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Make a Fake PayPal Account without Getting Suspended [by Anon]

It’s one thing to make a fake PayPal account, but another to avoid getting suspended. You probably already know that “PayPal is strict”. But you did not think it is their systems that mostly do the work, and employees are just there to review automated decisions and make more changes.

While a fake PayPal is necessary to send and receive money anonymously, it is a perfect backup if you were recently suspended. PayPal does not also make it easy to get out of a suspension, meaning that they’d be on the lookout for your next account.

Fortunately, PayPal has loopholes – they are probably aware – but these are loopholes they can’t help. And this guide covers the steps to get away with suspension after faking your PayPal account.

How to make a fake PayPal account

How to make a fake PayPal account

A phony or fake PayPal account is merely an account that uses your fake ID. But how do you properly generate and use fake IDs for a PayPal account? Follow the steps below:

1. Get a fake profile ID

This first step involves giving yourself a new identity without impersonating it. Since you do not steal another person’s ID, it’ll be difficult for the PayPal algorithm to trace the account to an existing account and flag it.

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You need a tool to generate your identity. Some available tools include:





Note that we are not affiliated with any of these websites. It is also advisable to use a VPN while generating your fake ID on any of these websites. There are more out there to choose from.

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You need to generate and European or US identity, so select any related country where PayPal allows users to send and receive funds. Save the generated data for the next steps.

2. Download a VOIP tool

There are several VOIP tools you can pick from. However, I use the Dingtone app for this tutorial. You can download Dingtone on Google (for Android) or Apple (for iOS) stores. For Android, the Dintone app is now known as the “Unlimited Texting, Calling App”.

Again, this website has no Dingtone affiliation, so you can use another VOIP service you trust. You now need to buy a European or US phone number via the app to use for your fake PayPal registration.

You can try buying a phone number that uses the same area code as what you generated earlier in your fake address.

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It turns out that not all VOIP phone numbers work – some may have been suspended on PayPal. If PayPal flags the phone number you use, contact the provider and request a new phone number.

3. Create an account on

Now, proceed to and open an account using the ID you generated from the ID tool. Use the phone number from the VOIP service and create a new email address for it. You should receive a verification email and text message from PayPal to complete your account registration.

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Don’t uninstall your VOIP yet – you need it to always verify your PayPal account when you have to log in. Depending on the VOIP you use, you may have to be logging in frequently to complete and enjoy free offers. Dingtone, for example, gives free credits when you regularly complete free offers. You can use the credits for messages since they cost credits.

4. Log into your PayPal account

After setting up your fake PayPal account, log into it like any regular PayPal account. You do not necessarily need a VPN but to be safe, get a dedicated VPN. No, you can’t use a dynamic VPN – that would be triggering PayPal systems since you would be using too many IPs to access the account.

5. Send, receive, and withdraw money

Since this account is fake, you need to do anything possible to keep PayPal in the dark. 2 ways to withdraw your funds include sending the money to another PayPal account or withdrawing through a freelance website. However, to use a freelance website, you need to verify your PayPal account.

Can you set up a fake PayPal

Steps to create a freelance account to cash PayPal

Follow the steps below to use a freelance website to withdraw money from your fake PayPal account:

  • Open a seller account on a freelance website

First, create a seller freelance account. Register an authentic PayPal to the seller account and verify your ID on the freelance site. You may link your direct bank account to it instead of PayPal or use any other withdrawal option available.

  • Open a buyer account

After about 5 days, open a buyer account on the same freelance website. It is necessary to create these accounts on separate occasions to prevent the website from suspecting money laundering. Moreover, most freelance websites do not allow an individual to have more than one account. You should even use dedicated VPNs for each freelance account.

  • Cashout

While faking a PayPal account, I used because you can invite their clients to use your service as a seller member. So, use your seller account to invite your buyer account – Upwork won’t suspect anything since sending an invitation is part of the website.

Moreover, you may not be charged any fees for paying the seller account you created due to the invitation.

To make the transfers, you need to fake a gig. Keep the duration up to a week. Mark the job as completed and proceed to make payment. You can even verify your fake PayPal account before completing the gig.

Note that Upwork can read conversations between buyers and sellers. Therefore, have a fake conversation between both accounts, so that Upwork will not be suspicious if they decide to review the conversation.

Making a withdrawal through a bank account

You can directly move the funds from your PayPal account to your bank account. However, the fake PayPal account needs to be verified, and the limits removed.

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Verify your phony PayPal by obtaining verification documents on SecondEye. If your fake PayPal account gets limited, it’s probably because there’s money in it.

Finally, keep the whole process as natural as possible. Never forget to turn on your dedicated IP address through a premium VPN when accessing the account. Most importantly, don’t engage in any activity that will flag the account – it can be suspended.

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