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One of the ways of becoming rich is to take advantage of your bank account. If you know nothing or too little about how to make money from bank account, then get in here.

Fed up with how banks prey and make money from you daily? Anyways, you do not necessarily have to grumble much. After all, you’re at fault – yes, you are at fault. Banks prey on your bank account not because they want to but because you liberate them.

Why do you think this occurs in the first place? Is it because you have so much money in your account to show? No! You simply do not know how to make money from bank account and this gingers the bank to shred you to pieces.

Your Luck!

I’m willing however, to put you on the bright and right side of taking advantage of these banks. Moreover, I‘ll ensure that you taste the delight of becoming a predator like myself who preys on my bank.

Meanwhile, you can also check out 5 investment mistakes people make and see how to avoid them.

Once you fully absorb this guide, I would stake a dollar to a dime that banks would become weary of your presence. It’ll be a killer sign to their institution that you figured how to make money from your account.

Is It Possible to Make Money from bank Account?

It’s not quite decent how banks suck customers dry by the day, especially in Nigeria. Banks are institutions structured and run by high money-inclined intellects. Their degree of developing money-drawing strategies is second to none. They employ really intelligent mediums and their customers are often the sufferers. In return, these customers get nothing which makes owning a bank account seem absurd.

Truthfully, owning a bank account isn’t at all absurd as most persons may think. It’s only absurd when you have no idea of how to make money from bank account. In fact, a bank account is the surest way to make money without losing money. To answer that question bothering you now, it’s very possible to make money from a bank account. Also, don’t bother to ponder over this because I’ve carved ideas highlighting how to make money from any bank account.

How Banks Make Money from Your Account

how to make money from bank account

Banks have several smart ways of making their money from any account registered to them

If you wish to survey the concept of their strategies, you’ll end up dumbfounded.

Banks get rich from ‘meaningless charges’, as you might term them. As little as that charge might appear, it can buy a mansion within seconds. Assuming your account incurs a charge of 55 Naira, multiply it by hundreds of thousands more registered accounts. I do not have to list the result here because it’s overwhelming. Millions of bank users make transactions daily and these result to millions, if not billions within seconds.

More On How Banks Shred Your Balance

Another way banks make their money is with untouched account balance. It’s obvious that the bank account balance is untouched but it is being used. In fact, they make it clear in their terms that every withdrawal that exceeds thrice incurs extra charges. Why does these sort of features accompany these bank accounts? It’s simple! The idea is to prevent users from removing what is in their bank accounts. And on the other end, the bank shifts your money to fruitful investments, mostly with federal governments owned projects.

Any need to enlighten you more on this? Oh yes, there are needs to. I wouldn’t want to bore you with a long epistle. However, I have them in stock and I’m willing to issue out on your demand.

Best Ways on How to Make Money from Bank Account in Nigeria

Quickly, although there are many ways to rip the bank, we’ll consider few but most powerful ways. This will save your time and allow you to quickly start earning from your bank too.

Create Virtual Accounts

Most banks in Nigeria offer virtual bank services and these services feature goodies. For banks to keep the earnings high, they carry out very little publicity which only the smarts find out. Being that you didn’t find out does not make you daft, you simply don’t know how these things work. Example of banks with virtual banking support include Wema Bank, Sterling Bank, Zenith Bank, etc.

Wema Bank operates with a virtual bank known as ALAT with several options. This platform is integrated right inside the bank account and every user is eligible except Easy Life and other minor account types. For ALAT, a user is entitled to as high as 10% interest on every money saved. I have had experience of this platform, believe me, it’s one easy way to get rich. My time on Wema Individuals Account was absurd and costly. Not a single interest dropped in until I integrated the ALAT banking system which isn’t much publicized.

Other Virtual Options

Sterling Bank Call Deposit is one more venue to rip a bank. With massive 10% interest, your savings won’t be in vain. If you wish, you may as well taste the Sterling ‘Doubble’ which guarantees 100% returns of your money. Following how to make money from bank account using this mode however demands that you accept the terms and conditions.

Observe Onetime Bank Giveaways

Once in a while, the banks you register with offer some sort of onetime giveaways. These are attempts by the bank to keep its customers’ patronage alive. You might think that it’s some sort of scam but they aren’t – people win. The only oddness in this mode is that you must reach certain requirements which you’re of course likely to.

Banks assure winnings ranging from cash prices to domiciles, cars and several other items. But the winning is often some sort of competition. It could be the same way you refuse to partake is the same way another fellow bank user refuses. In this case, if you reconsider your decision, you may stand a big chance of becoming even the sole winner. Being one of the competitive ways to adopt on how to make money from bank account, it can significantly payoff.

Bank Stocks Investments

how to make money from bank account

The fastest and payable way on how to make money from your bank account is stocks investment. As part of how to make money from bank account, this mode is often concealed. Hardly do banks advertise these programs but people still find out and sign into them.

Be one of the few like myself and watch your money fix several stubborn problems. Somehow, various platforms often try to enlighten the public on the realness of these programs but just few adopt. If it’s due to some sort of fear that you refuse to invest in bank stocks, I’m recommending it today. The best you can get from the bank is to invest in them. In fact, there isn’t any ‘almost perfect’ institution that guarantees returns like the bank.

Banks love customers who preserve more than the spend. Unless you’re spending on things that are likely to yield enough, save! But do not save in bank accounts that do not reward your savings. To identify such bank accounts is easy. One more thing, do not always rush into opening an account without fully understanding its features.

Buy Treasury Bills Through Banks

In Nigeria for instance, most treasury bills investments go through banks. This results from the placement of auction price at 50 million Naira which is quite high on individuals’ position. Being that the bank is a pathway to this national cake, wasting time has nothing as an excuse.

Imagine being paid upfront – this mode offers you a 10% upfront payment. Cool isn’t it? This is one of my mediums of earning from bank account and I’m still in search for seemingly new avenues. Get up and feed from that bank through any of its branches now before it becomes late. Besides, even the bank will never inform you of how to make money from bank account through this medium.

Apply for Bank Loans

This could be a bit tricky but with a good scrutiny, everything should be just fine. It can be quite demanding knowing how to make money from bank account by getting loans. This is because it involves pledging collateral and carrying out lots of paperwork. Apart from these, you will be repaying the bank with interest. The fact that the bank will be repaid with interest does not mean they’re winning. The interest is just some sort of compensation for the money you receive to site a venture. Likewise, for money to be made, money must be at stake.

This doesn’t require any form of mathematics or critical analysis when you’re very certain of what your plans.

To get loans from banks and become rich requires planning and a form of guide. If you have the plan but require a little more guide, you can contact us for support. Since I’m advising you to get that loan, I’ll be there to see you get the best out of it. Remember, the first step to success must feature courage.

Are these Ways of Making Money from Bank Guaranteed?

If these weren’t tried, they’d never have anything to do on this blog. They’re the best guaranteed mediums of how to make money from bank account at convenience. Many persons attempted and today, they’re like gods and goddesses in the society. Have you fears? It’s okay to have fears but I’m giving you my words – these are guaranteed ways to cheat your bank. The banks know about it which is the more reason why these sort of ideas are less forwarded by them.

What banks instead propose often is how to ‘spend’ rather than double up for future. Slide away from their drifts and get on the lane of becoming rich.

Let’s Conclude!

You’ve seen for yourself, the top solid ways demonstrating how to make money from bank account smartly. With turns exchanged, it’s now time to make these senses a component of yours.

Do not, for any reason, attempt to question the effectiveness of any of the above stated claims, they’re real. Instead, try your best to infiltrate and see their effectiveness for yourself. If the ideas seem too dicey, try, at least, to attempt the first one. Believe me, it’s real and I’m a participant in one of the platforms.

2020 shouldn’t witness us remain morons to the banks. As they hit new levels, so should we and even beyond. Don’t save that money to lose, save instead to gain or do not save a penny!

This guide works like magic and is similar to commanding money spiritually – voodoo.


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