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Alternative Ways to Record Netflix Screen

You want to know how to record Netflix screen if you have an Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows. Obviously, you can’t ordinarily screen-record a Netflix movie or show on any of these platforms, which is even against Netflix policy.

Netflix employs the Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, which primarily prevents any unauthorized use of digital content, including videos, sound recordings, and e-books. Thus, only an authenticated user is allowed access to the content for a specific time.

Netflix is a great app to chill with your screen entertaining you. But you sometimes want to record the movies for yourself or to share with others. Unfortunately, this is not part of your agreement with Netflix. But there are alternatives you can follow to get this done.

We often like to download movies and series on the computer and watch them later without the internet. Once you have the video on the computer, you can share it with your family and even cast it on TV, Xbox, and other DLNA devices.

how to record Netflix screen

How to record Netflix screen

You now know why the Netflix app will not allow you to record the screen. In this section, you will discover our tricks to get the screen to record your Netflix for Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone. Do the following:

a. Record Netflix screen on Mac

You can record your Netflix screen on Mac. We have also tested some of the Netflix screen capture software and they tend to work well. They also have their downside though. We decided to record the screen on Mac using EaseUS RecExperts for Mac – it works well too.

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Note: We are not affiliated with any software developer mentioned in this article. We only list what we use to make this educative guide for you.

On Mac, you can also choose to record the Netflix screen in full screen mode or part of the screen. You can also use the microphone option to add your narrations to the recorded screen. Depending on the Mac Netflix recorder you use, such as EaseUS, you can record webcam using an internal or external webcam.

Record scheduling is possible for Mac users. Just use the toolbar option to set your start and stop times to record your favorite Netflix series.

Steps to record Netflix screen on Mac

  • Open your Netflix. First, open your Netflix account and select the video you want to screen-record.
  • Open your screen recorder. Now, open the screen recorder you downloaded from the official website. For this tutorial, we used EaseUS RecExperts for Mac. You can set your software to record the whole or full screen or part of the screen only. If you select the screen part, then you need to correctly customize the recording area. If you use EaseUS, click Region and select the area of the screen you want to record – use your mouse.
  • Capture with audio. If the software does not automatically enable the audio feature, hit the Sound icon, usually on the down corner, to record the audio along with the video.
  • Modify your video. Go to Settings and make modifications such as changing the video output format and quality, and more.
  • Start recording. After setting up how you want to Netflix screen recorder to work, hit the REC or Record button to record the Netflix screen.

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You can also hit the stop icon whenever you want to stop recording. Your recorded Netflix video on Mac will be stored in the Recordings folder.

b. Record Netflix screen on Mac with OBS Studio

We experimented with OBS Studio software for our Mac PC, and it works well. OBS Studio is a free and open-source software for Netflix, and it provides high performance and real video/audio screen recording.

OBS Studio for Mac also comes with an audio mixer with filters, including suppress, gain, and noise gate. It has a wide variety of configurations you can tweak to record your Netflix screen the way you want it.

Steps to record Netflix screen with OBS Studio

  • Open Netflix and OBS

Visit your Netflix account via your Mac browser and open the video you want to screen-record. Now, open your downloaded OBS Mac software and click the “+” sign below Sources.

  • Name your window

When you add a name to the window, OBS automatically detects and selects the window where Netflix is active. You can set up additional options to record your Netflix video and audio how you want it.

  • Start recording the Netflix screen

After setup, start playing your favorite video on Netflix and click the “Start Recording” button immediately. OBS will automatically save your Netflix video to your Mac after recording.

c. Record Netflix screen on Windows

You basically need a tool to bypass the DRM. There are many tools out there, including Audials one, EaseUS, Wondershare DemoCreator, iTop Screen Recorder, and Vidmore Screen Recorder, just to mention a few.

For our test, we used the EaseUS RecExperts on our Windows PC. It can capture the Netflix screen on your Windows or whatever is on the screen that you want to record, including videos and streaming audio.

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When you play Netflix in full-screen mode, you simply launch your software to start capturing. If you play Netflix in Full Screen mode, you need to select the Full Screen option on the interface of the software to capture and record your Netflix screen.

This software also allows you to set the specific time you want to record your Netflix screen. So, if you only needed a specific scene, you can do so with EaseUS.

After recording, you can preview, trim and rename the video clips to whatever you want.

The features this software carries for Windows PC include:

  • Webcam and Netflix screen recording (or both simultaneously)
  • This feature allows you to schedule your PC to start recording Netflix after a specific time.
  • Video recording with system sound and microphone sound turned on
  • Up to 1080P and 4K resolution.

d. Record Netflix screen on Android

Android users can also record their Netflix screens. However, before you download a screen recorder, make sure to check the compatible Android version. Some apps will require newer Androids like Android 10. Otherwise, install an app like AZ Screen Recorder if you have an older Android version.

There are several apps out there for Android, but some that can record the screen of your Netflix account may not be found on Google Play Store. You may have to download and install them from third-party websites, which is not advisable. Some of the websites force you to download a virus into your device, so be careful.

e. Record Netflix screen on iOS

If you have an iPhone, you can record your Netflix screen entirely free. You just need to use the iOS screen recorder if you use iOS 11 or later.

Steps to record Netflix screen on iPhone:

  • Open the Netflix app. Open your Netflix app and navigate to the screen of the video you want to record.
  • Launch iOS screen recorder. Now, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen. Click the Screen Recorder icon to start recording Netflix videos.

After recording your favorite Netflix video, click on the red button in the floating button to stop recording. iPhone will automatically save the recorded screen.

f. Record Netflix screen online

You can also record Netflix screen online if you do not intend to install any app or software for Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac.

However, you need to have a PC – this method does not work on phones or tablets. Install or launch the Chrome browser on your PC and download the “Screen Recorder App” from the Chrome browser extension store.

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This plugin records your entire browser screen, so it records your Netflix alongside in good quality. You can also record Netflix audio, webcam, or an application recording you are running.

Steps to screen-record Netflix online:

  • Open Chrome. Launch Chrome on your PC or download and install it. Go to the Chrome Extension store and download the plugin.
  • Open Netflix. Visit Netflix and open the video you want to record. Now, click the Chrome extension you just downloaded to ready it for screen recording.
  • Configure the extension. You can further configure the plugin or just click the Recording button to start recording. You can set the plugin to record the entire screen, an application window, or a Chrome tab. Choose the “Chrome tab” option so that your recording will not be distracted when you exit the Netflix screen to another software.

After the Netflix screen is recorded, click “stop recording” and save the recorded file on your computer. Ensure to properly configure and test the videos in bits to avoid recording everything without sound.

How to prevent the black screen when recording PC Netflix

  1. Open your browser. You can use Firefox, Chrome, or Edge. For this tutorial, we used Chrome. Now, go to the web address of the Netflix video you want to screen-record. Go to the web settings and disable “hardware acceleration”. Here is a guide showing how you can disable hardware acceleration for your Chrome browser.
  2. Download your screen recorder app for Windows PC. As mentioned earlier, there is a variety of them online. This tutorial uses EaseUS RecExperts. Just visit and download the EaseUS RecExperts for PC to record the screen of your Netflix account.
  3. Visit Go to the Netflix website on your browser. Now, launch your preferred Netflix screen recorder.
  4. Set up. If you choose to play Netflix video on full-screen mode, then select Full Screen on the screen record software. However, to play your Netflix on Window mode, you have to select customize the recording area to correctly record the extent (width and length) of the Netflix window.
  5. Start recording. After you set your software to run on full screen or window mode, click the recording button to begin. On EaseUS, you click REC to record the Netflix screen and audio without a black screen.

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Depending on the Netflix recording software you use, you may be able to pause, stop or screenshot the recording process using the available toolbar. You will also be able to schedule the software to start recording after a certain time.

Your recorded Netflix video will be stored on your device. You are also allowed to further edit, such as trimming, before saving it.

Final thoughts

There’s no direct way to record your Netflix screen since Netflix does not want you to. But you could always download your favorite movies to watch later.

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