Jobs with the highest vacancies in Nigeria for unemployed graduates

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Are you still unemployed? What if I can show you some of the jobs with the highest vacancies in Nigeria that will get you employed ASAP, will you thank me for that?

You think the time is almost gone to get a job? Hell no, you can still get that job between now and the end of the year. Just before I continue, I told an unemployed friend to learn digital marketing in January and assured him of getting a job; he followed my advice and learned the course. Three months later, he works in a branding company with a very good pay, while his peers are still blaming the government for not providing jobs.

There are ways to get a job in Nigeria, and it is very simple;

  • Know someone in high places
  • Study a course that is high in demand
  • Identify a high selling course and learn it.

I will assume that we can’t have number 1 & 2, so let’s focus on number 3. Over the months, I have studied the number of jobs with the highest vacancies in Nigeria. The good thing is that you can learn it and position yourself to get employed.

What are the Jobs with the highest vacancies in Nigeria?

job vacancies in Nigeria

Digital Marketing

This shouldn’t come as a surprise; the way start-ups are springing up in Nigeria, they are looking for experts to promote them on the internet. This has made digital marketers hot cake in Nigeria. If you have digital marketing skills, just know that there are lots of jobs waiting for you to take. It is among the among the skills that can make you a millionaire within a few months.

job with high vacancies in Nigeria

Digital Marketing is growing rapidly in Nigeria

Digital marketing skills would enable you to have the following;

  • Content writing/Inbound Marketing
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Google/Facebook/LinkedIn Marketing

Who would have such skills and still be looking for a petty job? The choice is yours to make. To learn this course, it doesn’t cost much – especially if you are in Lagos. You can hit me up for more information.

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Web Design/Web Application Development

This made the 2nd most advertised job in 2018 and the trend shows that it will continue to grow further. The idea behind this is Web Design/Web App Development is directly proportional to Digital Marketing jobs.

These are the guys that create the platforms that the digital marketers promote on the internet. Current reports show that the average of a Web Application Developer starts from 120k for most low companies.

web design image vacancies in Nigeria

Website Design is also among the sought after jobs in Nigeria

It takes about 65k to learn this wonderful course (if you visit Alabian solutions), so you can see the potential that abides if you become a web application developer.


Lol, I don’t need to explain much on this; I think you should know already. Every company wants to make more sales, which means they need more marketers. The only downside to this job is the fact that most of them are not paid well.

marketing is one of the jobs with high vacancy in Nigeria

A Marketer

Aside from that, you can earn so much from commissions – if you are selling a marketable product. So the key to making money from this sector is to choose companies that sell things that people would easily want to buy. I guess you should avoid insurance for now. If you are interested in becoming a Marketer, then you can see some of the marketing interview questions and answers.

Insurance companies employ a large number of graduates; but for those who those have the ability and work rate, it might be a bad choice for you.

Human Resource Officer

It was shocking to see this job role quite often; I have no idea the reason behind the job being advertised so much. If you studied anything relating to Human Resources, then I believe you stand a good chance of always getting a job.

After I wrote for someone a CV and cover letter for the HR position, she has gotten 6 interviews within 2 months, now she is working with one of the firms. This is to show that the sector is a booming one for those with the right qualification.

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Customer Service Representative

front desk officer image

A Front Desk Customer Officer

This is one of the jobs with high vacancies in Nigeria and it is getting higher. Abroad, it is one of the jobs that would soon phase out due to the breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence.

It has been reported that “AI” will phase out most jobs soon that has nothing to do with special skills. But we know that it will take Nigeria about 40years more to get to that stage.

A lot of start-ups are coming up and the first part they get to fill up is an alliance between their potential client. This is where the job of the Front-Desk Office/Receptionist/Customer Care Officer comes into play.

In some Organizations, the Customer Service role is totally different from the front desk/receptionist. But due to the fact that many smaller service companies are cutting down cost, it has become a double portfolio job.

So when you consider the customer service officer role, see it as one of the job roles with high vacancies in Nigeria.

There are so many other jobs with high vacancies in Nigeria, but these are the ones that have appeared frequently. Just in case you are looking to make a choice on the job path to follow, you can look towards these jobs.

I wish you the best in your career and job hunt. Stay safe.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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