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Leaked Credit Card with Balance that Work

If you’re looking to spend money that is not yours, you want a leaked credit card with balance. Usually, your credit card lets you card any website for free. You can also assume they are virtual CCs you use for shopping (you’d have to bypass OTP in many cases).

According to Threat Post, 1 million stolen credit cards hit the dark web for free. This means more money out there—unfortunately, it’s not just unethical but illegal to use leaked credit card details for internet purchases and so on.

But if you see yourself being adventurous and willing to indulge in an act you know is “not right”, then this publication contains some credit card information collected across the web.

Note: there’s no guarantee that all these credit card details work. Some may work, but most may have been overused, depending on how early the time you see this publication.

leaked credit card with balance

Card details required

Leaked credit cards usually must contain full details (CC fullz) for them to work, including card number, expiry date, card name, and CVV.

a. Card number

This is the 16-digit number on the card with BIN (bank identification number). However, American Express credit cards have 15 digits. So, if the card has 16 digits, it could be Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Meanwhile, can you know this number from account number?

b. CVV

CVV generally means card verification value. It’s usually 3 or 4 digits, depending on the provider. American Express credit cards use 4 digits.

It goes by several forms including the following:

  • CVV2 – Card Verification Value 2
  • CVC – Card Verification Code
  • CVC2 – Card Validation Code 2
  • CVD – Card Verification Data
  • CID – Card Identification Number
  • CSC – Card Security Code

The CVV is often printed on the back of physical credit cards to show that you have physical possession of the plastic. However, if the credit card is leaked, the CVV then functions as an authentication code, which can sometimes be bypassed.

In other cases where CVV is not known, it may be easy to find out the CVV of a credit card.

c. Credit card name

The card name is the account holder’s name printed on it, typically on the front of the card. When buying or paying for any services online, the card name is usually the first requirement. As such, leaked credit cards will arrive with the card name. Otherwise, other details are useless.

d. Expiry date

The expiry date of a credit card is usually printed on the front of the physical card in MM/YY format. If the leaked credit card with balance you find online has exceeded the expiration date, it’ll no longer work.

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Leaked credit card with balance

  • Mastercard

Name: David Townsend

Card Number: 2654 7385 2602 0306

CVV2: 528

Expiration: 10/24

  • Mastercard

Name: Avery Thomas

Card Number: 2483 8797 6809 7817

CVV2: 227

Expiration: 01/22

  • Visa

Name: Herbert Navarro

Card Number: 4129 5399 7961 5010

CVV2: 255

Expiration: 11/25

  • Visa

Name: Maria Roth

Card Number: 4716 5648 8877 3977

CVV2: 175

Expiration: 03/25

  • Visa

Name: Ismael Murray

Card Number: 4555 9905 4483 3115

CVV2: 652

Expiration: 04/24

  • MasterCard

Name: Ida Anderson

Card Number: 5488 4686 8353 4860

CVV2: 261

Expiration: 11/24

  • Visa

Name: Connie Fullmer

Card Number: 4556 7368 5542 5780

CVV2: 690

Expiration: 12/24

  • Visa

Name: Sonny Wright

Card Number: 4929 6738 7975 4111

CVV2: 465

Expiration: 02/23

  • Mastercard

Name: Zachary Holden

Card Number: 2318 5813 3090 1499

CVV2: 647

Expiration: 05/25

  • Visa

Name: Amara Burnett

Card Number: 4989 5782 2753 7331

CVV2: 392

Expiration: 01/25

  • Visa

Name: Alva Allison

Card Number: 4371 8882 7213 4173

CVV2: 429

Expiration: 10/25

  • Mastercard

Name: Arron Andrews

Card Number: 2246 4245 4151 4172

CVV2: 401

Expiration: 12/24

  • MasterCard

Name: Lisa Tate

Card Number: 5232 3644 7143 8324

CVV2: 941

Expiration: 11/24

  • MasterCard

Name: June Morse

Card Number: 5180 3674 0891 2784

CVV2: 072

Expiration: 10/23

  • MasterCard

Name: Kenneth Elrod

Card Number: 5316 5036 6059 7940

CVV2: 648

Expiration: 03/24

  • Mastercard

Name: Aubrey Woods

Card Number: 2660 7051 2973 1031

CVV2: 873

Expiration: 10/25

  • Visa

Name: Titus Rich

Card Number: 4977 5570 0415 5495

CVV2: 619

Expiration: 08/24

  • Visa

Name: Jesse Navarro

Card Number: 4929 5732 6878 1875

CVV2: 423

Expiration: 03/24

  • Visa

Name: Patricia Ellis

Card Number: 4532 7503 0672 2348

CVV2: 475

Expiration: 04/24

  • MasterCard

Name: Mary Hart

Card Number: 5439 4337 6580 9218

CVV2: 525

Expiration: 06/24

  • MasterCard

Name: Sandra Gilbert

Card Number: 5501 9576 4423 3456

CVV2: 745

Expiration: 05/24

  • MasterCard

Name: Ana Hazen

Card Number: 5145 6340 8548 7644

CVV2: 876

Expiration: 10/25

  • MasterCard

Name: Jessica Short

Card Number: 5512 4566 4756 8389

CVV2: 140

Expiration: 07/24

  • Visa

Name: Moises Henderson

Card Number: 4556 9797 7957 3091

CVV2: 235

Expiration: 02/24

  • MasterCard

Name: Thomas Bracy

Card Number: 5254 5927 0799 7670

CVV2: 624

Expiration: 01/24

  • Visa

Name: Barbara Speaks

Card Number: 4556 3054 9092 9885

CVV2: 053

Expiration: 03/24

  • Visa

Name: Joanne Walton

Card Number: 4539 1793 1306 5496

CVV2: 352

Expiration: 09/24

  • MasterCard

Name: James Maurice

Card Number: 5542 5970 6892 4447

CVV2: 123

Expiration: 11/24

  • Visa

Name: Adam Mays

Card Number: 4556 5108 0298 5125

CVV2: 097

Expiration: 07/24

  • MasterCard

Name: Eric Howerton

Card Number: 5584 1017 8960 5044

CVV2: 365

Expiration: 24

  • Visa

Name: Patrick Pressley

Card Number: 4916 9291 0234 2354

CVV2: 286

Expiration: 24

  • Visa

Name: William Harris

Card Number: 4556 9060 9982 9218

CVV2: 595

Expiration: 02/24

  • Visa

Name: Jenny Kirk

Card Number: 4485 2782 1912 0704

CVV2: 673

Expiration: 24

  • Visa

Name: Joshua Kyle

Card Number: 4539 0118 3932 4067

CVV2: 343

Expiration: 25

  • Visa

Name: Edgar Austin

Card Number: 4485 5955 0027 2153

CVV2: 256

Expiration: 24

  • Visa

Name: Donald Mellen

Card Number: 4916 0328 3158 8981

CVV2: 518

Expiration: 24

  • MasterCard

Name: Mira Churchill

Card Number: 5585 1468 9069 0038

CVV2: 089

Expiration: 25

  • Visa

Name: Frederick Ferrell

Card Number: 4062 9745 5032 3615

CVV2: 716

Expiration: 25

How credit cards leak online on the dark web

For this section, you will get to see how credit cards end up leaking online:

1. Card skimmer devices

Credit card details can be stolen with the use of skimmers installed on card readers. Sometimes, this occurs after a rapport with the owner of the card reader or without the owner’s knowledge.

You will sometimes find card skimmers installed at credit card readers accessible to the public such as those in gas stations, and retail stores’ checkout counters.

However, the use of EMV chip technology makes it difficult to use credit card skimmer devices to copy credit card data.

2. Credit card loss or theft

Credit cards can be misplaced or stolen, which then find their way to the dark web. Usually, losing a wallet or becoming a pickpocket victim exposes credit cards to potentially being listed on carding forums.

And if the credit card owner does not block or disable the card, the funds in it make up a positive balance for carders to cashout.

Credit cards sent to mailboxes are also exposed to getting leaked online. Suppose a carder manages to gain access to the mailbox, the credit card will be leaked online, irrespective of the account holder.

Also, a physical credit card contains the needed details, including card number, card name, bank name, CVV, and expiry date. It does not contain a PIN, so it can be sold to carders or hackers who can shop without a PIN.

3. Major data breaches

Data breaches occur, and some historical data breaches that leaked credit card details have been sorted on Investopedia.

Top organizations like Home Depot, Capital One, etc., are usually being targeted. When they are breached, millions of stored credit card information are leaked online. Experienced hackers with sophisticated and well-organized groups.

Loyalty programs, online retailers, and banks hold information about credit cards, and so hackers will target them to obtain account numbers, names, dates of birth, CVV, home address, card number, and even PIN.

Now, the only time a victim knows that their credit cards have been breached is when they’ve been notified by the company storing the data. In many cases, users who have not opened their email in a long while or even heard the news about a certain company being hacked end up as casualties with their credit card data all over the dark web and carding forums.

4. Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi network is another way people get their credit cards leaked online. If an unsuspecting person connects their device to a random Wi-Fi they come across, it could be used to steal sensitive data from their device—PC or mobile phone.

5. Phishing

Phishing can take place in different ways, including phone calls, emails, or even the use of a phishing website.

Regarding phone calls and text messages, a carder will craft messages that look like what a typical bank would send. The target will then be convinced to reveal their card information, which will then be uploaded on the dark web. This phishing can take place via email or text message. Usually, the carder lies that the target’s account has been compromised but can be verified and fixed if they send in their card number, name, expiry date, and CVV.

The vulnerable, like the elderly, are usually the targets of this scam.

Regarding website phishing, a fake website is created, which is often a clone of an official website. It could be a shopping platform like Amazon or a banking website like Capital One. The unsuspecting user enters their credit card information on the cloned website, which compromises their privacy and security.

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