How to Shop Online Without OTP

Shopping over the internet is feasible, but it is very dependent on the debit card and website you use. This is why I will be showing you the process regarding how to shop online without OTP.

Some credit cards, particularly non-VBV (non-verified by Visa) cards, may be used to shop without the need for tokens. Additionally, you can shop online without an OTP in Nigeria, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, or anyplace else in the globe.

Consequently, I will also show you several shopping sites that don’t need an OTP and allow you to make immediate purchases using a debit card. If you have someone’s debit card and want to use it to shop online, you should be aware that there may be challenges. Among many other challenges, the most common one is the OTP.

The One Time Password (OTP) is a security feature that prevents outsiders from using a debit card to shop online. Every debit card has two levels of security, and they include:

  • OTP: To prevent online purchasing using someone else’s card.
  • PIN: This prevents you from withdrawing money directly from the person’s account.

While the PIN may be challenging to get, the OTP, on the other hand, is much simpler to obtain or bypass.


What is OTP, and how does it work?

It is essential to understand how OTP works before attempting to shop online without it. Additionally, it is also crucial to note that the payment gateway is in charge of requesting an OTP. Furthermore, the seller or the bank chooses this gateway. The purchase may be completed using only the credit card information and expiration date.

For instance, in India, they use a 3D authentication; however, gateways do not require an OTP. The first option is the website you use. It must be an online shopping platform that does not adhere to secure gateway standards.

Second, there’s a Wi-Fi-enabled card, as well as a card limit. Most individuals are unaware that, depending on the bank, certain transaction limitations may not need an OTP. Finally, the website is from another country. Most websites outside of your country will allow you to purchase items online without requiring an OTP.

With the principles mentioned above in mind, you may avoid 3D authentication and buy on many platforms without an OTP.

Sadly, if a transaction is found to be fraudulent, it will be reversed by the bank. You’d have to finish the shipment as quickly as possible to prevent reversal. When using someone’s card to purchase without an OTP, an express delivery option is the best shipping choice.


What to Do Before Making an Online Purchase without an OTP


When shopping online without an OTP, a VPN is a must-have app. Most free VPNs will meet your requirements; however, paying for a VPN allows you to connect to a faster server and use premium IPs.

You can hide your internet credentials by using the Tor browser. However, you will still need an OTP to alter your location to the nation where you want to buy using your card information.


Get a Fake Phone Number 

It is not necessary to use a false phone number; nevertheless, having a personal phone number allows you to be easily traced. You can use Google Voice or any other phone number provided by a third party. The drawback of using a public phone number is that your messages will be accessible to other users.


Fill up an application with a fake billing address.

You will need to update your billing address after you get the card. Also, you won’t be able to alter your nation, but you may change your home. To prevent being tracked, assign it to a public location. In most cases, an illegal hustler will hire a picker to retrieve the item from the billing address.


Understand the shopping policy

Examine the privacy policies and terms & conditions sections of a website before making a purchase. Everything about the company’s activities will be published on the website. To begin, evaluate if the shipping policy is tricky. Does the business, for example, require ID verification before distributing items? You may, however, create a fake ID that matches the shipment information’s ID.

Is the website also available for international shipping? If the answer is no, you won’t be able to buy with them. Nevertheless, some sites act as shipping intermediaries, meaning that if you purchase anything from a site that doesn’t ship worldwide, the business will reship it to your country for a fee based on the item’s weight. They are called forwarding services, and they’re available in almost every country on the planet.


How to Shop Online Without OTP

This section explains how to shop online without OTP. The information presented here is based on firsthand experiences testing a loophole in online shopping by using another person’s card with their consent.

It’s important to note that the process of learning how to shop online without OTP is not against the law, as well as implementing it. Instead, the credit card you bought as a CC online or a stolen credit card is unlawful.

Here are the steps regarding how to shop online without OTP:

  • Go to a Different Country’s Website

First, you need a website that isn’t currently accessible in your country but can ship to it. If you shop online with a local online retailer, you’ll be asked for an OTP since the retailer must have contacted your bank to set up a secure payment channel.

The notion is that an offshore bank won’t be able to validate a transaction you make with a website located outside of the nation.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need a picker. The reason for this is because most international websites will not let you alter your shipping country. The item must be delivered to the area or country associated with the credit or debit card. After that, the item will be lawfully reshipped to your country by a pickup or forwarding agency.

For instance, If you live in an African nation like Ghana or Nigeria, OTP is not needed while purchasing on Amazon. However, you must follow specific procedures in order to buy on Amazon since certain countries, such as Nigeria, may be prohibited. Simply avoid using a local website in your country.

  • Obtain a Non-Verified Card

If you want to learn how to shop online without OTP and implement it on any website, you’ll need a non-verified debit card. The most common type of non-verified card is a Visa card. Regrettably, non-VBV cards are becoming more scarce.

This card is available for purchase on the dark web. The majority of the people who used these cards may have died, leaving thousands of dollars in their bank accounts with no one to collect them. And until the account is closed, the government borrows from it.

  • Invest in Bitcoin

Without an OTP, you can buy bitcoin. Use any of the following websites to accomplish this:

  • Paxful

After buying Bitcoin, swap it for cash and withdraw your funds. There are many more websites, but these are the best to use.

  • Purchase a Software

Instead of purchasing a shippable item, you can purchase a non-shippable item such as software, which would be sent to your email address immediately.

Any program may be purchased on a website that sells software and accepts credit card payments. First, perform a keyword search for the program you wish to buy rather than the official website. For instance, if you want to purchase Microsoft Word software, Microsoft will ask for a token or an OTP to authenticate your identity. However, a third-party retail site where the software is uploaded for sale will not ask for tokens.

You may resell the program once you’ve paid for it. Assume you purchase Microsoft Word; professionals such as bankers, bloggers, receptionists, and others need it for their jobs. The intriguing aspect is that the program may be sold to a variety of individuals. However, if it’s a restricted program, such as Grammarly premium, you’d only give out login information once individuals give you money.

  • Buy Gift Cards

The majority of gift card retailers let customers purchase their cards without providing an OTP. To authenticate the transaction, you just need the credit card number, CVV, name, and expiration date.

Another advantage of purchasing gift cards is that they are delivered immediately. Also, ensure the gift card vendor’s nation is distinct from yours. For example, if you live in the United Kingdom, the vendor site should be in the United States.

In terms of how to shop online without OTP by purchasing a gift card, the following are places where you may buy gift cards without an OTP:

  • Buy Domain Name and Web Hosting

When purchasing domain names or hosting, some vendors do not need an OTP. CVV, card number, name, and expiration date are all they require. So you’re just using someone else’s debit card to get around OTP.

To begin, you’ll need a foreign selling website. A local shop is not a good place to get a domain name or a hosting package. Otherwise, you will be easily traced, and the bank knows who you are.

The following are some places where you may buy a domain name and host without an OTP:


Additionally, you can resell these domain names and hosting to bloggers once you purchase them. To begin, join blogging communities and tell the administrators that you resale domains and hosting. To get the admin to accept your article, you may split 5-10% of the sales with them.

What websites allow you to shop online without a one-time password (OTP)?

Here are the lists of sites that permit you to shop online without OTP:

  • BigBasket
  • Clovia
  • CardDelivery
  • Grofers
  • Dominos
  • Lenskart
  • MakeMyTrip
  • My Gift Card Supply
  • Nearby
  • Pepperfry



It is achievable to shop online without an OTP, but you will need the card number, name, expiration date, and CVV. Furthermore, certain websites do not need CVV during the transaction, and the bank will immediately execute the payment.

Illegal hustlers believe that purchasing software or exchangeable goods such as bitcoin is preferable. It may also be very challenging to obtain items such as devices if you purchase them without OTP. Nevertheless, we have shown you how to shop online without OTP in the best possible way.

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