Important Life Lessons to Learn From the Concluded BBNaija Game Show

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The Big Brother Nigeria show might have come and gone, but it is a memory to those who participated actively. BBNaija 2018 like it is rightly tagged was one I followed keenly just to know if my predictions on the issue concerning human behaviour were totally correct. Funny as it may sound, 99% of it came to a realization.

While others might still be basking in the euphoria of the winner, it is time to pick out life lessons from the just concluded BBN show. The immorality of the show apart, there are several lessons I have decided to point out from the just concluded BBNaija 2018 show, and I would love to share them with you guys.

What are the Lessons to Learn From BBNaija 2018 Show?


Small Wins Matters

We all have these big goals we have planned out in life. We have dreams of riding the big cars, building the finest houses, marrying the best woman on earth, and becoming successful. But I would love to define success in a unique way.

“Success is the little wins we have every day in life”

It isn’t until you have a million Naira in your account that is when you are successful. The second runner-up of the Big Brother Nigeria 2018 show by name Cee-Cee might have gone far, but funny enough she left without a single dime.

The pair of Ifu-Enada and Leo exited the game before her but was 2.5Million Naira richer as they left – likewise others who won little cash. Miracle of Big Brother Nigeria 2018 won the most games in the Payport Arena, and it translated into 1 Million Naira.

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The small wins we have in our daily lives matters a lot, so we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to it. Keep picking it up day by day and before you know, it has evolved into something bigger.

Remember, every stage in life matters.

Be yourself

Not quite a good character, but it stands for something. When people find you unique, the immediately believe in you. No one believes that the Cee-Cee girl would ever make it as the 1st runner-up of the BBNaija 2018 show.

She might not have had the best of characters, but she was herself. She didn’t become someone else just to win the show, and a vast majority of people fell for her personality. She came under serious criticism, but she still held on to being herself.

In the areas of Business, Career, Personality, and Thinking, originality should always be your watchword – in a positive manner tho.

Life is a Marathon Race

20 people started the BBNaija 2018 game show, and only one person won it. Life is a Marathon race, and there isn’t just one winner per say.

Several people won several gifts before the main person won the grand prize. He didn’t actually get discouraged. When it was his time, things started happening, and it seemed like magic.

Just because things are quite difficult for you now doesn’t mean that it would always be. Keep your focused fixed, keep your eyes on the goal, and never give up

BBNaija 2018

Be wary of Friends

Several times they go into the diary room, and friends nominate friends to be evicted. The single reason is “it is a game we play”

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If you have gotten to a certain stage in life, you would discover that friends would be the ones to make you go off the track of your dreams. They would do anything to make you fall. Friends might be the people to hurt you the most.

You know the reason?

Nothing is fair in Life, Love, and War.

Just before we wrap up, always remember that no matter what we do in life, there would also be disappointments, heartbreaks, and in most cases, things wouldn’t go as planned.

The goal is to remain focused and motivated till we hit JACKPOT and achieve our goals.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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