How to Recover Money from a Scammer in Nigeria

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You are about to discover how to recover money from a scammer in Nigeria through me. I am not very happy after one of the yahoo guys I usually show the way messed up. Like I always say to hustlers, “look at the face of the person you’re targeting”. Is this too hard?

Hello! Targeting the wrong person means that you will pay later and this means failed scam.

I really don’t have issues with scammers unless they force me to. For me to go all lengths to find how to get my money back from a scammer means a lot. And in this article, I will expose the formats that scammers employ to scam you. Trust me, I make guides for these guys and I know their modes of operation better.

In Nigeria, many people ignore the power of the scammers haunting them. In return, it becomes 50x difficult for them to know how to recover money from a scammer who is rugged. To be on the safe side, acknowledge that scammers are powerful and cunning.

Anyway, I went extra miles to find how to get my money back from a scammer who reads my articles. Here is what I did that you should do and get your money back very fast.

How to Recover Money from a Scammer Very Fast

What way did you fall a victim? Check for your own below.

If you don’t find your own in the list, it is among the ‘etc.’. Listing all will prevent us from tackling what I did on how to get my money back from a scammer.

In this guide, I will take you step by step on what to do and how to do. It also does not matter how you were scammed, so you don’t have to bother.

Step 1

Contact Your Bank Immediately

Most frauds would mostly always concern the bank. However, if yours did not concern the bank, you should skip this step.

Scammers even hack bank accounts with their laptops very easily.

For those whose case concerns the bank, like credit card scam, you always have a chance with your bank. When a fraud occurs, like it did to me, I chatted up my bank immediately. Fortunately, they responded in about 3-minute time. I disclosed the incident to the bank and ask how to get my money back from a scammer. The bank wasn’t negative about the incident and did not rain blames on me at all.

What the Bank Does in the Process

First, I complained to them that I made a transaction with a fake online store and I need a reversal. They asked for the account details of the scammer which I provided and they promised to look into case. But how? Here is how they look into the case.

They immediately make contacts with the other bank (if it’s a different bank that handles the scammer’s account). The essence of this contact is to alert them of a problem. And if the scammer hasn’t had his hands on the money yet, the bank freezes the account.

Fast Forward

The bank requested for a police report for the process to continue since it deals with a person’s bank account. Now, here is where it’s going to get a bit messy. However, threading with caution and focus will bust the scammer in no time.

Step 2

Contact the Appropriate Agency

Knowing quite well a police report is needed in the fight, don’t hesitate. It should cost just few hours to get on ready. And the police department will certainly consider the situation as critical and look to help. Also, this is the time when you have to submit the scammer details to the police or appropriate agency in your town. I did not even wait for them to demand for it because ‘common sense’ made me know so.

Requesting for a Police Report

how to recover money from a scammer

The Nigeria Police

If you live in an advanced or urban location in Nigeria, you should be able to apply for the report online. My location did not provide such service, and even if they did, it will be slow, if they even respond. To help myself, I hastened things and did not sit back to do nothing.

On my end, I recommend visiting the closest police or appropriate agency in your neighbourhood. If there is provision for online forms, that’s better. Just download and fill the form to reduce the stress when you arrive at the station.

At the Police Station

how to recover money from a scammer

Ask for direction to the building that renders such services. Go there and check their requirements. The station I used needed the form to be filled alongside the scammer bank details. I provided the details and submitted the form. The man on counter asked a few questions and included them in the report. Few minutes later, it was ready.

Note: Some stations might take longer to process the information and get back to you.

Your only hope should be to find yourself at a police department that does not processes complaints in batches. Real-time processing is the best as you do not have to return the next day or week.

Step 3

Submission of Report and Publishing Scammer Details

With the police report in your palms, you’re closer to recovering your money from the scammer. Leave the report at the bank, tell them how cast down you are and leave them to handle the rest. If need be, the bank will contact you either by mail messaging, phone call or SMS.

While waiting, it’s time to strike fear into the scammer’s mind. Visit the top Nigerian forums, websites, social media platforms, etc. and publish their details. At this point, you have killed their personality and they already live with a tainted image. The situation is even rosier if you have their photo(s) to publish alongside and tag as ‘scammer’. Only an ignorant scammer will not realize how much damage you’ve hit their social personality.

Step 4

Use Tracker Software

how to recover money from a scammer

Tracking a Scammer

The scammer who messed me was fortunate to find his details and photos I published everywhere. He immediately got back to me with threats to take down his photos. You know what I did? I laughed at his life which will soon turn disastrous.

During his waste of time, I used tracker software to monitor his location and get the best possible data. Being that his GPS (Global Positioning System) was off, it was difficult to get an accurate location data. However, the data I could get was enough to aid the agency in charge with their duty.

I highly recommend the use of this software. I used mine on a PC and I’m very sure there are a few for mobile phones. If you’re interested, I can provide you a link to get the software and have that scammer busted.

Do these Trackers Work

They very well work, especially when the GPS of the scammer is turned on. You will receive an accurate location data with their GPS enabled, but it can’t be accurate with their GPS disabled. You may just be lucky enough to have them leave it on for your own good.

Step 5

Press On

Agencies and banks will withdraw once your concern and campaign go off. It can take months but you will win, trust me. It took me hours to figure out how to recover money from a scammer and months to recover. The two months wasn’t bad and I can call that period successful months.

Keep pressing and follow up the matter. At the end, two things are likely to happen. In my case, two things happened:

  • I recovered my money from the scammer
  • The scammer was busted and arrested

The scammer did not hand over the money in person instead, the bank made refunds and that’s from their wallet. Whatever then happens between the scammer versus the bank and the police doesn’t concern because I have my money back. Moreover, most persons are ignorant of the customer refund policy discharged by banks. This sort of policy allows customers to enjoy certain benefits like recovering lost money to scammers and all of that.

What You Should Not Do

On the course of this fight, these are the things or actions you should avoid to boost your chances.

how to recover money from a scammer

Avoid Scammer Calls

  1. Don’t Engage in Flimsy Conversations

For the short while that the scammer is yet block you, avoid flimsy conversations. Do not message or talk in a manner that high-rises their hope. Enter no negotiation and wave off their powerless threats. State clearly that they are thieves and won’t get away with the deed. While doing this, try using trackers, as I suggested above, to see if you can get positives. Also, do whatever thing is possible within the short time because they will block you very soon. If it’s on Facebook, get every possible data from their ‘About’ and cut communications even before they do so.

  1. Avoid Using Threats

Employing the use of threats will not help the situation. In cases where a scammer is caught, they might issue the chats to the police to complicate things. For instance, if the chat contains death threats from you, the police will be forced to question your integrity. And you know, you might end spending big or have a serious case with the scammer. Just avoid threats and be plain with your manner of communication with the scammer.

  1. Do Not Disclose Your Activities to the Scammer

Anger may sometimes manipulate your mind. Even if you’ve involved the army in the fight, keep it away from the scammer. Trust me, the scammer will attempt to use tricky measures to extract information from you. That is, they want to know your steps so as to be careful with how they make movements. If it’s difficult for them, they’ll cut you off and be on the watch with an unstable mind. And if they still into knowing your actions, you’re done for. They will use that details to cover their path throughout the findings.

To End It All

Few words are enough for the wise because I won’t dwell on this issue again. These are the measures I used after finding how to get my money back from a scammer in Nigeria.

I have used them and it worked. This is the second time I’ve encountered this out of trust. The first method I used did not work but this one worked. I also find on records that most persons who succeed on recovering their money from scammers follow this method. It’s now your turn to play and I wish you nothing other than success.

Despite all of these, the best option is to be able to identify a scammer. Are you a victim or afraid of being scammed by fake love? It’ll be over once you know how to identify romance scammers before anything.

It might appear tough but it’s worth it. You won’t just be getting your money back, but helping to curb scam activities in the society.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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