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So many people keep asking how to make money at home in Nigeria. To be frank, it is quite difficult except you have access to the right people.  Several people deem it important to make money from the comfort of their homes, but they cannot find the right way to do it. In this article, I will be showing you ways on how to make money at home in Nigeria. But before I show you the ways on how to make money at home in Nigeria, let us find out the reasons why it is necessary to make money from home.

As for those who have jobs and are working in different places, it is also necessary you also make money from home as well. Making money from home will be an added advantage to you even with your current job. Those little things that need money to purchase will no longer be a problem for you because of the extra money you make from home. As an employed person working elsewhere, the money you make from home will make you financially stable if not rich and that is why it is necessary to make money from home.

Overall, it is necessary to make money from home because of the daily struggles of this life. There are different ways to make money from home in Nigeria. Getting the right source of information on how to make money at home in Nigeria is the basis for achieving success. And that is why I have compiled this article that shows in details on how to make money at home in Nigeria.

                    5 Simple Ways to Make Money at Home in Nigeria With Ease


how to make money at home in Nigeria


  1. Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon Kindle publishing is a top way to make money from your home. It is also profitable when you venture into it. Below are the ways by which you can make money from amazon kindle publishing.

  • Come up with a Niche for the Kindle book

This is the first step to consider before thinking of publishing a book on Amazon Kindle. Find a good niche that will generate money and people will buy.

  • Research on keywords

This is what book lovers use when they go on to search for a book. The big mistakes which most people who publish books do is just to write without researching keywords. Try finding popular keywords on Amazon using the auto-suggestion feature.

  • Put up a winning title and book cover

An attracting title will greatly assist you in drawing attention to your book. If your title isn’t appealing, trust me people won’t buy your book. Endeavour to make your title short and easy to recall. Also, make your cover page catch the interest of the readers.

  • Write high-quality books

For your ebook to sell, you must be able to create high-quality contents. Make sure it is not copied from other books and endeavour to make it free from grammatical errors. Go through the ebook when you are done with it.

Now that you have written the ebook, the next thing to do is to publish it. You cannot publish the book without creating a Kindle Direct Publishing account.

To create a Kindle Direct Publishing, you are required to:


how to make money at home in Nigeria

  1. Visit their KDP Website and create an account. In their website, you would be required to fill in your username or email and password. When you log in after the account creation, fill in your bank account details so that when you want to get paid, it will be easy.
  2. In your dashboard, all your transactions are being recorded. It is divided into Bookshelf, Reports, Community, Kindle Direct Publishing.

The last thing that concerns Amazon Kindle Publishing is the promotion that comes with the book. You are required to have a website or a blog so that it would be easy for you to promote your book.


  1. Real estate consulting

As a real estate consultant, you get paid based on offering services such as assistance with property tax disputes, market valuations for insurance etc. They can also earn from working with investors.  Real estate consultants play roles that are different in the housing market. They give advice to clients on building or investment activities in the market. As a real estate consultant, you make a huge amount of money based on your level of experience.

A real estate consultant establishes a relationship with clients who want him to work. You are required to understand the client’s objectives, then go on to arrange the necessary research tools and put out a schedule to report on the research done.

When it comes to a real estate consulting firm, they also provide research as well as analyse and advise clients such as investment banks, construction developers, materials producers, builders and property investors. You can make money from home as a real estate consultant. This is a list of Real Estate Companies in Nigeria, so you can research on your favourite one and work with them.

  1. Transcribing

You can make money from home from being a transcriber. Your job basically needs you to have a computer system, a trusted internet and fast connection. You will be transcribing an audio or video that you listen and watch and type them out. In transcribing, you will listen to an audio and write down what you heard word for word.

Using Gotranscript as a reference, you have to listen to the video or audio or what you want to write on. Click on Make my job tab, you can also choose to download the job and work without internet connection using transcription tool. If a new file is uploaded for you to transcribe, you would be alerted. You can be paid between $12 to $50 for every video you transcribe.

GoTranscript will deactivate your account if you constantly submit transcriptions that are low in quality, whether you had the money or not in your account. That is why it is advisable to choose the audio file which you know you can easily transcript. On every transcription you do, you can get paid via Paypal or Payoneer on Fridays. You would be paid if your work has been changed. To become a Gotranscript transcriber, you are required to register on their site. They pay over $0.60 per audio or video in one minute.


  1. Affiliate marketing for Nigerian firms

You can make money from home through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing simply means promoting other people’s product and getting paid commission depending on how many you sell. Majority of the online gurus we have in Nigeria go into affiliate marketing because it is really lucrative if you have huge traffic in your website or social media handles. List of affiliate marketing firms includes:


  • Konga affiliate marketing

Konga is said to be one of the leading online retail outlets that provide different products and services to the public. The company makes it possible for website owners and blog owners to make money through their affiliate program. Their affiliate program makes use of banners to promote their product. Also, tools that are innovative such as Editors kit, flexible destination tool, text link. You can earn over 9% of any goods sold.


  • Jumia affiliate marketing

Jumia is amongst the top affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. Also, it is specifically done by bloggers and webmasters. Making money from Jumia affiliate marketing requires you to sign up and promote their products banners and text link. Your earnings will come based on the percentage of a particular product sold.


  • Web4africa affiliate program

This organization is sited in Ghana. They base specifically on professional reseller and shared web hosting on Linux and Windows platforms also including registering of domain name and e-commerce. Their affiliate marketing system works through referrals. When you refer a person to buy web hosting plan and domain names, you will get paid for it.


  • NNU affiliate program

NNU (Nigerian News Update Website) is another growing form of affiliate marketing system in Nigeria today; to make money from NNU, you will need to register with 1600, then read the news and gossips, also not forgetting sharing of posts on social media platforms. You make money from their affiliate program when you refer a person to sign up through your link. N1000 is the pay for each person you refer.

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There are different ways a person can make money at home in Nigeria. All it requires is to find the right source and you are good to go. Enjoy making money!!!

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