Tips to Make Money from Your Blog

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Having a blog is one thing while making money with it is another. You would want to make money with your blog because no one starts anything in life that bases on nothing.

The primary aim of blogging could be for sharing ideas, news and all that but the networking world today has made a whole lot of good to this. How? Simply because blogging is not just for blog sake anymore but for money making.

Blogging is just one way to make money online. If you can build it to a particular standard, you will end up taking it as your primary income source. To make it your primary income source, you would need to monetize it and this is why this post is for you.

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Easy Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Are you expecting stories from us? If it is stories that brought you here, then you are wrong! Life is too short for us to be feeding you with lengthy and unrealistic stories on monetizing your blog.

So, as always, the points are what we bring you. Check below and do not miss a line because every line contains the ideal money-making system on your blog.

New to blogging or already existing? It does not matter.

So, to make legit cash from your blog, whether old or new, you must consider;


Affiliate Linking

Affiliate linking is one easy way to make money from your blog. All you need to do is to affiliate with any reputable website whom you would be responsible for every traffic they get from your site. It is simple, it is what makes blogging fun and monetizing.


Digital Product Sales

As it implies, turning your website into a small marketing village. Selling stuffs like eBooks and many other salable digital products.

It does not just end here; you could turn your blog into a platform where you make your ideas a form of money. Post what bothers your readers, attach a price to it and wait for most interested persons to make the pay while you smile to the bank. In a scenario such as this, trust matters. Most blogs and websites issue false services with the aim of extorting from the unsuspecting public without rendering the services paid for.


Selling Physical Products

You can liken this to product sales online. Just like Jumia, Konga, Amazon and the likes where you pay to get some products online and delivered to you anywhere it interests. If you do not have the products to market on your blog, you could partner with people who own it. Walk down to retail outlets, inform them of your online product sales capability, have them partner with you, upload the products with their price tags and take your percentage. If you make this in lion’s share, you would end up making even more money than you expected.

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Earning Money Writing Reviews

Turn your blog to a review platform. Get write-ups from people and review for them. You could even charge to edit already written works. But this particular form of making money from blog requires you to be fluent and seemingly sound academically.


Selling Ads Space

You know what this means. Need I say a thing or two on this? If yes, then it is as easy as it looks.

Just make available advert space on your blog and look out for interested clients to purchase your ad space.


Go Premium

Anything premium depicts a superiority in quality. If you can make a form of premium service, then why won’t the money come? This will really help to make money from your blog if you can think and think deep on what it is that if you issue out, your audience would be enticed to pay to obtain.


How to Make Your Blog Grow Very Fast for More Money Making

For the above listed facts to make you a millionaire from blogging, you first must grow your blog. Many sites will tell you to follow up the above just like that but trust me, if your blog lacks the audience power, the payouts will be low. Of course you would want a massive payout.

Since we are dwelling on the aspect of monetizing your blog, there are thing you need to note. These are things that will make your blog stand the test of time. Not only will it stand a taste of time but will equally benefit largely, the expectant money making ideal from your blog. Look below for how to make this work our for you


Write SEO Based Contents

Ranking high on the SERPS is one thing every blogger hopes for. This is usually tricky but saves cost unlike manual site advertisement that swallows your earnings.

If you know too little or nothing about SEO standard way of writing and publishing blog contents, make use of the comment section and Topwriters will see you through.


Pay to Advertise

As a newbie in the blog world, you would want to go further and faster. To become popular very fast, you would need to advertise your blog. Advertising your blog lets the world know about your arrival.

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You can always advertise on social mediums like Facebook, WhatsApp and many others for just a token. What this advertisement does is to attract traffic and /or more audience to you. This will in turn make your bank account fatter.


Share to Your Family and Friends

This is a very manual form of advertising your blog and its products. It is not advisable to depend solely on it to blow big. But it is a sure bet to make your family and friends aware of your path.


Make Rich Contents

Poor contents mean that you have an obviously poor blog. It could contribute greatly to you being a pauper in the blogging world. It is like a disease but with cure which is the good thing.

You can check out the following tips and advice on how to make rich contents

  • Pay good writers

Paying people to help you make good contents should not be a think to ponder about. Forget about the money you will be parting with because it is for good.

  • Do not copy and paste (plagiarism)

As bracketed, plagiarism, it can bring down the reputation of your blog. Imagine getting a comment informing you to take down a post from your blog because the person owns it. This is if the said person does not sue you for copying his content without his permission or without making proper reference or giving the much deserved credits.

  • Always check for trends to write on

Very important. Write on what people need and not what you love.


Be Determined

For everything, determination is key. You know what you need to know here and you do not need any more info on this. Just be determined and everything good will come. being determined includes patience as well because the journey to hitting big does not come fast.

Making money from blogging, if any man was told before now that this would be realizable, they’d take it for granted. You and I are lucky to be born in this age and be sure to take positive advantage of whatsoever it is that comes your way, be it money making ideas, or whatsoever.



Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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