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He laid on his bed, facing the ceiling with his head phone on. He was so in love with the song he was listening to. Not only that particular track but every other song on his favourite playlist. Music was his life, his world and his everything. The only thing that could make him happy is music and a day without his phone could make him commit suicide.

That is the type of life Nelson David lived. He was a SSS two student in “His grace international college”, a school close to his residence. He was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Nelson seventeen years ago. His dad was a reverend while his mom was a lecturer. He could be called “the perfect church boy”.
Everybody knew him as the only son of Reverend Nelson and his wife. He had an elder sister who was in the university already, this made him the only child at home.
David was the perfect gentle guy. He loved to live his life with his music, making friends and keeping them was a huge burden for him and this made him love his music more. Though he had lots of advances from different types of girls, both in school and church, he never thought about having a relationship.
His height, handsome face and chocolate skin got ladies drooling but he had no feelings whatsoever for any of them. All he cared about was chasing music and becoming a star. Though he was lost on how and where to start from, he still had hope for the future. David’s attitude to relating with others made him have no friends. His normal routine do not exceed going to school, locking himself in his room after school and attending evening service in church. That to him, was a perfect daily schedule.

“I’d rather stand tall, than live on my knees, cos I’m a conquere and I won’t accept defeat.
Try telling me No!
One thing about me, is I’m a conquere and I won’t accept defeat….”
David sang along to the track by Veronica Bozman and Jussie Smollet. The song lyrics got him and ever since he downloaded the track, he added it to his favourite song list.
David was still engrossed in the track when his phone alarm interrupted. He looked at the screen of his phone and hissed. The time was exactly 7:00am. He had to dressup for school and since running late was not his thing, he hurried with his bath.
Ten minutes later, he was completely dressed. Satisfied with his look, he generously spray his “chairman” perfume and winked at the mirror. Deep within him, he knew he was a heart breaker, he knew just how much his cold attitude made people feel bad but he was so in love with his character. He loved himself, just the way he was.
Time checked, 7:20am, David grabbed his school bag and hurried to his parent’s room. He met his mom getting ready for work while his dad was still in bed, busy reading the Bible. ” morning dad, morning mom” David said as he bent to touch his toe.
His dad looked up at him and responded to his greetings whiles his mom moved closer to him a hug.

“honey, let’s have a brief morning devotion before David’s departure” his mom said.

Without been told, David knew he was in for a long prayer session if he should allow any of his parent lead the prayer. He therefore volunteered to pray. Thinking there son was in the spirit, Mr and Mrs Nelson happy told their son to go ahead.
David closed his eyes and said
“Our Heavenly Father we thank you for life. Hopefully, you will be with is throughout today. In Jesus mighty name I’ve prayed”
Mr and Mrs Nelson exchanged a funny glance before they lazily said “Amen”.
David knew what he had done and he was not ready to stay back and listen to a long sermon on how prayer should be said. He hurriedly gave his mom a peck, bid his dad goodbye and he rushed out of the room.
He knew he was late for school but he was sure his good look would bail him out of any form of punishmentm ment for late comers.

Time checked 7:45am. David arrived the school premises. Standing in front of the school gate, he peeped to know the prefects on duty. He was relived when he found out that most of the prefects punishing the late comers were girls. He dust his snickers and adjusted his bag before he boldly walked into the school compound. He did not even bother to join the late comers, he was heading straight to the assembly ground.
“Hey, where do you think you are going to? ” He heard a voice behind him and he turned back.
“are you talking to me?” he asked rhetorically.
“no, I’m talking to your shadow” The notorious senior know as Mike said.
David grudgingly walked up to the senior, hoping he would be bailed out by the girls.
“don’t you know you are late, every student should be in school by 7:30am? ” Senior Mike said.

With David’s full height he was way taller than senior Mike, this gave him the confidence to talk back at the senior without fear.
“late? I think I’m just few minutes behind” David said, with his hands in his pocket.

Senior Mike gave a wicked laugh and said “few minutes behind indeed. My friend, looks like you have no idea of who you’re dealing with, but I will take my time to show you. Since you have admitted that you are few minutes late, I will show you what I do to people that are just few minutes behind. Now drop your bag and go on your knees”

David could not believe the short guy in front of him just ordered him to go on his knees. He took a proper look at the senior and smiled. “Any other punishment is allowed, but going on my knees is something I can’t do, even for my parent”
David said as he looked down on Mike.
His argument with Mike was beginning to gain other students attention. Even the ones serving punishments stood at a point and watched what would happen next. David was not willing to obey Mike and Mike was not ready to allow David disobey him.
“hey boy, you should know you are not dealing with your parent now. I want to see you on your knees at the count of three. One……. Two……”

” oh please stop Mike! ” A female senior said, interrupting Mike.
“Are you his father? Or are you feeding him? Why should he kneel down for you? You are just a year above him and you think you treat him like JSS one student? Please let the guy be” The female senior said and turned to David. “You can go” she simply said and walked out.

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David was surprised at the way the female senior handled the situation, she did not look like one of his female admirers and this made him confused on the lady’s reason for bailing him out. Before the notorious senior would change his mind, David adjusted his bag and smartly walked to the assembly hall.

The assembly hall was quiet when David walked in. No one was addressing the student but they were all silent with their eyes fixed on the podium. He looked at the podium and saw the school Chaplin walking toward the podium. Without been told, he knew the Chaplin was about to pass an important information. He decided to move forward instead of staying at the back of his line. He smoothly struggled to the front and fixed himself in a perfect space. He did not bother to exchange pleasantries with the guy in front of him or the one behind him. He only removed his bag from his back and focused his attention on the school Chaplin.

The school Chaplin “Mr Timothy” adjusted his glasses and took the microphone. He looked at the student and said
“Last year, our school choir got an invitation to an international music competition but they could not even make it to the quarter final. Simply because, they were not adequately prepared. Now, we have been invited to the same competition. The invitation was sent as a early notice in order for us to prepare harder. In three months time, the competition will hold and this period is all we have to prepare. I want to advice the school choir director, in person of “Ozemoya Juliet” and the choir members to put in their best and make us proud. Interested students are also allowed to join the school choir and the best of the best will be selected to represent the school. Be of good character and make us proud”
“Yes sir!” the student gave a chorus answer to the Chaplin’s speech.

The whole assembly was dismissed and student left in groups, discussing with their friends.
David did not bother to join any group, with his hand clutched to his bag, he walked down to his class. The music competition was all he could think of. To him, it could be a chance to explore his passion for music. He knew he had a bad voice which he had to work on but he was determined to give the competition a shot.

“hi dave” Cynthia said, interrupting David’s thought. David responded to her greeting without evening sparing her a glance.
Cynthia was one of the most beautiful girls in SSS two commercial class but her constant confession of her love for David made him shove her away. To him, she was just one of his numerous admirers.
“can I walk you to the class? ” Cynthia asked, hoping not to get a cold response.
David struggled his shoulder and said “if you want to”
Cynthia smiled and moved closer to him. Nothing could make her more happy.
After a minute of walking together without uttering a word to each other, Cynthia decided to break the silence.
She bit her lower lips and said “ehm, Dave, what do you think about the music competition”
“music competition?” David asked, forming ignorance.

“yes, the competition the Chaplin was talking about. You know it’s a platform to meet celebrities. Some of the big stars in Nigeria will be invited as judges. As for me, if joining the choir is the only way to meet celebrities, I’m going for it. I know you are not interested in music, but you can just play along and join the choir in order to meet super stars” Cynthia said, smiling brightly at the thought of meeting a celebrity.

David smiled inwardly at how wrong Cynthia was, but He did not want to make his intentions known to her, so he just kept quiet.
David’s silence made Cynthia think he was not interested in the conversation, She decided to walk along quietly as well.

They walked in silence until they got to the front of David’s class. Realising that David would proceed to his class without saying “goodbye” , Cynthia quickly grabbed David’s hang and said
“Ehm, the choir practise will take place at the school hall during break. You are specially invited by me. Have a nice day Dave”
David forced a smile and said goodbye before proceeding to his class. He was grateful for the walk with Cynthia, at least he was able to know the time scheduled for the choir practise. He walked into his class and occupied his space. He was looking forward to three periods before break time. Waiting for about two hours was more than a year in his eyes. He got the key to his locker and brought out his English textbook. It was the first subject for the day.

At exactly 10:30am, the last teacher before break exist the classroom. David locked his locker and rushed out to the school hall. He hoped he would be able to get a good voice training and make himself an important chorister.
The hall was halfly occupied when David arrived. The student formed different groups and the center of their discussion was the upcoming music competition. David was not a fan of group discussion, so he found an empty corner for himself, far away from other students.

“hey Dave! Here for me? ” Cynthia asked as she walked up to David. Her joy knew no bound when she saw him walk in. She decided to allow him settle down before she would approach him in order not to look like she was stalking him.
David faked a smile and said “I’m here for the choir practise”
“really? ” Cynthia asked with a seductive smile.
“yes…… Really? Now where is the choir director? You guys don’t keep to time? David asked.
Cynthia was disappointed with his reply but she chose to hide her disappointment.
After about ten minutes wait, the choir director arrived. Cynthia noticed her first, she tapped David and said “she’s here. The choir director”
David looked at the direction Cynthia was pointing at and he was surprised at who it was.
Lo and behold it was the same female senior that stood for him against Mike. David smiled to himself as he walked closer in order to hear every piece of information.


The choir director gave a brief speech on how important the competition was to the school before she passed requested for the new members to move to a side. She passed a clean piece of paper, ment to be signed by the new members.
After the paper had been signed by the new members, she informed the new members that they would pass through a test, in order to know the part they would best fit in.
The choir director sarted with the ladies. One after the order, she instructed the new member to sing while she categorized them In the group they best fit in.
After grouping the girls, next in line were the guys. The guys that turned up were little, so it was much more easy to test the guys ability. After the first three guys before David had been tested, he became nervous on which song he would be doing. All the tracks on his favourite playlist came to his head, but he was lost on which one he would be able to sing perfectly without lapses.
“your turn”
she said, interrupting David’s thought. He was yet to make up his mind before he was called upon but he did all he could to his his nervousness. He slowly walked to the choir director and introduced himself. After writing down his details, the choir director asked him to perform any song.
Knowing how bad his voice was, David looked at the ceiling and racked his head for a song. He cursed Cynthia for not telling him he would be singing before hand. He looked around and noticed all eyes was on him, he decided to do any song to avoid embarrassment.
With his eyes fixed on the ceiling, David sang “all of me” by “John legend”

He stopped after the first verse and looked round the hall to see the students reaction. Before he could say “jerk! ” the hall was filled with laughter. David thought he was been laughed at because of his bad voice, so he apologized for his voice, but the laughter continued until the choir director banged the wooden pulpit in front of her thrice.
“Did he just perform a joke? Is he a comedian? I guess there are bunch of unserious students here. Not to worry, I will see to dismissing all of you” the choir director said and the hall became silent. She looked at David and said
“Nelson David, you have an average voice but it can be worked on and I hope you know that the reason for the outburst is your choice of song. This is a school choir, we only sing for God, not for love or any other thing”

That was when David realized he just performed the wrong song at the wrong place. He murmured okay and moved backward. He was surprised at the way the choir director handled the situation again. It was as if she was sent to save him for the day. He decided to approach the choir director after the meeting and find a way to pay her back.
The meeting came to an end after the attendance was taken and the students were dismissed. David dust his uniform and approached the choir director.

“a minutes please, choir director” David said from behind and she turned to face him.
The choir director smiled and said “Juliet, the name is Juliet not choir director”
David smiled at his silly approach and corrected himself. “ehm Juliet, I just want to say a big thank you for helping me out with Mike this morning and recently with the choir members. I’m super grateful” David said with a smile.

Juliet stopped to look at him, she fold her arms and said “I had no idea it was you, anyways it is my pleasure. I hope you won’t put a stop to the choir practice before you are been laughed at on your first day”

“even if I wanted to, I won’t because you will always be there to defend me” David said and they both laughed.

David stopped to laugh half way and said
“in appreciation to all you’ve done today, give me the honour to pay for your lunch”

“humm, no, I’m with my lunch pack” Juliet replied.

“what about snacks? ” David asked

Juliet smiled and said “I have my snacks in my bag”

“okay, what about a drink? ” David asked with a disappointed look.
“No, I have a bottle of soft drink in my bag” Juliet replied. She was enjoying every bit of the game she was playing on David.
David thought for a minutes and decided to ask for the last time “what about fruits? Or you have that in your bag too? ”

“no, I don’t” Juliet replied
“probably your mom is bringing some for you? ” David asked, trying to be funny.

Juliet laughed and said “No I’m not a kid”

“does that mean I can get you fruits? ” David asked with a smile, revealing his charming set of dimples.
Juliet hit him playfully and said “okay! You win. Fruits”

David watched her laugh at him, little did she know that her touch broke his walls.

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