How to Sell Replicas Legally: Craigslist, eBay, etc.

How to Sell Replica Items Without Getting Caught

In this brief article, I disclose how to sell replicas legally. Of course, it is possible to sell replicas or fakes without getting caught.

how to sell replicas

Though it is not legal to sell replicas, several top-star sellers on sites such as Depop, eBay, and Amazon make several thousand dollars within months of selling replica items. Meanwhile, if you are a carder, you may read about the Amazon carding and carding methods.

To sell replicas fast, you just need a platform like eBay, Amazon, Depop, or, list the fake items for sale, receive orders, and get paid instantly. When selling fakes online, it is advisable to receive payment through checks or money orders. The reason is that money transfers from banks or mobile payments such as PayPal are traceable. Thus, the buyer may be able to request a refund and you may get chargebacks in 2-3 days.

Worse of all, the platform that you sell fake items can suspend or ban your account permanently after a buyer reports that you sell fakes online.

In the sections below, I disclose the tips to sell fakes online and get away with it.

How to Sell Replica Items Online without Getting Caught

In this section, I disclose what top sellers hide from you when it comes to selling fakes and getting away with it.

Recently, I ran an experiment online on eBay to sell fakes. Expectedly, I was able to sell the fakes and get away with it.

how to sell replicas without getting caught


Below are the tips to sell replicas:

  1. Find a Site without Strict Policies

If you must excel from selling replicas online fast, you need a platform that is not strict on payment, and that allows sellers to complete control over their products.

As you read further, you will find the section I disclose some of the best sites you can sell fakes and even become a 5-star seller.

If a particular site has policies that are not flexible or do not allow a seller to make changes to suit what they want, such a site is not good for selling counterfeits.

To know whether a site is good for selling fakes or replicas without getting caught, go to the Privacy Policy page on the site and check for their payment, shipping, and delivery policies.

The policy must state the following:

  • A seller can modify their shipping settings and also choose whether to ship internationally or domestically.
  • A seller can set their payment options for checking and money order.

If you cannot find the information on the Privacy Policy page, to the About page. If the About page has no information, then check the Terms and Condition page for the information.

  1. Prepare the Replicas

The next step is for you to prepare the replicas that you want. First, decide on one niche of replicas to sell. A niche refers to the brand of products that could be jewelry, clothing (unisex, men or women), etc.

If you pick a niche like jewelry, you will sell counterfeits such as replica gold necklace, fake diamond ring, counterfeit wrist chain, etc. Examples of brands of wristwatch you can sell their replicas are Rolex and Michael Kors. These are brands that people admire worldwide and would be willing to pay cheap prices for them.

You can buy cheap items or create them if possible. For example, if you are a fashion designer, you could replicate a certain Gucci wear as it is exactly and place the Gucci label on it. If you specialize in making footwear, you can make a fake shoe that looks like the original and put the label you want.

For example, you can buy a pair of Nike or Adidas and create several shoes that look similar, then print a fake Nike or Adidas label for the counterfeit shoes you just created.

  1. List the Fake Items

After you create a seller account with the preferred platform, it is time to list your replicas for sale online.

Can I sell replica handbags legally

Fakes for sale

First, download pictures of the counterfeits online. For example, if you are faking a Rolex watch, go online and search “Rolex watch”. Pick the images that match with your replicas and edit them. You can watermark the images with the name of your profile to look like you are a licensed dealer.

Note: It is illegal to misrepresent a company with their product. If your seller platform finds out, the account will be suspended.

After uploading the images, you have to supply the descriptions and optimize with the hashtag for people to find your fake items when they search for them online.

Note: Some sites allow you to specify whether an item is a fake. But you must not specify that the item is a fake.

Try to be natural when describing the replica items to prevent bots from removing your listings. On Craigslist, for instance, the bots are strict, such that they can delist even genuine items on the platform.

  1. Modify Your Shipping Policy

Your shipping policies would include whether you ship internationally or domestically and whether you or the buyer is responsible for the shipping charges.

On certain platforms such as Depop, you are allowed to estimate the shipping cost, which could be lesser or higher in reality.

Since I am selling replicas online, I want to set the shipping internationally to attract more buyers.

If you are allowed to edit your shipping terms, you will first put that you accept payment upon delivery and that you accept money transfers and mobile payments such as Payoneer and PayPal.

After sellers make their orders, you can edit your shipping policy and include that you accept only checks and money orders. If the buyer admires the item dearly, they will not mind sending checks.

  1. Give Special Offers

To sell fakes online fast, give limited special offers, and watch buyers flood in for your item.

The limited special offers would include auction pricing, free or discounted shipping, and additional gift upon the purchase of your items. Of course, you will not disclose what the additional item would be to the buyers. It can be a small written note from you, a cheap handkerchief, or any small piece of material that costs a few cents.

You can encourage people to accept paying via money orders and checking by telling them that it comes with further discounted rates. When they ask why you do not want to use the payment system integrated into the platform, tell them that you want to avoid giving commission to the platform so that they can enjoy cheap items from you.

  1. Set Payment Method to Checks and Money Order

Like I mentioned above, you must not accept payment via bank transfers or the integrated mobile payment method to avoid chargebacks.

Of course, your buyers would be infuriated when they receive the items and discover that you sell replicas. They will file a report immediately to the platform you host your e-market and also if you allow payments via PayPal, they will report to PayPal. PayPal will freeze your account and after investigations, the money is refunded to the buyer.

  1. Ship Without Tracking Number

Sites like eBay allow sellers to choose to track their items. The disadvantage of tracking an item is that you will pay for the tracking ID, which puts the cost on you or the buyer.

If you sell replicas without tracking ID, it saves more cost, but you will have problems with the buyers if the delivery takes too long. Note that you also do not have any power over untracked items, especially if the shipping is not an express or a priority shipping.

Also, you can create a fake tracking number and send it to buyers to give them hope that you are tracking the item (if you lied to them that you obtained a tracking ID).

Tell the buyer to exercise patience and that every cost is on you. The buyer will feel uncomfortable since they sent you a check or money order for the transaction. Of course, it is your responsibility to calm the buyer with hopeful words and secure more time for yourself.

Sample of Replicas (1)

How to sell fakes online

Sample of Replicas (2)

How to sell replicas legally


Where to Sell Replica Items

If you sell knock offs, fakes, replicas, or counterfeits, it is against the federal copyright law.

No website allows you to sell replicas legally even if you mention that it is not the original.

Nonetheless, discover where to sell replica items below:

AliExpress is one of the sites where you can sell fakes online and get away it. The site uses strict policies against replica items, but you can list counterfeits, sell and become a top seller.

Most top sellers that sell on AliExpress started by selling fakes and originals. Some sell products manufactured in their name and AliExpress does not take down their listings.

The best replicas to sell online on AliExpress includes fake shoes, bags, and jewelry.

If you are good at editing and describing tour listings, then you can be assured that eBay is a good place to sell your replicas online. However, eBay does not officially accept the sale of fake items on their platform, even if you specify that the item is a fake.

Nonetheless, several top sellers deal on fakes and get away with selling to multiple buyers on eBay.

To sell fakes on eBay and get away with it, you have to make your description as natural as possible. If you create an account that eBay keeps taking down your listings, then the account has been flagged and you need a new account to continue.

You can sell fakes on Amazon without getting caught. Besides, it is common for people to sell even illegal items on Amazon and not get caught.

Amazon accepts checks and money orders but they do not accept payments via gift cards. If Amazon allows gift card payments, it would make selling fakes or counterfeits even easier.

To sell replicas on Amazon, list the items, and add your payment method. First, be sure that you can create a seller account from your region because Amazon does not support all locations yet.

Both Instagram and Facebook are collectively owned by one company and they are both great for selling fakes. On Facebook, you can create a page to serve as your e-market. Upload your replicas and attach mouth-watering prices. Also, Facebook gives you complete control over the transaction, and you decide how you want to receive payments.

To gain more reach, you can advertise the page.

Om Instagram, upload your listings, optimize with hashtags for visibility, and start selling.

Offline Stores

If you are not comfortable selling replicas online, you can establish an offline store. However, the store must be mobile so that buyers do not return to request a refund after finding out that you deal with fakes.

Also, the police can come after you for selling fakes if you are reported.

Can you legally sell replicas

Counterfeits Online

Setbacks in Selling Replicas

Bad Reviews

If you sell replicas, expect bad reviews and low-star rating.

You can avoid a bad reputation by switching accounts. So, you must have a target for each account and you will close the account once you reach the target.

Against the Federal Copyright Law

Like I mentioned earlier, selling fakes is illegal and against federal copyright laws worldwide. You can only sell brands like Louis Vuitton, Pierre Cardin, Giorgio Armani, Rolex, etc. as a licensed seller.

Trackless Shipping

If you ship to a fraudulent buyer, you will lose money, though it saves you the cost of paying for a tracking ID. Regardless of whether you accepted through a checking or bank transfers, the buyer could have sent a fake check or the buyer can dispute the transaction via the platform (if you use the payment method from the platform) and it causes delays that make you lose the money.

Final Thoughts

It is profitable to sell fake items online, but you must be careful not to get caught. Moreover, it is better than shoplifting in stores.

Meanwhile, I do not recommend a platform such as because they do not accept payment in cash. Before you sign up on any website, check whether they accept checking and money order, otherwise, you cannot sell your fakes and get away with it.

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