Top 4 ways to Get a Job through Internship in Nigeria

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To get a job through internship in Nigeria is one of the fastest ways to get a job in a country filled with unemployment. The basic truth behind this is the fact that employers want to access you on the short term, before rewarding you with a long term contract. There are ways by which you can land yourself a job through internships and I will explain them below;

a job through an internship in Nigeria


Have a Skill in High Demand

Getting a job through internship in Nigeria is difficult because most people don’t have the skills that employers want. Research has shown that it is only the Information Technology (IT) sector that gives room for a large number of interns to gain work experience. Even in sectors that are not basically inclined to the Information Technology sector, the IT department in such firms offers great room for interns to join the team.

Learning and possessing these ICT skills won’t only beautify your Resume, but it will increase your chances of landing a job as fast as possible. Learning these ICT skills maybe tasking and most times expensive, but what your can’t do for you, these skills can do it for you within the shortest possible time.

Befriend Human Resource Managers on LinkedIn and Offer to work as an Intern

Several times I have seen it work for me, but because I am not interested in Internship positions, I allow it slid or pass it on to available people. Keeping a good and rich profile opens your door of opportunities. Learn how to pitch your special skills. This works only when you have a special skill especially ICT skills. A lot of organizations pay lots of money yearly, training staff on various skills. Having someone who possesses some of these skills is a big plus and they would willingly accept you working for them as an Intern. When you prove yourself to be a valuable resource, you get a permanent role.

Market Your Skills on Social Media

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This is where the hard work comes in. Instead of wasting your time and lambasting the president and his aides on social media, take the time to sell your skills to prospective employers on the social media. LinkedIn is a very good market place for this point. It might be difficult at first, but it takes time and planning to pull it through.

I see a whole lot of young guys getting jobs through LinkedIn, and I have studied their methods and saw how it worked exactly. Learn how to pitch your skills by showing the employer what he or she stands to gain by employing you; you see how they offer you internship jobs on a platter of gold.



Learn How to Network Like a Casanova

This is one of the ways to get a job through internship in Nigeria. Like a top salesman would say, “Networking is what differentiates the Rich from the Poor.” Show me your friend and I will show you how much you have in your bank account.

“Who do you know?”

“Where do they work?”

“The people you know, who do they know?”

All these are the questions you should ask yourself. If your answer to the above question is “NOBODY”, then I guess you should start all over from my 1st point and build up your profile again.

I am not asking you to become a gold digger, just be a gold hunter and it shall be well with you and your career.

Till we meet again, keep Networking!!

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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