How to Make a Fake Driving License in Nigeria

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My Experimental Use of a Fake Drivers License in Nigeria

I urgently required my drivers license for a business some time ago here in Nigeria. I eventually lost out because of the stressful processes and fee involved in collecting the drivers license. Had I known how to make a fake driving license, I wouldn’t have lost that business.

Not long after, another occasion came up that also required my drivers license. Since I didn’t have enough money to pay for license, I tested a fake license generator for it. Guess what, the experimental license appeared obviously fake and was rejected despite my pleas.

How to make a fake driving license

Proud of the License

After learning my lessons, I immediately performed a deeper research on how to get a fake drivers license that works. This time around, no disappointments in the experiment and it was accepted. Even the checker machine couldn’t detect and that made my experiment of the fake license successful in Nigeria.

I know you’re urgently in need of a drivers license for a registration, business, visa verification, etc. Don’t worry, I will show you how to make a fake driving license that works using my experiment. You may then use it to secure successful registrations in Nigeria.

How to Get a Fake Drivers License that Works in Nigeria

There are two modes of making use of the fake license generator in Nigeria. In this article, both modes are carefully crafted for you to have a better understanding. They will include:

  • how to make a fake drivers license online for free
  • how to make a fake drivers license at home

There will be a deeper focus on how to make a fake drivers license online for free. This is because it is a pattern that anybody can easily follow in Nigeria. Also, this is the pattern I used to make a fake drivers license before taking it to a cyber café.


This option that allows you to design your license the way it best matches with Nigerian standard. Here, everything is done online and downloaded in form of a document. Some websites provide premium services while others give out for free. I know a couple of free websites that delivered me excellent fake drivers license for Nigeria. I will provide the websites as we proceed.

How to Make a Fake Drivers License Online for Free

There are 4 different ways of how to make a fake driving license online.

  • Downloading Online Maker Apps
  • Using License Maker Websites
  • Buying License Online
  • Accessing and Filling Driver Templates Online
  1. Downloading Online Maker Apps

There are several apps I would recommend for this experiment. The very first app should have been the Nigerian Drivers License & Number Plate Validator app, but requires patience (iPhone users should search the keyword). This particular app requires only your details for it to scan online and get back to you. The only problem I have with it is that it takes time.

Anyways, I also did the experiment using other online apps.

Note: Most of the fake license maker apps on Play Store and Apple Store are headache and not working.

How I Did Other Trials

For me to succeed on how to get a fake drivers license that works, I left the famous app stores. I went deeper into the internet in search of authentic license maker apps and I came up with two perfect ones.

  • Canva and another very rugged and illegal Nigerian license maker app. I will only provide this one on demand because it works even better.

For Canva

Using Canva is quite easier than you may have in mind. At first, it looked very complicated but I managed to understand it. Canva is a fake license generator that allows you to login with the app and create Nigerian drivers license free. This app provides different services.

  • It allows you to make license from existing templates.
  • You are free to modify the templates.
  • Also allows you to make yours on a friendly user interface.

All you have to do is create an account that should take you about 2 minutes and you’re almost done.

  1. Using License Maker Websites

For fake license generator on websites, you should have a strong network connection. The tools are strictly available online and cost data. The advantage is that they provide unlimited tools to making the fake license. I came across the premium and the free sites. I don’t think the premium one is what you need right now.

Note: You don’t have to be a pro designer to be able to use these websites.

Fake Online Nigeria Drivers License Maker

One good thing about Best Counterfeit is that they can even provide registered drivers license. However, this feature is not available for Nigeria at the moment. Well, we just have to settle for the unregistered one for now.

You will have to take the document for printing which will be done immediately.

  1. Buying License Online

This is an expensive medium but works great. I only recommend this option for people that need drivers license urgently for something. The reason is because the money you pay here would be almost enough to obtain an original one in Nigeria secretariats.

The sites that offer this services include:

  • 21 Overnight (you’ll like this one from the name)
  • Fake ID
  • Quality Counterfeit

Their charges are a bit high but they deliver professional license making.

After providing them with your location as Nigeria, also send them a sample of Nigeria drivers license. This would be helpful for them on how to make a fake driving license that works in Nigeria. Do not pay if the sample work has a mistake until they correct. When you receive the doc, go and print it where they have plastic card printers.

  1. Accessing and Filling Driver templates Online

I tried using online templates few weeks ago to prank my wife by switching with her original license. Just as I expected, she did not know. I later told her and she was wowed. I used PICturando templates to create the fake Nigerian drivers license.

I learnt that ‘ID Fakes’ provide quality license templates too. I do not really know this and can’t confirm the claims for you. However, I went through the website and their templates collections were amazing.

For me, using online templates is the most user-friendly way of making a fake drivers license in Nigeria. These websites allow you to explore the design and even tweak available templates to match anything.

Note: When done with the design, visit the closest printing store to print out the license. The store should have a plastic printer that is in a good condition for a better result.

I recently recovered my money from a scammer and I am sharing it with you.


This mode is good for people who own the Plastic Card Printers like Canon PIXMA.

How to Make a Fake Drivers License at Home

  • Submitting Details at the Nearest Cyber Café.
  • Using Offline License Creator Apps.
  1. Submitting Details at the Nearest Cyber Café

While you may not be conversant with the use of computer software or mobile apps, this should be the choice. If I had gone for this choice earlier, might be I wouldn’t have lost that business. An advantage of this option is that the computer operators are more skilled and would likely deliver something superb.

When the design corresponds with Nigerian standard, take your document home and print it out or pay the cyber café. I allowed the cyber café to run mine because I do not own a plastic card printer at home.

My Printing Story

Although I created mine using certain websites, I still made sure that the specialist goes through and tweak further. I really love perfection and I’m sure you might want yours to be perfect too. While I did my design was to cut cost. The specialist barely even charged me since I had something onboard already.

Note: If the nearest cyber café does not have a plastic printer, locate the nearest paperwork plaza.

  1. Using Offline License Creator Apps

While at home, you can run this fake drivers license offline. I now use mine to do pranks and other experiments. There are premium apps but I’ll recommend free apps for the license design. The only disadvantage is that the design tools are limited. And this owes to the smallness in the size of the app. Here is how to make a fake drivers license at home that works in Nigeria.

However, the best offline app is Fake ID Pro. This is a premium app but I can provide you a link to get it for free. Use the comment section to indicate interest.

Why You Need a Fake Drivers License

How to make a fake driving license

It Looks Real

There are several reasons why you need the fake drivers license in Nigeria.

  • To prank friends and family.
  • Avoiding to miss out on a registration that is close already.
  • Saving time, energy and money (do not make this permanent).
  • For experimental purposes like mine.
  • To make money.

Concerning the aspect of making money, you might want to help people sort their licenses faster and get paid. It’s simpler when you familiarise yourself with the tools and templates. You can as well extend your ability to other license categories. But note that it is illegal to use fake drivers license in Nigeria, especially on the road while driving.

Other than the above needs, there is no other reason why you need a fake drivers license in Nigeria.

I can’t believe that I finally chatted up Cardi B on WhatsApp!


This is purely an experimental use of the fake Nigeria drivers license in Nigeria. Other than the justifiable experiments you just read, this blog advises against the making and proliferation of fake drivers licenses.

Note: I do not recommend driving around with a fake drivers license in Nigeria.

The best option remains subscribing to the original license plans which include the 3 years and 5 years plan respectively. However, be ready to spend nothing less than 15,000 Naira or more for either of these drivers license plans in Nigeria. Obtaining the original is a form of paying tax to help the government with revenue generation. This in turn helps the country to grow bigger and better every day by day.

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