How to Motivate Yourself Out of Frustration

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Frustration is real; unless you haven’t felt it, and then just pray it never comes knocking at your door. But this post basically isn’t about how to get frustrated, it is aimed at getting to let people who are about hitting rock bottom on how to motivate themselves out of frustration.

At one point in life, you might be experiencing what it means to be home and down when everything seems negative. You believe there is nothing worth fighting for again. This sense of defeat overtakes you, and all the motivation you had to continue is gone.

Something good is about to come, so I want you to hang on and read this post with so much positivity. Is there a way to motivate oneself out of frustration without external help? Oh, Yea! It boils down to just you and yourself alone.

In situations like this, depending on an external source of motivation won’t totally work. It has to come from the inside and affect the outside. The question now is how can a frustrated person motivate himself and push forward?

Let’s look at ways you can motivate yourself out of frustration

motivate yourself

Mr Bernard Had a story to tell;

One question that I get asked all the time, how was I able to stay positive and motivated in what was certainly the worse time of my life.

  • I had lost my money.
  • I had lost my freedom.
  • I had lost my children for a time.
  • My wife divorced me.

And I think about it, and I say, you know, here’s the secret;

When I was in jail, in those moments, and the worst moments of all were at night time when you’re in your bunk and people are sleeping and you’re alone with your thoughts, and you could just really get negative.

There are three ways you can motivate yourself out of frustration

How to Motivate Yourself Out of Frustration 1

The vision of a Glorious Future

When I was alone with my thoughts, I would close my eyes and visualize the faces of my two children. I knew that if I don’t get to right all my wrongs, I’d let them down so badly. I said to myself “there is no length I won’t go to prove to these kids that their dad can be the best dad ever”. To motivate yourself out of frustration starts with creating achievable goals.

That became the driving force that kept me all through jail and made me rebound faster than I could ever imagine.

When you are down and frustrated, it is about proving to those who believe in you that you would never let em down.

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Every night before you go to bed, bring out a sheet of paper where you’ve written down the names of your loved ones.

Close your eyes and imagine their faces

Imagine what they’d feel if you go down without just a fight

Imagine their hopes and stakes on you to come out successful.

It is all about the cause you believe in. People can do crazy things for causes they believe in but for yourself, you’ll only go so far

The question is “who have you promised never to let down?” think about that person and hold on to that promise.


Create a Plan/Strategy around the Vision

When you are trying to motivate yourself out of frustration, you have to have a strategy, a plan that allows you to achieve your vision.

A few years ago while still in the university, finances were so difficult in the family, and there were lots of sacrifices to make. My monthly allowance was reduced greatly that it could barely last me a week. I was getting frustrated, and it was affecting my studies. I knew I wanted to be rich, and I decided to figure out a plan.

How could I make money from the hostel of a private university?

I had this earpiece back then and seems like everybody kept on borrowing it because theirs got spoilt or was missing – no way to replace. My family house was in the same town as the university, and then I thought of a plan.

“What if I could start selling my kinda earpiece in school?”

I placed a call back home to my younger brother, and he visited our school the next day with dozens of earpieces exactly like mine.

What I bought for 300 Naira, I sold for 1k each. As demand increased, I also increased the selling price.

I made over 20k selling earpiece to students who were in the same schools as I was then.

I didn’t complain much nor did I go to steal out of frustration. I only envisioned my future of buying anything I wanted in school, created a plan around it, and executed it ASAP.

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Acquiring the necessary skills for Execution

This is what I call the inner game of success. It is sort of what happens up between your ears. Before you ever go into the world and take action, you need to get the necessary tools for execution.

Imagine a football manager whose team is already rock bottom of the league. He’s created a vision for the club, motivated the players, but he still needs some additions to the teams to get them going.

how to motivate yourself out of depression

When you intend to motivate yourself out of frustration, doing the same thing over and over again won’t yield results, which would now lead you back to depression.

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In my own case, I decided to watch some sales movies, and that was how I started my selling career.

When you are trying to motivate yourself out of frustration, pain should be your greatest motivation. Learn how to communicate, learn how to sell.


Go for what you want

Have a hundred people already to you that you are going to fail? Do you believe you would be successful? Then go for what you want in life. Even if you finally do fail, you’d be happy because you gave it a trial.

There are so many people out there in the world that have these great ideas; they have this great passion inside. They could make a difference in the world, their lives, families, but they end up locking it deep within themselves.

motivate yourself and take your chances

Someone once told me “I have never met someone who is so fearless as you are. Like you have all this stuff and you’re just ploughing forward. You are damn fearless”

I told the person “I’m scared shit, but I’m not letting it stop me. I only let my fear push me forward.”

That is exactly how you motivate yourself. You utilize the pain you feel as a motivation and push forward. If you don’t motivate yourself with the pain you feel, you will end up in self-denial and numb yourself to the pain.

Then one day when you’re old in bed and ready to die, you’ll look back at all the things you could have done, and become miserable.

Never be that person that looks back and has regrets. You can still achieve whatever you’ve decided to achieve. You just have to motivate yourself out of frustration and plough forward.

Just keep your head up and look at the brighter side. You will be fine. I promise.

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