How To Write A Good Sales Pitch Letter

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In order to become a great freelancer, you must know how to write a good sales pitch letter. Like you saw where we explained in Top writer’s secret to earning more, the difference between freelancers who earn more and those who still pick up crumbs, lies in their ability to pitch potential clients. A freelance writer, who doesn’t know how to write a good sales pitch letter, will end up picking up jobs that are not worth it.

I remember when I first started out as a fresh freelancer on Upwork; I suffered the frustration of not getting enough jobs, just because my sales pitch letter couldn’t even convince my dad to give me a job to handle. The frustration of not getting any job would be small, as when you realize that other writers are making a whole lot of money from that same system. I finally developed and learnt how to write a good sales pitch, and I will be sharing in this article.

A lot of sites/blogs will keep repeating the same old junk, and keep recycling tactics that are either outdated or just can’t work presently. I believe that whatever I am sharing with you now would be your winning ticket to earning a lot of money from writing.


8 Steps to Write a Good Sales Pitch that Converts Well

how to write a good sales pitch

Do your Homework

In order to write a good sales pitch, you must be as critical thinking as Sherlock Holmes. You should know your client so well that you would personalize the sales pitch letter just for him alone. Just the way you prefer giving out good things to friends and people within your trust circle, Clients also feel the same way when a potential employee address them personally. Nothing disgusts a potential client than when you send out random pitch sales. If you are on a freelancer website like Upwork, instead of typing out “Dear sir”, you can try out “Dear Mr Bill”. Most of their names are already down for you to see, so it would cost nothing to add it up your sales letter. All you do is customize it with a little background search, and you are on the right track.

HI, I am/my name is

Once you have addressed the letter to whomever you feel is the recipient, move fast to introduce yourself. Give out necessary information about yourself that will give you an edge.

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For example “My name is Mike and I am the founder of topwritersden, a blog where we tutor freelance writers.

Once you are done with this kind of opening, move fast to the body of your letter.

Opening Speech

To writes a good sales pitch letter isn’t the same as to write a wish/love letter where you get to express all your heart desires. It is about researching exactly what the client wants, and you promise to deliver in your sales letter.

In most freelance sites, clients take out time to list out their requirements. As a good freelancer, you should take note of every one of them. That is the reason I insist you make a proper background check on the requirements of the client.

Do well to include some personalized details, so as not to make your letter sound like another cold pitch.

You can say “I saw your advert about creating a short fiction romance story, and I believe I have all it takes to complete the job. I have written about 5 short fiction stories and you can access them on the short fiction story blog…”


Once you are done with your opening speech, you should summarize immediately by highlighting your achievements, experience and any other thing you feel can convince someone to give you a job. Highlighting your achievements means showing in clear details what you have been able to achieve with other of your clients whom you’ve served in the past.

Rumbling on and on around the letter without showing the client your achievements won’t definitely put you in a position to get the job. Your achievements should be brief and straight to the points. I also recommend that before you decide to write a good sales pitch, you should just keep a little paper with your achievements handy. It would help you write it down in your sales pitch without forgetting details.

Keep it brief

Nothing sucks more than a lengthy sales pitch letter. Most upcoming freelancers feel that by typing and pouring out their minds on their letter, it would give them the job. Keeping it short and simple yet filled with reasons to be hired, does the magic.

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Go for it

At the end of your sales pitch, you should put out a call to action. Ask for the job and you will get it. It is as simple as that, once you adhere to the above rules.


We are all prone to mistakes, so don’t bother hitting the send button immediately after typing. Take your time and check out for errors. Imagine asking for a writing job and your sales pitch letter is filled with errors.


After checking for errors, go ahead and send the sales pitch. I mostly advise you use an official email instead of a regular Email. It would show authority when the message gets dropped from an official email.

Follow up

95% of freelancers don’t do this and it has costs them to miss out on a lot of jobs. Following up in a well-planned way shows the client that you are really passionate about the job.

For freelancers who are just starting out, it is necessary to include it in your mail.

Example “I will check back in a few days to know when we can commence the project.”

You have said you will do, and then make sure you do it.


This may take a bit of work and commitment, but once you have gotten a winning format, it keeps serving you.  When you write a good sales pitch, it will give you an edge over other competitors in the same industry as you. If you still want to know how to write a good sales pitch letter, do well to contact me. Thanks!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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