How to Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers for Money

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Do you have a credit card in your palm? I bet you’re wondering how to use it for money without any agency attempting to track you. Here, you will learn how to use stolen credit card numbers within 10 minutes to own a Benz.

A lot of dark websites claim to know how to use stolen credit card numbers to help run frauds. However, these are all lies because they’ll take advantage of the card details and grow richer.

There are several methods that the bad guys use to make money with stolen credit cards. You will be shown exactly how to use a stolen debit card to get cash without shit. We do not demand for any card detail because we do not support this act, although it pays.

Without boring either yourself or mine, let’s see how rugged guys use stolen credit cards/details to make money.

Why It is so Easy to Use Stolen Credit Cards

The only way to say that a credit card is safe is when it’s with the owner. This is the situation because each of the numbers on the credit card are security PINs. The CVV, the card number, and the expiration date are what makes up a credit card. The metallic slate is just there with data input that communicates with the mechanisms.

The only downside in stolen credit cards is that activities can be tracked. Unless you don’t go online with the card, activities can be tracked but not easily. But not to worry, this article contains what bad guys do to get away with stolen credit cards.

How to Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers – Trending 5 Ways

There are several methods on how to use a stolen debit card to get cash immediately. The bad guys use all of these methods to get rich only when they’re careful. They don’t often worry about the cops because of the measures put in place.

1. Sell On Dark Web

This is the number one option to consider because it has zero traceability. The reason is because the stolen or picked credit card will not be tracked to you. There are very few working dark websites out there. Most of the websites who claim to be authentic are fake. That is, when they obtain the card details, they don’t pay back. As such, as the bad guy, one ought to be careful with the website in question.

How to Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers

What the Dark Websites Do

After a successful sign-up to any of the sites, a user will eventually follow up the screen prompts to complete a deal. I can’t say exactly how to submit the card details to a willing buyer or a fraud company in need. This is because each of these dark places have their own mode of operation.

Note: During every activity on these websites, you must have a powerful VPN connected. Otherwise, your identity will be compromised and tracked down using the IP.

Moreover, most dark nets do not pay immediately after receiving card details. Confirmations are first made before progress.

What to Know!

During the verification or deal period, do not for any reason provide your personal details. The moment this is done it can be used against you. If there are/is any other thing to do, endeavor to do so for your safety.

Here is an example of dark websites that buy credit card details very fast.

  • Dreammarket

This fraud powerhouse runs on Tor network that allows every user to be fully anonymous. I do not intend to link this article to the site for some reasons. If you’re interested in the complete URL, you know what to do.

It is advised to run the entire process using Tor.

Meanwhile, I know of some social groups that do this too. You sure want to know and you’re free to find out here.

2. Virtual Card-Switching

This is one if the coolest ways on how to use stolen credit card numbers to buy things. This method is simple and straightforward. In fact, smart fraudsters follow this pattern to get through all difficulties that accompany stolen credit cards. What a fraudster does here is very simple. That is, the card details are being switched to a new credit form know as virtual.

You know what this means? The fraudster is now at liberty to buy until the bank account of victim runs low. One cool feature about this method is that even cops are unable to guarantee the victim of a return. That is, the doer of the deed is almost untraceable, unless there were cameras monitoring the scene.

When cops attempt to trace the transaction, the farthest they can go is the store where the transaction took place. What exactly can the store do in this situation? Nothing! It is thus safe to say that switching details to a virtual card is one very rugged way to take advantage of credit card numbers. Read a little more about the virtual card of a thing here. It could turn out to be the method you use and buy stuffs for yourself.

3. Run Facebook Ads

How to Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers

I was literarily dumbfounded to find out that Facebook ad runs without requesting for PIN. This has me questioning like “doesn’t this make people vulnerable?”. Well, the answer to my question is that this makes credit card owners very vulnerable.

What Fraudsters Do

Do you intend to run fraud with those credit card numbers? If so, here’s what fraudsters do to earn.

First, fraudsters require a Facebook account. There are three options to pick from.

  1. Buying an old Facebook account.
  2. Hacking a Facebook account.
  3. Creating another account with hidden IP and wrong details.

Now, the fraudster offers to advertise a company’s business and get paid. The fraudster ensures that he/she already has one, two, or more businesses who pay for the adverts. When the fraudster picks up the card details, he enters them on the Facebook ad manager and saves it as preferred card. He then increases the Facebook ad to the maximum level and shows the proof to the company. Won’t the company be pleased? Of course the company is very pleased to see their business reaching millions within few hours.

There is something funny about Facebook ad. Even when there is no money in the account attached to the credit card, the ad still runs. If the ad runs for 1 Million Dollars, that account automatically owes Facebook the sum of 1 Million Dollars while the fraudsters scampers with the money he/she is paid for the ad.

Believe me, this is unbeatable!

4. College Portals

Lots of colleges run fee payments through various platforms that do not require PINs. However, there are some fee payment platforms that demand a OTP (One-time Password). When a payment portal requests OTP, it becomes difficult to get past the transaction. This is because the account owner is being notified with the OTP for the transaction.

If you’re interested in this method, find out the operator that runs payment for the school near you. This method is best when you’re dealing with the person you know. For example, it could be that you plan to punish a stingy aunt or uncle.

How It is Done

First, the bad guy will sign-up in any payment center or rapport with the authentic guys. He tells them that he wants to run fee payments for students. Now, for every student, he pays and authenticates the payment with the OTP SMS. Until this deed is done, the account owner will not be aware of the whole game.

Note: It’s wrong to disclose one’s self to the other guys who run the payments.

At this point, all fees paid directly to the fraudster becomes his. Several states have recorded this fraud for a while now and it’s still in vogue.

5. Buy Gift Cards

Lots of guys are really into this gift card of a thing with credit details they come across. This method on how to use stolen credit card numbers is the easiest to do but very vulnerable.

How to Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers

Let’s say you’re getting gift cards from Amazon, your identity will be given out. And this means easy tracking. Might be you should consider going ghost or connecting with people that can make this look easy. Or better still, if you know trusted guys that do not stay in your country, message them the details via encrypted chats. They should use the card over there to run transactions and take their caught. You can find groups for this people…We’re not saying them here at all.

How Bad Guys Use Credit Card for Fraud Without Getting Caught

Before or after carrying out the act, you might want to do the following to avoid getting caught. These are the processes that the bad guys follow and they advise you to follow suite.

  • If you don’t know how to get stolen credit card numbers with zero trace, don’t attempt the act.
  • Make VPNs a companion.
  • If the stolen credit card details involve a conversation, encrypt the conversation.
  • Avoid CCTVs
  • Appear on hoods and gloves.
  • Always cover front-facing cameras.
  • Be speedy!
  • Never provide true personal details no matter the occasion.
  • Lastly, remain conscious of the environment and follow up the report even on the media.

Final Thoughts

How did you get the credit card number/details? Do you even know how to get stolen credit card numbers without trace? If not well enough, stay away!

Whatever reason lands credit card numbers in your palm, choose to be a good man because it pays. Despite reading how to use stolen credit card numbers here, it’s just to show you how it’s done with no support for it.

As a newbie, the chances that you’ll get caught are high and thus, you’re discouraged to proceed. If you turn a deaf ear, endeavor to do all things possible to stay ‘ghost’ or land in jail. That said, no country tolerates this act. This page does not also encourage you to do such. Return misplaced credit cards and do not get yourself into any mess.

Stay Safe!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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