How to Write a Job Application Using the E-mail format

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Now this topic might sound a little bit complex, but I am willing to expose to you a secret that most Job counselors won’t ever tell you. This is because they want you to keep running round in circles and coming back to them to continue working on your CV for a charge. In this article, I will clearly show you how to write a Job application using the E-mail format by combining the three of them, to increases your chances of getting hired. To write a Job Application using the E-mail format is simply combining these three letters and forwarding it to the recruiter.

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  • Prepare a Great CV: I guess you must have read “STEPS TO WRITE A PERFECT CV” If you don’t have a killer CV, then you should get one. Even if you need to pay a consultant to help you, just get one. There are basically three places that employers focuses more on, and they are


  • Work-Experience
  • Skills and Abilities
  • Achievements
  • Referees

`           The last point might sound funny, but it is actually true. The caliber of person you flaunt as your referee sends an unconscious message to the employer about the caliber of people you meet and know. It can actually be used to judge your networking ability. I always imagined if I could just add Dangote’s Name and number on my CV, who wouldn’t call me for an interview? I am not asking you to add his name, but whoever is asking you to hide your referee’s name especially when you know people is doing you more harm than good. Work on the above points mentioned above and keep it. Let’s move to point 2.


  • Prepare your letter of Introduction: I don’t really need to go over this point again because it was the last article I wrote LETTER OF INTRODUCTION FOR A JOB. The fact remains that you should brag as much as possible in your letters. Show them your skills and what they will miss if they fail to call you for an interview. Your letter of introduction should be like a bomb that would make the employer ask “What type of a person is this?”
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  • Prepare your cover letter: This is where the main work is needed because this will either get you the role you are applying for or you get just ‘another’ position. In drafting your cover letter like I explained in WRITE A GOOD COVER LETTER, you have to brag about what you can offer them. A lot of counselors will tell you not to lie, but I believe you can exaggerate. ” I recently applied for a job which was far above my years of experience. Here is an excerpt from my letter;


“I always strive to become a better Marketing officer and that is the reason I have always met even the most ridiculous of targets given to me. I acknowledge the fact that I don’t have up to the amount of years required, but I am rest assured that I have the experience in this field and also once I am hired as your sales manager, I will meet up with all demanded targets and position the company towards geometric growth. I have done it in the past with proofs and I will achieve it with your firm.”  Guess what? I was sent an invite and even after I failed to respond to the mail, I was called on phone and asked to respond to the mail. All I need do right now is just to learn about the company and some other minor questions normally asked in an interview session.


I didn’t send the invite because of anything; I was only researching new techniques to know the weakness of HR personnel. Never be scared of what might happen after you are hired, it will take care of itself.

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Instead of attaching your Cover Letter as a word document, make sure you type it as the body of the mail. Most Job seekers are guilty of writing just some few words as the body of the mail and telling the HR to find attached to this mail a copy of my CV and Cover Letter. The moment you realize that people are busy, the better.


Here is the trick:

  • Upload your CV as an attachment
  • Upload your letter of Introduction as an attachment
  • Write your cover letter as the application letter on the body of the mail. Let it entice the HR, he will be the one searching around for your Uploaded CV and more information about you (Letter of Introduction).


As simple as this may sound, it is yet quite complex. There are thousands of applicants out there and this simple trick might just give you the desired Job you prayed for.

What do you think about this? Let’s hear your comments and suggestions below! Thanks.


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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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