See How I Make Up To 1 Million Naira during Elections

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Are you aware that you can make money during elections? If you really want to make money in Nigeria, then this election period is a perfect opportunity.

In this article, I will be showing you how smart people use the election period to make money. The methods I am about to share cuts across the good, bad, and the ugly. So depending on the situation you find yourself, you will know exactly which string to pull that will make you money.

people making money during elections

People scrambling for Money

The election period is ever drawing closer and for your information, millions and billions of Naira are being sent across the country in preparation for the election. Elections could either be a state thing or a general thing, the question all but boil down to how to make money during elections.

I know of some people who had made money during elections in past times and they have shared with me how to make money during elections. Though some people make money during elections illegally, I would then try as much as possible to show you how to make money during elections legally.

To make money during elections does not require you to be a political thug or to be a nuisance during the cause of the election, or you do not need to fight, snatch ballot boxes or make money illegally in Nigeria. There are still some good ways through which you can make money during elections. Like I said earlier, I will be showing you how to make money during elections.

These are the Simple Ways to Make Money During Elections in Nigeria 

Table of Contents

There are different ways through which you can make money during elections and I will be listing them below for you to see. The list includes:

  1. Designing and selling T-Shirts

a good t-shirt for election

A young girl with a customized t-shirt

T-Shirts are an integral part in any given election; they are used for publicity when elections are being conducted. You often see people especially supporters wearing the T-Shirts of their respective and loved presidential or Governorship candidate. If you are into the business of making and designing T-Shirts, then I urge you to take up this business during elections in different states and as well as during the general elections.

When you make those T-Shirts, you no doubt draw people attention especially those who are dire supporters of one candidate or the other. You must be able to make the T-Shirts which come in different colors and styles to fit other people taste and need.


  1. Bulk SMS reselling

Those who are aspiring to become leaders, often look for means to reach out to those who are to vote for them. That is why SMS has become one of the easiest medium or way through which that can be fulfilled (Communication).

Though the gain per SMS unit is large, it is still ever possible for you to make millions if you send and deliver bulk SMS for aspiring leaders because they would want to reach out to people to vote them into office.


  1. Social Media Marketing

This is closely related to the Bulk SMS but this form is doing online. Social media is very important when messages are being conveyed from one person to another. Social media makes it possible to reach a larger audience with just one message. And that is the more reason why aspiring leaders of a political office will pay you a large sum of money to promote them to a large audience during elections so that they will come out winners.

If you are someone who possesses a very large followership audience and control the social media world to a certain extent, you could actually make a fortune from the aspiring political leaders during elections. That is because you would promote them and their party during the elections and drive people to vote for them.

  1. Transport services

When elections are approaching or ongoing, people travel and move about from one location to another just because they want to catch a glimpse of the person they are about voting in or to vote. They can even travel far distance just to see their aspiring leaders give a speech e.g manifesto. And this could be very profitable for someone like you who would only need to transport them from one location to another.

In addition, if you are a good driver, you can also drive for those who are doing campaigns and rallies for their respective political leader. They would pay you a reasonable amount of money for you to take them around all day.


  1. Radio or TV Show

If you own or run a radio or TV station, then you can make money during elections. Since every aspiring leader is in search for every available means to reach to those who would vote for them, a Radio or TV station might just be the perfect avenue for them to do that.

Aspiring leaders during elections will pay you as the owner or the Radio or TV station a large sum of money for them to feature in any of the radio or TV programs possible the most watched or most listened. The aspiring leaders believe that through that way, they are reaching out to the public and also to beg and plead to them for their help by voting for them.

Though this applies to those who own Radio and TV stations, even owners of magazines, newspapers are also not left out because a large number of people also read newspapers a lot. So aspiring leaders could also reach out to you and pay a significant amount of money for their speech to appear on your newspaper front page. I can tell you authoritatively that the newspaper also draws attention from the public.


  1. Blogging

You can also make money during elections by having a blog which discusses and talks about politics and the ongoing elections or soon to be elections. If your blog is driving the right traffic, aspiring leaders can pay you a significant amount of money for you to promote them and their political ambition.

This way of making money during elections is not easy because your blog must be booming and must be well known as well as you had connections to get in contact with those aspiring leaders aide. However, it is still a good way to make money during elections.


  1. Bill posting service

posting banners to make money during elections in Nigeria

Man posting banners to make money

Aspiring leaders and politicians pay a significant amount of money to people who are willing and able to travel far distance to post their pictures and political ambition round a state or around the country. Things like posters, handbills and so on will be posted by people who are duly hired by those aspiring leaders during elections so that they can create more awareness.


  1. Selling of food and snacks

You can also make money during elections by selling food, drinks, and snacks. In view of the number of people who grace election venues and centers to vote for the respective leaders, selling of food and snacks is not a bad idea at all.

Majority of those people who come out to vote during elections often leave their homes without eating anything because they want to cast their votes on time. However, if you sell food and snacks, it would greatly relieve some of the voters because they would now have food to eat when there are plenty of people at the polling unit.



Elections are not among the sectors to make money in Nigeria, but it is a very good period for anyone to make money. So if you are one of those set of people who are looking to make money during elections, then you have to go through this article well. Making money during elections demands of your time and dedication which you must be able to have if you are looking to make money during elections.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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