Life Of A Star (A Celebrity Story)

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This write up is a perfect work of fiction. It is based on nothing but the writer’s imagination, any similarities between any real object and the characters is nothing but a coincidence .
All right reserved to the author (Stanley Angela)
Any part of this work should not be copied without taking due permission from the above mentioned name.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!



He took a last glance at his wrist watch before he exist his room. He was ready for the day’s event, he was determined to see how much the street had changed without him and his ultimate goal was to find out if his memories were still fresh in the street. The same street he gave his all to when he still had it all.

He drove directly to the location he last performed. The memories of the performance came right before him as he slowly walked up to the giant stage. The stage was meant for only super starts, big fishes and stars that makes the people go gaga.
He remembered the the scream of excitement from the people as he came on stage, the night he last performed. The fame, love and wealth blinded him and he was too high to realise he could fall. He did not even realise he was falling until he fell flat to the ground. There and then he lost it all. The fame, street love and even his credibility.

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The same street that sang his praise could barely remember his name, the same street that tagged him “the almighty super star” could barely remember any memory of him and to make matter worse, the street could not even recognize him even though he was right in front of them.
He realized that with or without him life goes on and it’s best to live a life of little or no regret.

His greatest fear came to reality when he claimed on the stage. He went to the exact spot he stood five years ago, he touched the spot and lost himself to the memories of the past.

“wetin you dey do there? ” A worker asked, interrupting his thought.
He jerked back to the present and took a long look at the man infront of him, before he stood to his feet and said “Are you talking to me? ”

“how many of you dry there? Nah you nao” said the worker.

“You mean you cannot recognize me? Look at me properly” he said with the hope that he would be recognized.

The worker took a brief glance at him and said “who you be? Where you come from? You be dbanj abi Donjazzy? Beg clear for that stage. Nah only big fishes dey preform there”
The young worker said with less concern and walked out on him.

His words hit him so hard that he wanted to give him the beating of his life but he calmed himself and gently walked out.
He hought the street will always have my back. He thought I will always be there almighty super star. He thought my street credibility will always be here no matter how long it takes to come back. Little did he know that the moment he went down, all he had went down with him.
Been a super star was the greatest mistake of his life, if only he had known, he would have listened to the words of his loved ones.
He continued to walk until he found a church, he slowly walked into the building and settled in a chair. He thought about his life and he realized that even after loosing it all, God got his back like no other.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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