How to make extra income while working full time in 5 Simple Ways

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Looking for how to make extra income while working full time? Now the month is barely gone half, and your account is looking for a breath of life – despite you were just paid your monthly income some few days back. There are several of working class people in your shoes, and the worst part is that you might even be better off than 90% of other working class people.

When it comes to how to make extra income while working full time, lots of adults have no idea how to go about it. In this post, I will try as much as possible to simplify it to become achievable.

This post will be customized for those living in Nigeria, but it can work virtually every else on this planet.

I understand the complexity of having a full-time job and looking for how to make extra income to catch up with the high rising bills, the extra expenses that popped up, and possibly the much-needed vacation you’ve always dreamt of. How can this be possible when you’ve got a fixed source of income?

Don’t worry about that, I am going to show you how you can make extra income while working full time in a job. It has the same steps of starting a side hustle

Most people would advise you to complete online surveys, watch TV online, blab la bla just to make an extra income as a full time worker, but do they work? The probability of getting a legit program like all those is just like searching for a pin in the middle of an ocean. This is why I won’t recommend any of those.

Now let’s get straight to business;

How to make extra income while working full time in your job?

how to make extra income  while working full time

Invest in Mutual Funds

You can say you don’t have money to start up a little investment portfolio that pays you about 15.98% based on daily profit rate. This interest rate might not be fixed, that is why you should speak with the financial planner before making the investment.

This is one of the best ways to make extra income while working full time. Most of these investment opportunities I listed out are all secured, so there is no way you are going to lose your money.

When you invest in mutual funds, you save yourself the stress of calculating market share risk and all of those financial jargons. Your broker would help you do that, and your returns are guaranteed after the agreed period.

Write and Publish on Amazon

Do you know that books published on Amazon 10 years ago still make sales today? Imagine if you wrote a book about 5 years ago, and today you still make about $200 from the same book, isn’t it one of the ways to make extra income while working full time?

The only stress commitment part is to create the manuscript; aside from that, Amazon would help you accomplish the rest.

Now here is exactly how I am able to publish on Amazon and still work my full-time job;

  • I research about what I intend to write about. This means that I have to know the kind of books people are going to buy.
  • I hire a ghostwriter to help me out with the write-up using the conditions I give. You can find quality ghostwriters on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr – I recommend Upwork tho.
  • I hire a designer to help me with the book cover
  • Then I complete the steps before publishing on Amazon.

If this is sounding pretty much difficult, I have assembled a material for you that would guide you through this publishing process. It is very easy, and you’d get the tricks that top earners like me use to make a fortune just by publishing on Amazon.

Share your Ride

I understand how precious that car might be to you, but you really have to convert it from a liability to an asset. If you calculate the amount of cash your car gulps from gas, you’d know the importance of making side money by giving people lift for an agreed amount.

You can make extra income when going to work and when coming back daily isn’t a bad idea. All you need do is to pick everyone going towards your direction while going to work and pick people back while heading home.

You can check out for how much regular commuters charge for such services, and operate at the same rate. The good thing is that they would appreciate your vehicle more because it is comfortable and probably has good ventilation for your passengers. Apps like Uber can help you achieve that. You’d be able to leverage on a well-established company and carry out such duties.

Sell Things Online

If you have a product or service that you can deliver to people, I suggest you should consider opening an online store. If you decide to open an online store, there are simple steps you need to consider.

  • What you intend to sell
  • Whom you intend to sell it to
  • How much you would sell it
  • How can you deliver it to your clients

Once you are able to figure out the above, then you are ready to start selling. The advantage of having an online store is that you don’t need to move around to sell your products or services. Right from your office desk, you can perform seamless transactions. I have written a detailed guide on how to start an online store, and I believe it would help you start a perfect store. This idea is one fantastic way to make extra income while working full time.

Be Productive During Weekends

I totally understand the issue of pride, but right now it has to step aside if you want to know how to make extra income while working full time.  If you have a skill or passion, you can explore it during weekends.

There are several skills that can be converted to extra income to argument salaries.

  • Photography
  • Tutoring – There are several training centres that might need someone with your expertise to take a course or training. It is your duty to identify it and kick-start with them.

There are several other ways to be productive during weekends, and I explained in great details in this post.

It totally depends on you if you wish to make extra income while working full time. Making money isn’t exhaustive, it is only the effort that takes time to start. There are no shortcuts to making money legitimately. As a full-time day worker, you can also utilize your night periods to make extra income – only if you are a workaholic. Lmao.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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