5 Common Lazy Attributes Exhibited By Average Nigerian Youths

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One of trending moments towards the end of the month of April 2018 was when the president called Nigerian youths lazy. But was there really an error in that statement? I would say yes there was, possibly because he didn’t use the right word to describe them.

Of recent, there have been lots of discrimination on several online business platforms targeting people from one nationality majorly “Nigeria”, and that has led to this article.

There are several common traits you’d find among young Nigerians, and it has become worrisome. These traits which are called symptoms have graduated to becoming part of their lifestyle.

This article doesn’t cover the general young populace of the country, but if we can reason deep down, we might see the truth behind this article.

lazy Nigerian youth

What are the common traits among Nigerian Youths?

Lazy to Read

When I first decided to start an online business, the e-book seller sold me several E-books that I got confused on where to start from. Naturally, I preferred he mentored me one on one, but who will give you his time at such a little price of 2k Naira?

I wrote a book on how to make money publishing on Amazon, it has helped countless people, but a majority doesn’t just want to read. They want the money before investing time to read.

But I decided to take my time and read, digest the book, before asking questions. The result was that while I became knowledgeable to establish several online businesses, others are still looking for whom to mentor them before they start. The knowledge you seek for is embedded in a book, go and read!

We can see this attitude in schools, forums, where people scream “summary please” when a long article like this has been posted.

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A popular mentor once said that “the more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more you are able to practice and excel.” It is just unfortunate that most youths aren’t ready for such stress.

Trying to Manipulate Any System

Check out any system that involves Nigerians, it would be series of manipulation to another. You can sit back and check out any online business that has given Nigerians the platform to operate. Businesses like;

  • MMM (Fake teller uploads)
  • Adsense (Using click baits and careless ticks to earn)
  • Topbuzz (Which just closed all Nigerian accounts)
  • Amazon (Recent termination of Nigerian accounts)

And the list remains endless and ongoing. These young Nigerians would always tend to manipulate any chance they are given.

For students, the majority of them would prefer to enter the hall with expos because they failed to read. They end of trying to manipulate the exam settings.

Never Ready to Wait for Long (Short-term Benefits)

The best way to chase an average Nigerian youth away from anything is to tell them that “it would take you 3 years to start making so much money.”

3 years would be a nightmare to them, that they would look for an alternative, simpler ways to make money. Little wonder why Ponzi schemes thrived so much in the country. The average Nigerian youth doesn’t want to invest so much time before he starts reaping the benefit of his hard work. He would rather want to harvest his yams so early, even if they were immature.

Always Negative

Give an average youth a wonderful idea, then watch him tell you 200 reasons why it won’t work. He has never tried it, but he already knows it will fail.

I have tried coaching several people on several known businesses, and it always falls back to a situation like this. Even when they try, they don’t try hard. They already have a negative mindset, so they just try for trying sake.

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They Always Want Fish – Not How to Fish

Learning how to fish is extremely difficult, and most youths don’t want such stress. They just want the fish all the time, and they would go any length to make sure they have it. It is all part of the orientation of the modern day average Nigerian youth.

It happens in all spheres of life in this country ranging from Education, Politics, White collar jobs, and etc.

“Money must be Made,” so nobody wants to work hard again because they believe that hard work no longer pays.


Just before I end; this post isn’t for everyone but a reflection on how much the system is getting decayed.

Call most of them lazy and watch how they devour you. But they forget that one word for not being hardworking is Lazy – whether you are smart or not.

Till we change our orientation individually, we might not move forward as a Nation.

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Obinwanne Umunna
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