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Love Format For a Client

If you are a Yahoo boy, you would certainly hit it big if your client adores, respects, and loves you. In fact, your client will be willing to do anything it takes to make you happy if they love you, and this includes giving you money anytime you ask. That is why we will be discussing the best love format for a client in this article.

However, the most critical and challenging task is how do you make a client love you. It is quite a daunting task, and if you fail to abide by the love format for a client, you may never get a client that loves you. Meanwhile, in this post, I would reveal the best love format for a client that will make a client love you for a very long time.

Many Yahoo boys believe that communicating with a client needs a unique skill set, like the man-to-woman dating format. On the other hand, you should know that utilizing the love format for a client is similar to chatting with any girl you meet on the internet.

The major distinction is that you will attempt to receive details immediately and make them fall in love with you. After getting the necessary information, you can proceed to use it and obtain the things you need. You can also use the dating format if this format works well for you.


How to Use the Love Format for a Client

I have compiled the mandatory things you should be aware of when attempting to use the love format for a client. As mentioned earlier, you will need to know the love format for a client since you are trying every possible best to make the girl you find online love you.

Here’s how to achieve this;

  • Check out her Bio

The first thing you need to look out for is to read her bio. Once you do so, you can immediately rearrange your bio to match hers, so the both of you can assume to be compatible. In most instances, you will always get to meet ladies with biographies such as;

  • He must have a well-paying job

  • He needs to be at least 6’2

  • He must love children because I have 4 children, and I can leave my children under his care when I am on a business trip.

After discovering the specifications related to the one above, you can swiftly move to change your bio to represent the below specifications;

  • My height is 6’4

  • I love to travel; in fact, I have traveled to over 15 countries

  • I love children and will have to have a couple

All these should be done for the client to feel for you before you start chatting.


  • Request for her Zodiac Sign

First off, you will need to ask for her Zodiac sign. Once she gives you her zodiac sign, the next thing to do is to stay off the internet for some time to search the internet and check for compatible signs.

Without a doubt, the girl will search the internet and find out that the both of you match, and it will be of great advantage for you.

Here are some of the things you can say while asking for her zodiac sign:

  • “What is your zodiac sign?”

  • “Do you believe in zodiacal signs?”

  • “Impressive, I am (Place your own zodiac sign here), I am optimistic our zodiac signs are right in terms of what we expect as we age and who we are.”


  • Ask about what she has planned for the future

This particular love format for a client is very complicated, and if you make any error, she will begin to suspect that you are not real but fake. In the meantime, do not focus on the present; instead, focus on what she has planned for the future.

Once you both have had your first conversations, ensure you begin discussing and painting exciting pictures of what the future holds and looks like for the both of you.

It would be best if you began by asking her a question, and when she responds, you can use her response to continue asking more questions.

Here’s a sample you can follow:

You: Perhaps, if you have supernatural power, what would the future be for you?

Her: I would prefer to be married to the love of my life, have a happy family, and have kids that I can love, cherish, and play with every day.

You: Wow, I want to be also married to the love of my life, have numerous kids, and have a happy family.


  • Get to know what she does for a living?

Another love format for a client you should ask is what she does for a living. While some people love their jobs and prefer to continue with them, others are not. Meanwhile, if you want to know this, you should consider asking her the following questions;

  • “Do you love your job?”

  • “What kind of job do you do?”

  • “Do you plan to stop or continue with your job?’


  • Ask her about her relationship plans

For this particular love format to work, you should know if she is open to having a relationship with someone she is yet to see but will meet in due time.

Some of the statements or questions you may ask include: “I will arrive in the United Kingdom in 2 months, Are you open to having a long-distance relationship for a short while before I arrive?


  • Familiarize yourself with her 

Familiarizing yourself with her is also another proven love format for a client you can try out. Also, it is not all about discussing relationships and love with her. You should try as much as possible to familiarize yourself with her and discuss things outside love and relationship. For example, you can discuss things relating to her choice of movies, books, and what she does for fun.

If you do this effortlessly, she will begin to have an interest in you and from there, you can push to tell her sweet words like stated below.

Samples of things you can say include;

  • “What kind of movies do you like watching”
  • If there is one book you can finish in a week, what book would that be”?


  • Tell her sweet words

Telling her sweet words works just fine because you are only trying to make her fall in love with you. However, be informed that telling her sweet words will not make her fall in love with you immediately. In fact, it is likely to take some weeks or even months before she can begin to love you and become your woman.

Also, do not make it look like you are desperate for her affection; instead, give her some space to be alone and prove that you have other things doing with your life.

Here are some of the loving things you can say to her;

  • I really need someone that matches my desire, and I believe you are the right one.

  • I believe that we can accommodate each other and give love a chance. If it works out for good, I think that we can start a relationship.

  • I need a good future, and I believe it cannot be possible without you in it.

  • I am always there to show you the love and affection you want, and I would love you to be part of my life.


Final Thoughts

Most of the love and feelings on the internet are believed not to be real, but if you use the love format for a client listed above, you are sure to land a trusted client you can bill. While seeking love on the internet for one purpose or the other, always try not to be persuasive; instead, give your client enough space to think about their decisions.

Try to be wise when chatting with your client and avoid billing them to the extent that they will start thinking you are a scammer.

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