How to Make Money Creating E-books and Selling On Amazon for a Lifetime Income

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how to make money writing ebooks


“You might have heard some people claim they make about $500 every month from doing online businesses right?”

“The truth is that 95% of that amount comes from the E-book they sell on Amazon and the unlimited access to several contents. I am determined to show you how they do it.

“so let this be the first you will ever see”

Dear reader, I would not have believed it if I hadn’t done it for myself. After I finished school and was unemployed for almost one year, I kept on contemplating suicide as an option. I had wasted all my finances on transport while searching for jobs in the streets of Lagos.

I saw someone advertised on Facebook, on how to make money as a writer. I picked up interest and decided to use my monthly data as something useful. While surfing the internet, I saw I could write books and sell, but the time it took me to write a single book, was demoralizing.

Then after several months of trial and error, I discovered something that no one would ever tell you. But why should I hide it from fellow hustlers? I already make money from several online business ideas I share to people on my blog, so this is working an tested!

I wrote a book since 2014 on Amazon kindle and till date, I am still being paid for it. I have tutored lots of people and charged them a lot. But I have decided to change my mind. Don’t be scared about joining up now, there is still room for you. After all, the information market can never be overpopulated.

If you are ready to use your time to make money for yourself and create your own wonderful future, then this book is for you.

  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Information marketers
  • Unemployed Graduates
  • Students

I can’t start telling everyone one after the other about this secret, so I decided to compile it in an Ebook format and give it out. I was supposed to give it out for free, but it took me months of deep researches to compile all these, and I also wasted money.

This book was born well after all of that, but I think it’s high time I share my experience. There’s plenty of room on the Internet for everyone. Climb aboard!

Are you ready to create a goldmine and make money on Amazon without stress?

Several people make millions of Naira by just writing and publishing on Amazon without stressing yourself. Amazon will do all the work for you in terms of promotion and all. All that you need is just write and publish.

There are several secrets behind it, and that is what I want to teach you now. If you are ready, then I am ready.

One of the fastest ways of earning on the internet is by being smart, and I am about to teach you that.

Are you ready to take action and make money with ease? I don’t want to type much just to convince you!!! After 10 people, I will take down this page. I have just 3 spaces left since I opened up this page!!!

I won’t screenshot anybody’s account balance like other internet marketers do. I will show you my face, with my REAL DOLLARS!!!




How to Make Money Creating E-books and Selling On Amazon for a Lifetime Income 1

Me smiling with my dollars from my last sales.

How to Make Money Creating E-books and Selling On Amazon for a Lifetime Income 2

See What Others are saying about my Book

Adekunle SolomonAdekunle Solomon

If all eBook sellers were as kind-hearted as you, then Nigeria would have been a better place. I have been unemployed for two years now, and this book just opened my door. I am forever grateful.

I think this is the best work from home job for us in Nigeria. God bless you, Sir.

Your mentorship is 10/10.

DaviesDaviesWorkshop Engineer(Emenite Nigeria Ltd)

Nice book baba. If you are still looking for something that can fetch you cash all the days of your life, then you need to grab this book.

P.S. I was not pressurized to write this. In as much as I don't want many people to buy (make market no spoil), but I still need to give an honest review.

Customer service is 5 star

Mentoring is 10/10.

Tony RiceTony RicePersonal Blogger

Writing my blog post and making money as a student was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know how to combine it with my day job, and my traffic dwindled as h*ll. I already left a 5-star rating on Amazon, but I can still leave here.


I already sold some of my eBooks on Amazon already, thanks to this book.

Honestly, it is meant for two categories of people

  • Bloggers
  • Individuals looking for how to make money online.
Maria LisaMaria LisaPersonal Blogger

He advertised his Gig in our Facebook group. I wasn't too sure about dealing with people from this part of the world. After I read the sales page, I decided to give it a shot. I wish you would see my Traffic stats now! Awesome I must say.

I was never forced to write this testimonial. Mr Obinwanne is good, and his customer service delivery ranks more than that of Google Adsense. *winks*

Ilka BermannIlka BermannBest summer cloths

My only problem was getting contents for my blog. I have suffered so much from it that it made my traffic dwindle. His name sounded African and I was scared about getting scammed. Just $5 and I had nothing to lose.

I bought it and behold it was the real deal. Nothing can get better than this. I hope much people don't buy, so as not to have competition.

I am Selling it at this price because of the fact I want people disturbing me to make money!! You all should make money like I am doing.

Time waits for nobody. You have just a few hours to buy at 3999 Naira, after that, it goes back to being =N= 7,000.

Benefits of Buying this Book


  • Free consultation

  • Steps to sell on Amazon (Ebook worth $20) for FREE

  • Personal Mentoring

  • You will recoup your money within 3 days. (An assurance)

  • You will produce up to 5 E-books within One week (Unlimited Source of Income)


1. Make Payment into the following Account Name and Number.

Obinwanne Umunna

GTBank, 0218304928.

2. Send your name and number to

3. You get your material within 2 minutes.

4. Add me up on my personal line (09086050663) and let me show you all you need to know practically.

5. Then you join my WhatsApp group for instant mentoring

 To your success
Obinwanne Umunna
CEO Topwritersden

Please contact me using the Email above, and request for free information.


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