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How to Know Credit Card Number with Account Number

You want to know credit card number with account number if you recently lost your card, or playing around to know someone’s credit card number.

Unfortunately, there’s no direct method for you to know the number of a credit card using the account number. Moreover, unlike the account number, most banks do not include a credit card number in the bank statement, but you may want to check it out. Some banks will include the credit card number in the account statement but some digits will be masked or hidden for security.

How to know credit card number with account number

What is credit card number?

Usually, a credit card number is a 15 or 16-digit number on the front or back of a credit card. The number identifies various things, including the card issuing bank, payment network, and the cardholder.

A credit card number is different from an account number, even though both are linked and work together when making transactions.

For instance, if a credit card is lost or stolen, the cardholder can get a replacement card with a different credit card number. However, an account number remains the same until the holder decides to close the account.

Usually, a credit card number is 15 or 16 digits long. Some can be as short as 8 digits or as long as 19 digits, depending on the issuer.

Where to find credit card number?

You will find the credit card number on the front or back of the card. For Lloyds Bank, for example, it is the long number on the front of the card. A credit card number is usually arranged in a string of digits placed on the credit card in groups of three or four.

What credit card numbers stand for

A credit card number may seem random but each digit on the card is an important identifier for transactions. Some of the individual digits have their unique meanings while others occur in groups and also act as identifiers.

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The first 6-8 digits are known as the Bank Identification Number (BIN) or Issuer Identification Number (IIN). These first sets of digits identify the card issuer while the others identify the cardholder.

Since each card digit is significant, it’s important for a cardholder to keep their credit card safe. Photos or written down notes that reveal the credit card number can compromise the linked bank account. Thus, having the numbers on a credit card, including CVV and expiry date is similar to possessing the actual card.

1. The first number

The first number on the credit card is the “Industry Identifier”. That first digit tells you two things:

  1. The payment network
  2. The associated industry with the card

a. Payment network

i.   If “3” is the first digit, the payment network is American Express.

ii.  If “4” is the first digit, the payment network is Visa.

iii. If “2” or “5” is the first digit, the payment network is MasterCard.

iv. If “6” is the first digit, the payment network is Discover.

b. Industry identifier

As mentioned earlier, the first digit can also identify the industry the card is associated with, and this digit is referred to as the Major Industry Identifier (MII).

  • 1 and 2 are cards associated with air travel and financial services.
  • 2-6 shows that the card is the usual card for daily financial and banking uses.
  • 7 is the petroleum industry.
  • 8 is health care and telecommunications.
  • 9 is the government and is also the “other” category.

2. Bank Identification Number (BIN)

The following 5-7 digits make up the remaining Bank Identification Number (BIN). Most of the time, combining the first through the 6th or 8th digits shows the payment network and card issue, as well as the associated industry of the card.

3. Account identifier

The remaining digits make up a unique sequence used for identifying the account and cardholder and may change when the cardholder requests a replacement card.

4. Last number

The last number on the credit card is known as the checksum or check digit. When a transaction is initiated, this checksum is quickly plugged into a formula and used to ensure the validity of the card number.

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As you can see, none of the individual number or group of numbers on a credit card points to the bank account number. Thus, you can’t tell a credit card number by the account number.

How to know credit card number with account number

As mentioned earlier, there is no surefire way to tell the number of a credit card from the linked account number. However, below are alternative ways to know a credit card number:

1. Use the bank’s app/site

If you signed up for internet banking, log in to your account to find out the credit card number. Some banks will not include the card number anywhere in internet banking though.

2. Call the customer care

Just dial your bank’s customer care number and ask them about this information. In many cases, you’ll only be advised on what to do as most banks will not read out credit card number over the phone.

3. Visit the nearest bank branch

Banks typically have records of the credit card. Thus, they may be able to retrieve credit card details like the card number. You’ll have to have your ID authenticated by the bank.

4. Check the previous merchant’s website

Some merchant websites may have a viewable record of your credit card information such as the card number. You will be required to confirm your ID with the account password to view the card information—this is important for account security.

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