How to Use a Stolen Phone Without Getting Caught

People often end up in the police net because they do not know how to use a stolen phone without getting caught. But then, some often immediately think of how to sell a stolen phone to another user to withdraw themselves from the mess.

How to Use a Stolen Phone Without Getting Caught

In this article, however, you will learn beyond the art of stealing by finding out what to do with such phones without getting caught.

Should the police arrest you, it already makes no sense that you stole the phone in the first place. And if the owner is resourceful, you might end up in jail for a very long time.

Tell me, would you want to be in jail over a piece of metal? I know you definitely wouldn’t want to go there just yet. Regardless, the sections below expose how to use a stolen phone without getting caught.

What to Know About Stolen Mobile Phones

If you plan to or already have a stolen phone, know these two things.

  1. How to use a stolen mobile phone.
  2. How to sell a stolen phone.

There are two popular mobile operating systems.

  • Apple iOS
  • Android Operating System

These two variants both have a unique security feature that makes theft difficult. Commonly, the Apple iOS tends to boast of a more reliable security patch than the Google Android.

It is not because Apple is superior to Google, but because Google offers its users some sort of user-freedom with their devices. As such, Android is often said to be more user-friendly than iPhones.

In this article, I will tell you what to do after stealing an Android phone or an iPhone. If you do not do the following, you might end up with the cops if the owner decides to follow up. Both Apple and Android operating systems will be tackled to favor you.

How to Use a Stolen Phone Without Getting Caught

  • What to do after stealing an Android phone
  • What to do before stealing Android 4.4 and above
  • What to do after stealing an iPhone

Knowing how to use a stolen phone without getting caught entails that you know what to do. That is, stealing a phone and sitting back to admire it doesn’t solve the problem. Once you have a stolen phone on you, a lot is already going on in the mind of the owner. Some would stake a hefty sum of money to extract you.

What to Do After Stealing an Android Phone

With an Android phone in palms, here is what you should do:

  • After unlocking the android phone, disable GPS.
  • Set Android phone to flight mode.
  • Do not connect to the network using any SIM card connectivity. If you want to do so, connect to a tethering Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Go to Android Settings.
  • Select Account.
  • From the list of applications, select Google. A list of Google accounts connected with the phone will appear and must be removed one after the other.

Note: Removing an Android account does not require a data connection. All the stated processes do not require turning on the data connection.

How to Remove Google Accounts Registered to a Stolen Android Phone

Once these accounts are removed, the phone is almost not trackable. Here is how 4 taps can remove any Google account and render the phone trackless.

If there are 5 Google accounts registered to the Android phone, repeat the same procedure for all.

Tap 1

Select the first account to be removed.

Tap 2

At the top right side of the screen, tap the 3 dots.

Tap 3

Hit Remove Account.

Tap 4

A pop up will read, “Removing this account will delete all of its messages, contacts, and other data from the phone!”. Confirm the action by hitting Remove Account.

The next action is the action that logs out Google from the Android phone! There is an Android integration know as Find My Device. This feature allows Google to track the location of a stolen Android phone. Now, you must log Google out and prevent them from monitoring. Here is what to do on how to use a stolen mobile phone.

  • Launch Android Settings.
  • Go to Security.
  • Scroll down and select Device Administrators.
  • Find and tap Find My Device.
  • Hit Deactivate, and it’s over.

After following these processes, hard reset the Android phone using the recovery menu.

How to Enable Android Recovery

The enabling process differs depending on the Android model, brand, etc. Here are the options to try out concerning how to use a stolen phone without getting caught.

Note: the phone must be switched off.

What to do after stealing an Android phone

Try the following:

  1. Hold down the Power button and Volume Up button simultaneously.
  2. Hold down the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously.
  3. Hold down the Volume Up button and Volume Down button simultaneously.

After a successful boot into recovery mode, find the Factory Reset option. Some Android phones label it as Wipe Data and Hard Reset. Hit it and follow the screen prompt to reset the phone completely.

Still, on what to do after stealing an Android phone, I sense a little problem. Where you able to unlock the stolen phone at all? Are you still planning to get it from someone you’ve been targeting? If you’re planning to get it, I can help you with simple instructions.

Stealing an Android that is from Version 4.4 KitKat upwards will be challenging to unlock. If the Android is version 4.0 Jelly Bean downwards, you can unlock very easily. If you want the trick to unlock Android Jelly Bean and below, you can signal me using the comment section. Meanwhile, let me show you the best way to steal Android 4.4 and above without suffering to unlock it.

What to Do Before stealing Android 4.4 and Above

It will be easier if the target is a friend or someone you’re close to. Now, request for the phone to make a phone call or to check a message on your Facebook account. Instead of going on with that, quickly do the following:

  • Open Settings.
  • Find and tap Account.
  • Select Google.
  • Tap on any account you find there and tap on the 3-dots options button at the top-right screen.
  • Hit Remove Account and confirm. Repeat this for every other Google account you find there and return the phone.

At this point, how you steal the Android phone is all up to you because we strongly advocate against such. If you decide to steal, then you will be able to factory reset the phone without any Pin or Password using Recovery Mode.


The IMEI tweaking is another essential way on how to use a stolen phone without getting caught. Tweak the IMEI of the phone to prevent being tracked. You will be so lucky if MTK powers the device. To do this, you must root the phone and I can teach you how to root any Android phone without shit.

What to Do After Stealing an iPhone

Stealing the Apple iPhone and using it is no big deal as techies claim. Besides, millions of iPhones are stolen year in year out with zero traces on them.

I do not know why you’re targeting an iPhone but believe me, the chances of getting it to function itself are 50/50. Do you know why I’m saying this? Okay, let me explain!

If the owner of the iPhone has ‘Find My iPhone’ enabled, hmm. You would have to be quick about the unlocking (anyhow, you feel it can be done) process because you’ll be tracked. And if you’re tracked, we can safely conclude that you have no idea what to do after stealing an iPhone.

As a recommendation, the easiest path to breach any iPhone is to deactivate the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature. It should put off the tracking waves and leave you with enough room to initiate other processes that cut off the link between you and the trackers.

How to Disable Find My iPhone

What to do after stealing an Android phone

You will require a password to disable this security feature, but I will show you a way around. Here is what you should do.

Note: I tested this on the Ios 7 and below. It works perfectly.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Select iCloud Settings.
  • Select the Delete Account option.
  • Disable Turn My iPhone. A dialogue box will pop up requesting an iCloud password. Since this isn’t your iPhone, you wouldn’t know the password.

Follow my lead:

While the password-request window is there, hold down the power button of the iPhone. Performing this action will put off the iCloud of that iPhone

You’re almost done once you power on the iPhone again. Hand over the iPhone and tell the owner that it is locked. Would they know what’s up?

Of course not and this is your only chance to steal their iPhone. Once they unlock the iPhone, launch the iPhone Settings app and go to iCloud Settings once again. Hit the Delete Account option and proceed to disable Find My iPhone feature.

Well, you’re done, and do not forget that this is the case in iPhones that run iOS 7 and lower versions.

So, if you can pull this through, then go ahead and steal the iPhone to save your self unnecessary future stress that might yield nothing.

Author’s Advice

How to use a stolen phone without getting caught

If you have a stolen iPhone running iOS 7 and above, here’s a sincere suggestion. Lose the nuts and sell out the parts. Viola, you’ve raised money to get yourself something useful.

How to Sell a Stolen Phone – Android or iPhone

If, after all, no positives, consider selling off the mobile phone. The best place to sell is the black markets where everything functions in a shadow. Do have in mind that you would be endangering the buyer if the phone is tracked. Also, you do not want to reveal your whole identity to the buyer who might aid the cops track you down.

Considering selling the stolen phone? Well, Craiglist would make a decent choice.

How to Use a Stolen Phone Without Getting Caught

I have two personal websites where stolen phones and blocked phones can be sold quickly. For some reason, only one of such lethal site would be highlighted. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Flipsy to you all. Come on! Get in here to flip and sell illegal phones of all kinds.

Note: These black sites do not buy these phones at the rate they ought to be. That is, depending on the type of lock, the phone’s value might be cut off between 30% to 70%. For me, it’s a fair deal, or you remain stuck with a useless iPhone or Android mobile phone.


This piece is crafted purely for educational purposes with no intention to solicit for the habit of phone theft. You are responsible for how you use this guide.

Final Thoughts

Society requires reasonable minds to remain healthy. When you find a misplaced phone, consider returning it to the owner by any means possible. The said person may not reward you, but something would happen with time to reciprocate your kind gesture.

Forget that this article educates you on how to use a stolen phone without getting caught. The literal purpose is just to show the entire public how it is done.

Note: Return misplaced devices, if for nothing, but subsequent rewards.

Moreover, you can always ask for money with money messages.

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