The Latest Scamming Formats for G-Boys {Read and Download}

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If you are looking for the latest scamming formats to cash out from any client, then I will show you some of the latest formats for yahoo boys to make millions and become rich.

Before you use this format, you must have a client that is willing to listen to you and then you start.

Let’s face it; formats like the “Nigerian prince email format” are so outdated that even the most ignorant clients wouldn’t fall for it. This is why it is best to use only the latest scamming formats or you wouldn’t be able to get a hit no matter how hard you try.


The Latest Scamming Formats for G-Boys {Read and Download} 1


With hundreds of thousands of yahoo boys all over the world struggling to get as much as they can from any client, you would have to upgrade and make use of only new scamming formats if you want to take home the pot of gold.



The good thing about using the latest scamming format is not only that your client wouldn’t be aware of it but also you can use as many formats as you want to get more money from that client as long as the format is a new one.

Below, I’m going to share the latest scamming formats that have a high chance of getting you a hit. However, you have to play your cards right if you to cash out.

If you are not interested in how to hack someone’s account, then you should try these yahoo scamming formats.

7 Best Latest Scamming Formats for Yahoo

Construction Format

The construction format is also similar to the investment format. If you want to use the construction format, then you must have told your client that you are carrying out a building project someone in Japan, China, Spain, and etc.

The aim of the format is to make them invest in your building project. Once you get their money, you can then disappear. This is the best latest scamming format available.

Construction Format Example

Hi honey, do you remember I told you about a business idea I was developing? I am happy to inform you that it is almost completed.


I have just been given a license by the Chinese govt to set up my Hub and I am almost completing the structure. I ran out of funds and was hoping to get investors to join me and be among those to share the profit.

I would love you to be among one of my investor for as low as anything. These are the documents and everything that proves the building and structure are already in place. I would come around soon and we meet and discuss the opportunities.

I love you so much, take care.

The latest scamming format called the construction format is very good if you have a business plan to go along the building.

Grant Lotto Format

This format is quite effective for Americans. This is because most Americans are looking for any possible way to win a lottery and any sharp hustler would make money from this latest scamming format.


lotto is one of the latest scamming formats

A Lotto Scam Sample


The Grand Lotto Format is really simple, you tell the client that he has won $10 million from Lotto and he would have to drop his account number to claim his winning. The client would think that he will get an instant transfer however, you would take the details and use several blackhat methods to transfer money from his bank.

Note: you must have knowledge of phishing activity before this format can work. Your clients should be core gamblers as this format would work easily on them.

Grant Lotto Format Example

NOTIFICATION: You just won a $400,0000 Facebook Lottery Prize

Your prize must be claimed within 7 days of the draw notification or it will be forfeited.


Movie Production Format

This is for those that know so much about movie production. You can inform your client that you are a movie producer and have organized your crew to produce a movie.

Along the line, you can just reach out the client and inform them that you really don’t have much on you now, can he send you just a few bucks and you will pay later when you get back to location.

Just anything to get money out from them is a good idea. So you can go ahead and try it out. If you are looking for a latest scamming format, then this movie production format is good for you.



Gift Card Format

If you prefer to collect gift cards rather than cash, then this format will be just perfect for you. With the Gift Card Format, you can collect iTunes gift cards from your clients and make use of the card however you want.

Gift Card Format Example

To collect iTunes gift cards from clients you can chat them and build a relationship with them before requesting for an iTunes gift card as a gift.

The example below can act as your guide.

I received notification during the week that all software in my phone requires an upgrade including my social media apps and camera that without the upgrade I wouldn’t be able to take pics or communicate on social media with my phone. Right now, I’m using the phone of a friend to chat with you. I took my phone to a repairer and I was told that I needed an iTunes card to…. (to be continued)


The Inheritance Format

The inheritance cannot be fully considered as one of the latest scamming formats because it has been used by many yahoo boys on Americans. If you want to use this format, you have to turn to Europeans and be extremely careful or you would get caught and arrested.

The format is quite simple, you will need to select a handful of clients that you believe have money and are looking to invest. You would have to claim that you have access to a good inheritance that can make them rich. Most of them would buy into the idea depending on how you play the game.

Inheritance Format Example


inheritance scamming formats

An Inheritance format scam


My Mother was the Chairman of PetFast Oils (P.O) and due to her position, she was able to make a lot of money which she left for me to inherit. The money is Seven Million Nine Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($7.9 million).

The money was accumulated between 1978 and 1995 during her time as Chairman and before she died. She decided to deposit the money in vaults with an open beneficiary in Independent Bank of Nigeria plc due to the poor banking system in Nigeria as that the time…

The DatingBilling Format

The Dating billing Format takes advantage of the popular phrase “love is blind”. Truly love is blind which is why people keep falling for dating scams and you are going to make use of it.


dating scamming format

A Dating Format Sample


To use this format, you will have to create a female profile and talk like a female. You will need to use an attractive female as your profile as it is easier to manipulate men with the faces of attractive women. Most men who are looking for sex partners will easily fall for this format and many will do almost anything you ask just to get you to bed. If you can play the game right, you can do away with as much cash or you want.

Bomber dating billing format examples

Hey. I stumbled on your profile and I must say that I like your sense of humor and adventure. I did love to explore, laugh and enjoy life with you because I feel we have a special connection. Let’s talk and find each other.

That wraps up some of the latest scamming formats that are likely to get you a hit. Remember, the success of a format depends on how well you can use it. If you play your cards well, you can get many funds to your bank account without hassle.

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