How to Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers

Millions around the world will be millionaires if they know how to use stolen credit card numbers.

how to use stolen credit card numbers

Nearly a quarter of credit card carriers are unauthentic owners of the card. It means that quite a large number of credit card owners move about with other users’ cards. Half of this quarter carry cards that have been disabled while the remaining halves have stolen credit cards.

Again, more than half of those with stolen but working cards do not know how to use a stolen debit card to get cash. The problem is not that they do not know what’s up. They just need to know what to do with the stolen credit card.

Don’t be shy to identify yourself among those who do not know how to use stolen credit card numbers. The reason is that I’ll expose to you precisely what core tough guys do with the card.

As a bonus, I’ll show you how to use stolen credit card details on Amazon to buy costly things.

Let’s see how the bad guys do this!

How to Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers

  1. Buying and Reselling Domains

There is this domain I had in mind to purchase from Namecheap sometime ago. It cost about 9,000 dollars, and it’s still high today. However, a bad guy wouldn’t go through troubles before obtaining such a domain name.

You see, these domain markets often do not request for OTP (One-time Password) shits. With no OTP request, a credit card provides an open gateway for this act to take place.

If you think this is not possible, get behind me and learn. And if you’re reading this article for fraudulent acts, good luck!

  1. Hit School Portals

Hitting a school portal is an option here, but there is a disadvantage surrounding it. Most schools run on portals that communicates with credit cards to request for a one-time password. The college where I schooled, for instance, transacts with mechanisms that ask for OTP verifications. It isn’t a good one because it limits the chances of becoming rich with stolen credit cards.

I discovered this when a parent (a relative) trusted me her credit card to run payments for her child. After inputting the Credit Card Number, CVV, and Expiry Date, only the OTP stood as security. I eventually phoned her for the OTP, which she sent. Now, this is a perfect fit for how to use stolen credit card details online.

Here is What a Bad Guy Will Do:

Note, for this to work; the bad guy must be a relative or a close person to the potential victim. You must be able to access the phone of the potential victim for the OTP that will be sent.

Now, a bad guy will package himself as one of those paying fees for students. And when a student meets them, the student will pay in cash or make a bank transfer.

On my side, I recommend cash payment so that the transaction will not be traced.

Now, the bad guy makes the payment, and it debits the victim instantly. If the bad guy pays for more than one student, multiply the school fees by the number.

Even though this defrauding method has restrictions, it is one of the best out there. For instance, every transaction renders a zero traceability. The highest that a follow-up would take investigators are with the student whose school account identifies with the transaction.

  1. Run Paid Facebook Ads for Businesses

You need to buy a Facebook account before commencing this method of how to use stolen credit card numbers. It is recommended to do so because of your security. Using your original account also means ‘problem.’

how to use stolen credit card numbers

This method is just a process of advertising for companies and getting paid.

How to Use a Stolen Card with Facebook Adverts

Connect with willing companies who wish to advertise their products and service. Steal, if you don’t already have the following credit card details.

  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • CVV

Add the card as a preferred card to Facebook and set the advertisement cost at the maximum level. Show it to the company and get your pay.

Note: Apart from your face, do not reveal any other correct details of yours to them. And make sure that you don’t run this method close to where you live.

Soon afterward, the ad will be treated ad fraudulent, and all hands will be pointed at the company. The company will also be unable to give a piece of useful information about you. At this point, the investigation is dead and waves down. Enjoy the money.

  1. Connect Card to a Virtual Card

This method on how to use stolen credit card numbers can easily trick investigators. A virtual card is a card generated for single or temporary use. It is often called a one-time card. It is like a sort of clone that takes in the provided card details and functions like the original card.

Afraid of being traced? Well, such is not the case when running virtual cards because your details are never stored there. To track people with the standard card after a transaction is easy. But to track people with virtual cards is near-impossible.

The virtual card does not provide your details to the website you transact with. It keeps you protected and can be disabled after the act.

  1. Sell on Dark Web

Do you know that social media platforms like Facebook and Telegram can act as a dark market? There are some Facebook closed groups with people that trade credit cards. These guys use fake accounts, VPNs, and other tools to prevent Facebook from knowing their location. Use the comment section to obtain two of the groups that anonymously trade stolen credit card details.

how to use stolen credit card numbers

Another unpopular source is Telegram due to its encrypted resources. Several other forums available online also act as dark web filled with people ready to trade money for the card details in your palm.

Once you sell to them, you’re off the hook because no fraud will be traced to you. As earlier suggested, never disclose your details for any reason.

There are a lot of them out there and are best visited using Tor. I embedded a link to Tor already. Don’t hesitate to check on the Tor project before embarking on sales via the dark web.

  1. Cash in Advance

It is the last on the list because of the cost accompanying it. I should not include it here but it is the most untraceable of using stolen credit card details.

Simply lay hands on a visa gift card and make your purchase. For safety, use a secluded area or an area filled with people. I do recommend the places that are filled with people.

How to Use Stolen Credit Card Numbers for Domain Flipping

Before we proceed, domain flipping is the same thing as saying buying and reselling of domain names. It is one of the ways on how to use stolen credit card details online. This section will tell you what sharp guys do to earn big-time with stolen credit cards. I will discuss how this is done using ‘pronouns’ for you to understand easily.

Get Tor or JonDonym

These are projects that provide complete anonymity with whatsoever plan you have here. Follow the link to pick the process you’d love for this act to take place.

Ready the Credit Card

Since you already have the credit card at hand, there is no need to discuss the processes of getting one from the darknet. I know some persons are interested in this but don’t know how to get stolen credit card numbers. If you damn need one, buy it or steal, if you can.

Generate a Temporary Name

You will do this at random to proceed. There are several name generators out there, but you can use FakeNameGenerator. It is a way to cover up your identity further and make the act appear real.

Choose a Domain Registrar

Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. are all available for you to pick from. Signup with a latent email that contains none of your details. I recommend buying an email from websites like Buy Email Accounts and AccsMarket.

If the registrar of your choice demands a phone number, buy one and use it. There are several sites there, and if you need the best, leave a comment behind.

Complete Purchases

Go ahead with your Tor and complete purchases.

Note Purchase ‘premium’ domains so that you can sell fast (that’s if the account contains enough cash).

Contact buyers and sell out at reasonable prices or prices that are too good to be true. Receive your money and pop things!

When the processes of verification begin, you’d have been long gone and dusted victims. The highest that can be done is for the domain to be shut down. Will it affect you? Nope, unless you’re selling it to someone you know. Besides, sell the domain name via online forums and do not reveal your identity.

How to Use a Stolen Debit Card to Get Cash – What Scammers Do

Here are the steps to use a stolen debit card details online without getting caught. It only applies to those who want to make online purchases from several online markets or stores with the stolen card details.

  • Get black sunglasses and a black hoodie.
  • Board a ride out of town early in the morning to somewhere you would naturally not want to go.
  • Find a Lonely Cyber Café (if you can’t afford a new laptop for this act).
  • Connect using a VPN or just use project Tor.
  • Cover front-facing cameras on PC.
  • Pick any online store and complete the process.
  • Leave town and avoid looking up because a CCTV might be staring at you.

How to Use Stolen Credit Card Details on Amazon

This article is suspended for now to help this article stay compressed. If it interests you to want to know about it, comment below to see how the bad guys do it.

Note: When the comments are powerful enough, the article will be released!


Everything must be done as fast as the speed of light if you are interested in this act but do not know how to get stolen credit card numbers, comment below.

The moment you initiate online trade with stolen credit card numbers, agencies or an agency comes after you. Guess what? Even the most clueless investigator will be sent after you.

You really would want to have your own happy life, and I discourage you against this. Instead of defrauding with that card details, simply read this post for its educational purpose and go.


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