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How to make friends easily as a shy person – Tips for introverts

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As an introvert myself, I understand how difficult it is to make friends easily as a shy person. Sometimes you just wish to lock up yourself in a room all day; doing things you just love doing. Being shy can lock you out of making new friends, and there is nothing more fun in life than meeting new people whom you share similar values with.

The good news is that with a little bit of practice, you could learn how to make new friends even with your shy nature. Once you learn it, it becomes easy for you as an introvert to get off your shell, overcome shyness and meet new people to spicing up your life.

To make friends easily as a shy person, you should first of all realize that you have a genuine gift.  In a world where everyone is talking, people are dying to know someone who would listen to them with genuine concern. Since you have that gift, you should see yourself as a trophy to be coveted, but you should be careful of the type of friends you make.

Since you already have an attribute that everyone loves, all you need do is to learn to get people talk to you. How do you achieve this?

Let’s see how to make friends easily as a shy person

 make friends easily as a shy person

Practice how to talk to strangers

The aim isn’t to build up a conversation at first instant. You should start small and then you work your way up. You should have goal plan for the number of strangers you would interact with a day/week/month. You can make it a goal to say hi to at least two people you don’t know in a day.

If you do this for a week, you can then proceed to ask them “How are you doing today?” Once this becomes a habit for you, you can then increase the number to about 3 – 4 people in a day. This should continue till you can say it to anyone anywhere who is receptive to your hello.

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You would be surprised at how easy it becomes for you after much practice. If you intend to make friends easily as a shy person or as an introvert, then you should take this challenge serious till it becomes a habit.

Be Real

It might sound easy, but the fear of not fitting in has made 90% of people have a hard time dealing with this issue. Most people want to fit in with the coolest group and be like; and lots of people will go extreme measures like changing their personality, hairstyle, phones, or cell phones. One thing you should learn is to be real to your own skin and the people who need to be in your life will accept you just the way you are. To make friends easily as a shy person or as an introvert, don’t go all out pretending to be a talker; you would attract the wrong set of people into your life.

Introduce yourself

At lunch at school, work, church, events, shopping mall, perfect the art of introducing yourself first. Once you have mastered the talking to strangers as a shy person, introducing comes next. Shake their hands and look them in the eye – but be careful about it, so you don’t look weird. It helps to build up your confidence.

Ask for advice or compliment them

These are the best ways to earn someone’s right away. You may not always be in a position to ask for an advice, complimenting them should be your next move.

“Nice suit sir”, “You’ve got a nice dog”, “I love your shoes”, “Nice car you’ve got”

Don’t worry the next thing to say, the conversation might not proceed but that is totally fine. The point in doing this is that it would become a habit, and someday you’d run into people who would help move the conversation further seamlessly. This way you get to make friends easily as a shy person.

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Use your existing friends to make more friends

This is the best way to make new friends as an introvert. It is basically meeting new people through people you already know. You create connections using your present connections. As your circle of friends start getting bigger, it becomes easy for you to meet even more new people.

Admit to being shy

It is so amazing how supportive people can be when you admit that you are a shy personality. You tell them that it isn’t easy opening up or keeping a conversation going on for long. That is why it is a good idea to acknowledge your shyness if you find it difficult keeping up with the conversation. This way, you get to make friends easily as a shy person by opening up. They become supportive and lead the conversation further.

As an introvert, or someone shy, the more your gradually face your shyness and do things you tend to avoid, the more the overcome the shy personality. This way, you open up more possibilities for yourself to meet new friends and more people.

How did you overcome yours? Join the conversation using the comment section.

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