How to write a letter of introduction for a job

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I am sure you must have read HOW TO WRITE A GOOD COVER LETTER and “STEPS TO A PERFECT CV

If you have done so, then we are good to hit the ground running. A letter of introduction for a job is practically a form of letter that introduces you to the hiring manager. Someone will ask “then what is the cover letter all about?” Then I reply, “Read the above article and point out the difference with what I will write here.” Job seekers most times write a letter of introduction unknowingly with the notion that they are writing a cover letter. A job seeker strolls past a company and decides to drop his resume, just in case there is a vacancy. The question now is “Which is appropriate to drop, cover letter or letter of introduction?” In this article, I will show you how to write a letter of introduction that lands you your dream job.

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Job Seeker Queing

  • Personalize your greeting to the HR Manager: I believe the job was not advertised, so unlike our cover letter, no email was written down for you to know who will receive the mail. Just take a quick and harmless step into the company and scout around for the name of the H.R because I believe all Job correspondence will go to him. He will be so excited to see his name on your letter. And guess what? He won’t forget you so easily if you a vacancy pops up. In the case you are willing to send mass letters; I request you input “Dear HR Manager”. But wouldn’t it be better getting their names?


  • Create a SUPER INTRODUCTION: No job was advertised, so there is no need to streamline your opening towards a specific job area. The trick here is you write an opening that would enable them call you even when a job you aren’t a specialist in comes up. Let’s say you type
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“My name is lalasticlala and I am a goal getter and someone who loves to achieve a lot. I graduated with a second class upper from the university of — and I am someone who is open to all job role but with more specialty in Business/sales development”

The trick is you add things that would only make them give you an invite for any job role that comes up. Remember! “DON”T PERSONALIZE ANY JOB ROLE”


  • Summarize your Talents/Achievements: This one is meant for the second paragraph. Most letter of introduction writers create boring letters, all in a bid to write all that comes to their head. The H.R will spend just few minutes, glancing through the letter and he is busy looking out for something that would excite him. I promise you that no one will spend time reading all through your letter unless they find something of interest there. Imagine yourself as an H.R with a bank, and you open a letter of introduction and find something like this

“Last year, I was given a target of 20million naira, and before the end of the month, I reached and exceeded the target” Tell me, will you call the owner of the letter for an interview?


  • Create a call to action: This basically means you should tell the H.R the next move to take unconsciously. I remember applying for a job vacancy that was written “FOR FEMALES ALONE.” I remember telling the H.R “If you call me for an interview, I will be willing to show you the strategies that I intend to implement, that no female applicant can ever think of.” Guess what? I was the only male at the interview hall and I was chosen but left because negotiations broke down.
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A call to action shouldn’t be the everyday “I will be glad if I am called for an interview…” nobody cares if you are glad, so show the company why they should call you for an interview.


Don’ts for a letter of introduction:

  • NEVER PERSONALIZE: (Greetings, Abilities, Skills, etc.)



  • SEGREGATE THE COMPANIES ACCORDING TO SECTORS (You can’t be going to give out letter of introductions to schools and you are putting your sales abilities)
  • BE CLEAR AND PRECISE AS POSSIBLE (Go Straight to the point)

Writing a good letter of introduction opens doors for job invites even when others can’t access it. Following all the above steps gives you an edge even to the interview stage. Like an H.R manager said “When I read a good resume, Cover letter or Letter of Introduction, I follow up the candidates to know how much they performed against others during the interview.” What do you think of it?

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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