How to Make Money as A Nigerian Student 2019

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A number of Nigerians are making money online by reselling gift cards in different online places. CoinCola perhaps one of the best places to conduct these sorts of fastest-growing practices. CoinCola is an OTC platform for cryptocurrency trade that enables buyers to find sellers of bitcoin and be able to trade with different currencies across the world, including cashing gift cards for bitcoin. From the reviews provides after trading on CoinCola, positive remarks that made the place to be the best OTC bitcoin gift card trading platform after successful transactions.


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Working and studying sometimes consumes a lot of time and energy at the expense of your studies. However, trading online on CoinCola is easy, it usually takes up to thirty minutes to complete a transaction. There are a number of people who are willing to convert their gift cards into cash but are unaware that you can buy bitcoin in Nigeria. As a student, you can find these people and convert their gift cards for bitcoin.

Alternatively, you can invite them to the best OTC bitcoin gift card trading platform and you get to earn 20% affiliate commission during their first month of trade and 15% on the next five months of trade. Even better, you stand a chance to win free bitcoin when you sign up which you can use as startup capital.

How to buy bitcoin with gift cards on CoinCola in Nigeria

The first step to trading on CoinCola is to create an account. Signing up is free and you can either use your telephone number of an email address. Your account will be password verified. However, you will also need a transaction password, which you are advised to make it different from your account password. You will need this password to complete your transaction. Coincola app is available for both iOS Appstore and Google Playstore for mobile users which means that you can transact from anywhere in the world online, or through the official website.


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The ‘Gift Card Trading’ Zone on CoinCola


On the OTC platform, select Gift Card Trade.  This window displays a number of sellers looking to trade with different types of gift cards. The sellers also define the type of gift cards they are looking to trade with. You can filter your results of sellers by defining the currency in your gift card as well as the type of the gift card you own.  As the best OTC bitcoin gift card trading platform, the most common gift cards traded in are


  • Amazon gift card
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Steam wallet cards
  • Google play gift cards
  • eBay gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Sephora gift cards and any other that a seller is willing to accept for you to buy bitcoin with gift card.


After finding a seller who is interested in your particular gift card, let them know that you are willing to buy bitcoin in Nigeria with gift card buy selecting BUY BTC on their offer.  This will redirect you to the transaction window.  Be sure to read the seller’s terms and conditions before confirming an order. You will define the amount you want to trade buy indicating the value of your gift card to confirm the order.


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After confirming your order, you are able to chat with the seller. The platform allows you to send the gift card to the seller. You can either add an image from your file or take a new image of the file. Upload the file of your gift card into the chat window.  After upload, you will verify the payment by marking the transaction as paid. The seller will receive a notification that the payment was made for them to verify the authenticity of the gift card and once confirmed, the seller proceeds to transfer bitcoin into your account. Once assets have been released to your account, the Coincola has it that you both leave a review for the trade.  You are able to review your balance in your OTC wallet.


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Sellers may not necessarily be willing to trade with bitcoin, Coincola has other forms of crypto that are globally accepted you can trade-in. The OTC has Etherium, USDT, EOS, XRP, BCH Gemini Dollar and, Dash that you can accept as payment for your gift card. More so, when choosing the sellers, you want to buy bitcoin with gift cards, you can also view their trading rating that guarantees you of the safety of your trade on Coincola.


With Bitcoin in your wallet. You can choose to trade further at the Exchange platform by making a possible financial prediction of different transactions. More so, the company has a career platform whereby it’s constantly looking for different persons for different posts in their organization. Currently, the company is a need of brand ambassadors for Coincola in Nigeria who will help people buy bitcoin in Nigeria, thus make that extra money as a student in Nigeria.



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