Exposed!!! This is how to Make Blood Money in Nigeria

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How to Make Blood Money Rituals in Nigeria?

If you are looking for how to make blood money in Nigeria, then I will sure try and tell you all you need to know. Just to make it clear to you, you aren’t the only person looking for such a thing on the internet. There about 2,500 other people who are searching for the same information on the internet – the picture below proves that fact. The number of people searching for how to make blood money is almost the same as those searching for how to start Yahoo Yahoo.


search volume for "how to make blood money in Nigeria"

Number of people searching for how to make blood money in Nigeria


First of all, I will show you how the so-called blood money works; then you can know whether it is something you would want to go into. It is obvious that even from the so-called Nollywood movies have made the issue of blood money very popular in Nigeria. But before I show you how to make blood money in Nigeria, I will illustrate using a straightforward example I witnessed.

A few years ago I knew of a guy – from a poor home, who left home in search of greener pastures. After many years of hustling, he finally came back with so many riches – throwing money up and down the whole place. It raised suspicion, so as a friend I decided to ask him how he was able to make such a considerable amount of money within a short period.

Then he told me all I needed to know, which I will show you in this post.

The Origin of Blood Money in Nigeria

ritualists in the room who wants to make blood money in Nigeria

Ritualists in the room

The early Pagans practiced and worshiped their gods in such a way that you must sacrifice something to be able to prosper. This means that if they wanted to go to war and needed an assurance that they would be successful, they would offer a sacrifice to their gods to enable them to be victorious.

That is the same thing that is being replicated now. In the early period of human existence, most people would offer a sacrifice – which was mostly human sacrifice to appease the gods that were in reality then. They were doing it for any of the following reasons;

  • To make rainfall
  • To improve their farmlands/crop products
  • They would offer a sacrifice if they wanted to be victorious in war
  • To appease the gods of the lands generally

The introduction of missionaries in Nigeria was now able to stop the barbaric practices – at least for that period. But along the line, the method was re-introduced again, but differently. The main aim of the latest practice now was primarily “to make money.” This was now given a name “Blood Money.”

So what does blood money mean?

Blood money means merely the money that was gotten as a result of blood sacrifice. If you want to make blood money in Nigeria, you must involve the use of blood. Unfortunately, animal blood no longer works, so it must be that of a human being.

Before I take you to how to make blood money in Nigeria, you must also be aware of the following facts about blood money;

  • You must kill someone
  • There must be a means to make money
  • You must continue killing people to survive
  • A time comes when you finally pay for your sins

How do Ritualists make blood money in Nigeria?

shrine to make money in Nigeria

Blood money does not work the way many people think it does. It would be so weird that many think that once you find someone to kill, you call the person’s name about 10x, then money will start falling from the sky.

Blood money doesn’t work that way, and it will never work that way. According to the main story I heard from someone who confessed to me that he did blood money, “money never falls from the sky.” Killing someone is only a means to an end – which is making money fast.

Like I stated in the facts up, there must be a means to make money before blood money can become real for you. Imagine someone without any job trying to kill someone just to make money. It is 100% impossible for it to become real.

If you want to know how to make blood money in Nigeria, see the steps below (I haven’t done it before, I only got the information from someone.)

Have an aim

One of the people who utilize this method of recent is the yahoo plus guys. I wrote about yahoo plus and how they operate. I suggest you go back and read about them and how they act. The aim of most yahoo plus boys is to hypnotize their client while talking to them. Because of this, they visit a juju priest to help them achieve that aim.

The juju priest in most cases will ask them to do something awkward and strange, which might involve killing someone (especially their loved ones). When the STUPID ones go ahead with that, they will get the power on how to hypnotize their victims. Once they can hypnotize their victim, which is when they now make money from them.

Visit a Juju Priest

I will tell you for free that not all juju men can help you make blood money in Nigeria. Most of the people I have spoken to will tell you that the best juju men are found in the Benin Republic. I don’t know if this is true, but that is what I heard.

Bring all the conditions

Before you make blood money in Nigeria, the juju man must surely ask you to do so many stupid things. You would be amazed that some of these boys and men that go after blood money do so many nasty things just to get rich.

According to this friend who told me his story, he was asked to do the following things;

  • Sleep with a mad woman
  • Eat her poo
  • Then bring the picture of his sister
  • So many other smaller fetish things
how to make blood money in Nigeria

A ritualist

He obeyed because he wanted to become rich just like his other friends. After all those things he brought, he was then taken to a thick forest, and he slept there for 3 days. After the third day, he was asked to bath in public. He did all that just because he wanted to make blood money and become rich.

Live according to the Rules

The moment you have given your soul to the devil, you must abide by his rules – or else you perish. There are certain stupid rules that the juju priest will give to you, just to make sure you remain rich. In this case of this my friend, he was given the following rules;

  • Never to sleep with a boy on the same bed
  • Don’t eat food prepared by a man
  • Have a separate room that no one will ever enter
  • Don’t greet any woman.
  • Always present your sacrifice on time


I doubt if it is possible to do all these just because you want to be rich by blood money. You must continue living like this if you want your money to remain. If not, you will automatically become poor and die miserably. Just in case you forget, you must continue killing people if you want to keep living.

Facts to note before you decide to make blood money Rituals in Nigeria

You must continue your sacrifice

Since you became rich by killing someone, you must continue killing to retain the money. If you fail to keep sacrificing people, the supernatural power that gave you the ability to make that money will forever consume you.

Any mistake will kill you

It is pardonable to make mistakes because we are humans; but in the case of those who want to make blood money in Nigeria, you should know that any error means death. There is no excuse for making mistakes. The juju man won’t tell you this, but I am here to tell you.

You must surely die

I don’t mean the death of old age or accident; I expect an excruciating and slow death. The moment you put your life into the hands of a juju man for money, you will automatically be given a specific period to live on earth. The bad news is that nobody will tell you this before you join.

I started this post because I saw many people searching for how to make blood money in Nigeria. I told you that my friend gave me these secrets. The truth is that the same friend is almost at the point of death – because of all what he has done.

He is just 43 years, which means that he only enjoyed his money for 10years. Everything is about to vanish, so he had to confess to me – when I went to see him.

The video below will explain more to you about how blood money in Nigeria works and its consequences.

Just for those who are looking for how to make blood money in Nigeria, there is no gain in it. There are so many other ways to make money in Nigeria fast and live the life you wish to live. I hope you all success and remember to always believe in God. He will still see you through.

Till my next post again, just help me and share this post with all your friends on social media.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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