5 steps to Write a Perfect CV

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Writing a perfect C.V can be much of a headache or stress for an armature writer. This is coupled with the fact that there are lots of recommendations from various sources already, who are giving all sorts of tips. In this article; I will be telling you from an insider point of view, the steps to take to how to write a perfect C.V.


  • Keep it error free: This can cost you a lot. I don’t need to remind you about the after effects of making grammatical blunders in anything you are writing. Making blunders and errors in any write-up, can be devastating both in your exams and also when looking out for a job. After drafting out your CV, be sure to give it to someone to proofread and edit before you hit the send button.
  • Target Keywords: Just like ranking high on Google search engines. Before you rank high, you need to target keywords that will make you appear on search engines and give you a higher traffic rate. Likewise for writing a perfect CV that will rank high on employer’s search. There are various keywords in the adverts or openings for any job; such as “Customer focused”, “Target oriented”, and “Disciplined” and so on. All you need do is to make sure that most of these keywords are embedded in your CV and this gives you a higher chance to be ranked when the CV’s are being screened.
  • Always Adjust to suit the job: Every job opening has special requirements. In other to achieve step 2 above, you must do step 3. Adjusting your CV is the best way to write a perfect CV. Most employers use algorithm software to target CV’s with specific keywords. This majorly happens when there are lots of them to be screened. So the perfect way to rank high is just to adjust your CV to suit the specific requirements required by the employer.
  • Boast of your Achievements: This might sound a little bit weird but it is important. It might turn some employers off but majority of them would want to give you a shot to prove yourself. It is better to blow your trumpet and get a chance to prove it than doing nothing and getting no chance at all. When it comes to deciding who is to be picked for an interview, you might surely get an edge than someone who says nothing about his achievements or is shy to talk about them. “I closed a deal of $2.5million and I won employee of the month for 5 months consecutively”. Talk about it and let them know you are not just like any other applicant.
  • Keep is short and simple: Make your CV short, simple and sophisticated. Nobody wants to read a manual all in the name of looking over your CV.
  • Write your objectives
  • List your qualifications
  • List your work experience(s)
  • Highlight the skills that makes you special
  • Talk about your achievements.

A nice way to write a great CV is by doing what others are not doing and following the above steps. I have seen it work for people and I have seen it work for myself. Little wonder why my former employer asked me in an interview session “You sure you possess all these?” She was amazed and I never disappointed her when the time came. To write a great CV isn’t rocket science, it is all about following the above steps and see it work for you. You can contact me for more tips or drop suggestions below. Thanks.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

Obinwanne Umunna
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