, Infolinks, e.t.c

From your home, you see yourself working by posting regularly at the same time seeing your account growing.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great platform which you can make money on the side from home. However, it is not necessary to get a blog before you can start with affiliate marketing. You get a commission on each sale or per referral. There are several websites that offer a huge commission for each sale. You can easily get buyers through your social media. Take, for instance, Clickbank and Commission Junction offers affiliate programs which you will be given your affiliate link after you register with them. From your home, you can be sharing the latest products with your friends on Facebook via your affiliate link. Whenever anyone buy with your link, your commission is paid even while sleeping. Furthermore, it will be an advantage if you have a blog, it will definitely increase your income.

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  1. Watch videos and get paid

Watching of videos is something that can be done inside your room. If you are the kind of person that like watching videos– it will be a great opportunity to be paid for what you love doing. How to make money from home is simple only if you know the rightful information. Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? This website pays you for videos such as news, celebrity shows, etc.

You can make around $250 monthly depending on the videos that you watched. Though, each video get its timing in which you must watch before you are paid. In fact, they will pay you $5 as you signup to show you that they are serious.


  1. Technical Freelancing

Freelancing is not all about writing. Though, many people believe that freelancing is only meant for writers. However, freelancing include– web design, graphics design, WordPress design, e.t.c

From your home, you can be working as a web designer and start earning by creating a website for those that are in need. You don’t need to start looking for where to find a job. There are a several freelancing websites available where you can be connected with the people that need your service. Example of websites include– FreelancerUpwork and more. You need to have knowledge about HTML, JavaScript and CSS before you can start as a web designer. You can also see offers of graphics design, writing jobs which will earn you well while you are on a side of your room.

  1. Sell Uk used phones

This is another wonderful work which you can do to make money on the side from home. It is all about selling UK used phones. UK phones are quiet cheaper compared to the newer phones. Hence, there is a high tendency of increase in the number of sales. This is a business that you can start in your room. You order for UK phones at a very price– take for instance, there are some phones which cost $35 but worth like $50 sale here in Nigeria.

You don’t need to stress yourself much, there are several market platforms online that connect the buyers directly to the sellers– OLX and Jiji are the two most popular marketplace for you. Whenever your order arrived, snap them and set price, upload them on both platform and see buyers looking for you. You can as well share with your friends on social media in case they are interested in buying. All of these are perfectly done from your home with little or no stress.

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Kindle Publishing

You don’t need any skill to become a publisher on Amazon and earn up to about 500k Naira within 6 months. You sincerely need to understand the concept of publishing on Amazon. It is as simple as learning ABC as an adult – even with little or no skill. It is one of the easy ways to make money in Nigeria. The popularity of Amazon is making it a good avenue for people to make money without actually spending cash.

Here is how I minimize my profit on Amazon;

  • I write the book
  • I visit Canva.com for my free design templates. You can now modify any of the templates you find online to suit your book

Every other thing is on autopilot. If you have as little as 2k, you can also pay a designer to help you with that.

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These are the steps to publish on Amazon.

  • –         –  Log on to Amazon Kindle Publishing
  • –          Register
  • –          Fill up all the necessary information
  • –          Choose a book title
  • –          Write the book (You can hire a writer, or you go through some secret method to achieve that)
  • –          Design a book cover (You must hire a designer with knowledge of Amazon Kindle). You can pay for as cheap as 2k for a design.
  • –          Upload your book to the store
  • –          Start earning recurring income for life.

Does it sound interesting? It is actually simpler than I wrote up there when you start earning thousands of dollars. You can click here to get started

Truthfully, how to make money on the side from home can be a little bit technical and time-consuming but it is necessary to stay focused and be ready to invest your time and energy. If you need other ways to make money, see some high paying side hustles from home

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