How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria – A Complete Guide

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We are a team of entrepreneurs and legit hustlers running this blog with a goal. Out of the total number, I am the only person strongly into the mini importation business. Today, I am writing this guide alongside another adventurous entrepreneur who is remarkable in the business. This article will show you how to start mini importation business in Nigeria and become very successful like no other.

At any time and any day, we always advise people to try out entrepreneurship. This is because there are lots of channels like the mini importation business in Nigeria that fetches good money. We know your fears but you do not necessarily require lengthy mini importation training to excel in the business.

how to start mini importation business in Nigeria

Making Payments Online

First, this article will introduce the basics of the importation business because it is your starting point. If you need assistance after reading this mini importation business guide, do well to contact us. Our team is always ready to answer questions and offer premium ideas that aids you become an authority in the business.

What is Mini Importation All About

There are certain things about this business that you ought to know but no one is telling you. The reason is that many love to thrive while leaving others behind. The mission here is simple and encourages us to explain the mini importation of a thing better.

You already know something about the mini importation business in Nigeria. It is still necessary to tell you more things and emphasize on what you most require. The mini importation business does not ordinarily mean importations that are minor. You can make large imports and it will still mean the same depending on your pocket.

There is more to it which is why many upcoming entrepreneurs have to undergo mini importation training across Nigeria and worldwide. From experience, the mini importation business isn’t just about importing goods from China, USA, Dubai, UK, etc. It demands a very good entrepreneurship sense to help you reduce risks, lose and increase profit. It also demands your ability to design it as a very profitable importation business in Nigeria for yourself.

Starting Cost

For instance, the starting cost does not have any fixed rate. No matter the sort of profitable importation business in Nigeria you venture into, cost is strictly pocket-dependent. When I first learnt how to start mini importation business in Nigeria, the claim was that big capital is needed to begin. To tell you something as an experienced person, you do not require a huge startup capital. It should amaze you that I started mini transportation with as low as 15,000 Naira only.

It did not take time for me to start my imports from China and then to Dubai for more money. And guess what? I have never been to any of these places on a business trip or whatsoever. All thanks to technology.


  • A laptop or a good mobile phone.
  • Valid email address.
  • Bank account supporting credit card and money inside.
  • A payment option such as PayPal.

How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria Today

This section will deeply and evidently show you how to start mini importation business in Nigeria. For each number, a different person is responsible, which means that you’re reading a rock-solid mini importation article.

1. Undergo a Quick Mini Importation Training

This is purely optional if you’ve carefully gone through this guide. Undergoing mini importation training could be done online. That is to say that you can sit in your bed and be learning from us. We offer premium and free services that take place daily on our entrepreneur WhatsApp group with so many participants. You might want to join today and have testimonies to share tomorrow with friends and love ones.

My colleague went through a training process just like myself online. I can strongly tell you that it is necessary because there are certain things you will learn. Not just that, you will be introduced to people who are interested in your own importation business in Nigeria.

2. Identify Products that Sell Fast in Nigeria

Here is an article of ours that contains the best 15 products that sell fast in Nigeria. Note, the listed products can be sold both online and in offline stores. More than half of them are what we deal on and guarantee good money from home.

Example of the Things to Import into Nigeria

  • Used clothes
  • Jewelries
  • Perfumes
  • Male/female bags
  • Used phones
  • Sandals and snickers
  • T-shirts and polo
  • Fabrics, etc.

This stage is the stage that costs most time. If you do not understand the type of product you will venture into, you will lose. For instance, while I was dealing a particular product that I started with 15,000 Naira, I decided to extend things. I imported a particular product to sell in Nigeria, but it stayed with me for many months. At the end of the day, I decided to consume the product because nobody was interested. This makes it clear that what you have to import and sell in Nigeria ‘must’ be very valuable.

3. Pick a Seller Website

how to start mini importation business in Nigeria

Example of Wholesale Website

I and this adventurous entrepreneur just found out that we used the same seller when we started. We basically imported from the same country and this shows how interesting life can be.

There are lots of sellers out there and available online. Without their online availability, it will be impossible to import without spending everything you have on you. This is the reason why you need a good mobile phone or a laptop.

Note: Using a laptop will cost more data. I recommend turning the ‘Auto Updates’ on your laptop before connecting it to any of these seller websites.

The first website I used was Alibaba when I imported from China. Yes, China is the country I used to begin my mini importation campaign. Later on, I switched to AliExpress. Mind you, I did not leave Alibaba because of any negative thing. I felt like trying out new services because entrepreneurs do not end in one place.

Over time, I have tested other wholesale websites like:

Believe me, these are all very reliable wholesale websites that make your importation business flow smoothly.

4. Find a Seller

When you’re able to settle with a website you trust, open an account with them. Since you’re new to this business, I wouldn’t like a situation whereby you run the entire process alone. Like I stated earlier, this is something we do wouldn’t hesitate to assist you.

After a successful signup (on the preferred website), you’re not far from achieving your profitable importation business in Nigeria. There are millions of sellers out there. We have them settling in the UK, US, China, Dubai, Canada, etc. Like I said earlier, I opted for China first and the experience was okay.

How to Find a Perfect Seller

These are the things that no one will tell you as a beginner in the mini importation business.

  • Enter your preferred product keyword.
  • From the list, go through the products of the first top sellers on the website.
  • Open the products and read reviews.
  • Go for goods with good or average reviews so that you won’t regret.
  • If you feel you’re not so sure of what you’re about to buy, you can drop the link on the comment section for our team to confirm.

5. Place Your Order and Await Product Arrival

After selecting the products to sell in Nigeria, it’s time to place an order. The various wholesale websites each have a unique or similar supported payment option. You can either make payments with your credit card or via the likes of PayPal. A bank like Wema Bank where I operate makes it easier to make these sort of payments. I’m sure that your bank might have a virtual payment method that can even bypass PayPal or any payment option stated by the seller website.

The Arrival of Your Products

how to start mini importation business in Nigeria

Arrival of Products in Containers

There are two delivery methods that I’m aware of and I use both, especially when importing from China.

  1. Free delivery
  2. Premium delivery

When I imported goods that cost me up to 13,000 Naira via AliExpress, I paid nothing. The only thing I do not like about the free import is that it takes time. It took about 17 days for my package to arrive. During this time, I was afraid that I lost out on the products to sell in Nigeria.

And on the other hand, the premium services take few delivery days from wherever you’re importing from. Example is DHL Nigeria and FedEx premium companies. They do not take long to deliver, but the charge high. I do not recommend their services to you at the moment unless you are buoyant enough to pay.

Finding Buyers for Your Small Importation Business

The first thing I did was to create a business page on Facebook. My colleague took a different turn and his own was to contact buyers in person.

how to start mini importation business in Nigeria

Connecting with Buyers in Nigeria

Moreover, having a Facebook business page means that you’ll spend some money on advertisement. And there is a problem with the Facebook ad because poor targeting leads to loss of cash without gain. I hired a sales manager to properly carry out the ads and I realized profits at the end.

There is also Jumia and Konga which are now household online market names in Nigeria. My colleague attempted with Jiji and the experience was lovely. Do you know what technique I employed to boost my mini importation business today? You won’t know, find out from me!

What You Can Import Goods from China

Being that I started business with China, I have decided to include it in this article. On this article, you will learn a lot about the things to import from China to sell in Nigeria.

It was a good exploration for me and could be yours too.


When I started the mini importation business in Nigeria, nobody was there to see guide me. Today, I’m happy that I have the heart to put my ears to ground and answer newcomers’ questions.

This guide has pointed a lot on how to start mini importation business in Nigeria today. Even as it stands, reviews upon reviews are being made to carry people along. If there is anything you feel is too difficult to do or understand, the entrepreneurial team is here to guide.

Do you have a problem with money to use as capital? Do not worry at all. I recommend reading how to make money without capital in order to establish yourself. In case you’re not aware, venturing into this business is an investment and it poses risks. To prevent anyone from regretting later, we made a post highlighting the mistakes you should avoid in investments in Nigeria and worldwide.

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