How Swindlers Make a Fake Bank Account for PayPal

You probably searched “how to make a fake bank account for PayPal” for two reasons – to uncover or to know how to do it. But there is no judging your decision anyway, just don’t get caught if you intend to fake your bank account on PayPal.

Generally, using a fake bank account is the same as using a fake ID, which is against PayPal Terms and Conditions. And you know PayPal is a strict mobile payment company you don’t mess with.

Government agencies won’t come knocking for you, but PayPal can seize your funds if you are unlucky.

How to make a fake bank account for PayPal

How to make a fake bank account for PayPal

Faking your bank on PayPal may seem tough to do but quite possible. Most people will advise against doing it, but if you can beat the consequences, follow the steps below to create a fake bank account for PayPal:

  1. Prepare your fake PayPal bank account

There is no rocket-science method to create a fake bank account. You either open the bank account with a false ID or use another person’s ID. If you are doing this to stay anonymous, perhaps, you should consider creating a bank drop. It can be complex though but worth it in the long term.

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Another alternative to faking the bank account on PayPal is to buy bank logs of another person’s account. Swindlers refer to bank logins as “bank logs”, which give you access to an existing bank account owned by another person. You could even convince someone to give you their details to open a bankal account.

If you do not want to go through the stress above to get a card that will be added to the PayPal account, you can purchase Vanilla Visa gift cards. The gift cards are in the increment of $25, $50, and $100. You can get them at your neighborhood gas station.

  1. Open Netspend and PayPal accounts

When your fake bank account is ready, open accounts with PayPal ( and Netspend using the name of your fake bank account. Visit for a Netspend account.

Complete the information fields on Netspend and PayPal, making sure that both accounts use the same name as the bank account with fake information. For the address field, you can enter any address. A card will be sent to that address and will get thrown out as junk mail if you enter a fake address.

  1. Verify on

Log in to the PayPal account you just created. Get it verified using the Get Verified link. Then go ahead and click Add Bank Account.

Now, log into your created Netspend account. Navigate to the Add/Manage Money section and then click PayPal Transfers. Copy the information from that Netspend account to the verification fields on your PayPal. Allow up to 3-5 days for the deposit.

  1. Link your fake bank account

Log into your PayPal account and click the Add Credit Card option. Complete the information fields using the card from a fake bank account or your purchased prepaid gift card.

The account details should now be added to your PayPal account in a moment. Note that you can also use this method to verify your PayPal account. You will not get hit with limits, at least I did not receive limits at the time of this experiment.


  1. Create PayPal and name generator accounts

Visit and create a PayPal account at Under “nationality”, ensure to select Canadian.

Now, go to a website like and find an address based in Canada. Use any name or the name from your fake bank account.

  1. Complete PayPal verification

Verify your email. You may receive a link to provide your account. Or just select the Go to Account option below.

After the setup, you can send money on PayPal with your fake bank account without limits. Try to stay below a $3,000 spending limit.

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This publication is not made to encourage fraud, so do not use it to scam. His guide is mainly for people who need to buy bots, do not have a bank account, are below the age of 18, and are unable to open a PayPal account to start sending money.

What happens if PayPal finds out?

Can you make a PayPal account with a fake bank name

It is your responsibility to keep PayPal from finding out. For example, when you send excessive money to one time or so many times, PayPal will flag and investigate your account.

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Note, however, that PayPal is not a banking institution, although they just see themselves as one. As such, you are somehow exempt from government fraud laws.

Also, PayPal or the government will not do anything as long as you do not use the account for illegal activities. When you get caught by PayPal, they suspend the account and seize your money in it. PayPal typically holds or seizes your funds first and asks questions later.

You would get that annoying “Dear Sir/Ma’am, we have noticed some unusual activity in connection with your account.” This message simply indicates that your funds are frozen, and you will keep going through countless loops when they discover you lied about your bank account. In some instances, you may be given a date to recover the money back before the account is permanently disabled.

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