How to Hack a Facebook Account Within 5 Minutes in Nigeria

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How to Hack Facebook Without Any Payment or Any Shit

Hello sharp hustlers out there. This is another smart edition of ways to hustle and gain big in Nigeria. I decided to expose the working ways on how to hack a Facebook account since Facebook upgraded their security measures. One of the measures Facebook applies is the ‘Two-Way Authentication’ which makes it difficult to breach an account. It’s still possible to hack because there are still ways on how to hack Facebook without any payment or any shit.

how to hack a facebook account

Live Hack

For many reasons, you need a Facebook account and you have to do the following to get one.

  1. Pay people to sell you an old account.
  2. Or pay hackers to sell you a hacked account.

But with what I am about to expose, you will know how to hack Facebook account in Nigeria. In short, you can even hack any Facebook account outside Nigeria with these techniques.

Note: This is purely educative and only exposes how people hack Facebook accounts.

This piece has been simplified and you must pay attention if you must know how to hack a Facebook account.

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Easiest Facebook Accounts to Hack in Nigeria and Abroad

Some accounts are difficult to hack because of the password structure. For instance, it will be tough to hack an account with ‘**6J5hh#@jj920j’ as password. If the account you want to hack uses such a password, be ready for two things.

  • Many hours or days before success.
  • Impossibility.

But a Facebook account that has a simple password like the user’s name or phone number is easier. This means that a key logger will be able to crack down the password without going through a difficult mathematical operation. When password is easy, crackdown can take place within seconds or minutes.

4 Ways Hackers Use to Hack Any Facebook Account Fast

There are various methods that hackers use to hack a Facebook account. I will be showing you 4 of the methods of how to hack Facebook without any payment.

Interesting enough, you don’t require any knowledge of coding or any shit to carry them out. These are the tested ways on how to hack Facebook account in Nigeria or abroad without trace.

  1. Hacking a Facebook with SS7 Attack

how to hack a Facebook account

SS7 Attack

First, know that SS7 is an acronym for Signaling System No. 7.  SS7 is the communication protocol that service providers like MTN, GLO and many others use to communicate with their clients. This protocol allows these service providers to do a lot including:

  • To properly charge every of its users accurately for services.
  • For SMS and calls and few others.

‘Sadly and fortunately’, this protocol is old and very vulnerable for hackers. Hackers can use this protocol to read every communication happening with a particular phone number.

Now, we are transferring the weakness of this protocol to Facebook. That is, you’ll understand that you have to deceive a service provider to send you the data of the target. Under this method, I will be teaching you how to use the Sigmo Impulses to deceive the service provider of the Facebook target. For me, this is the method with the least stress. That is, it is not as stressful and as mathematical as the use of key logging and some others.

How Does SS7 Work in Hacking Facebook?

Don’t worry because I will try to be as detailed as possible in this article. First, there are three basic things to have in place. They include:

  • SS7
  • A computer
  • Sigmo Impulses
  • Target’s phone number registered to the Facebook account.
  • Linux
  • Java SE Runtime Environment (Version 1.7+). Request for authentic link via the comment section.

To get a target’s phone number shouldn’t be a problem. There are 3 ways you can get target’s phone number (if you don’t know them).

  1. Via their Facebook profile.
  2. Tricking them in chats to share it with you.
  3. Generating the phone number with OSIF script.

Yes, you can generate a user’s account phone number even if they set it to Only Me. If you attempt the first two methods without success, get back to me for the OSIF scripting. They would even be surprise at how you discovered their phone number.

If you have a 64bits system, you equally require ‘.Tar.gz’. Now, Run and install the Java Se Runtime Environment at a directory you desire. Complete installation and then copy the .tar.gz file to that that directory. In that directory, unpack the tarball and run installations for Java Runtime Environment. (You will find the installations under the directory jdk).

Back to Safeseven. Extract the files to your home directory and execute the WireShark in Kali Linux (launch the Kali Linux).

Here are the next steps to follow:

  • Select SCTP (data capturing begins)
  • Launch the terminal with CTRL + ALT + T. This is where the toughest deal comes in and I will have to direct you to an already established hacking script.

This step will be broad and as such, my co-writer has sourced for a channel that guides more on it. Here is what you have to do according to our Source.

Edit client_config file as Follows

Note: Focus on the area marked orange.

“` //Client

SERVER_IP = “IP of STP you are connecting to”

CLIENT_IP =“IP address provisioned for you in



CLIENT_PORT=“client provisioned port”

IS_SERVER =FALSE “should be always false”

Local_SPC =“point code assigned to you”

Remote_SPC = “point code of STP”

Local_SSN =“local ssn” Remote_SSN =“remote

ssn” Routing_Context =“routing context

assigned to you by STP”

NETWORK_INDICATOR =“Network indicator”

Local_GT =”Local global title assigned to you”

Remote_GT =”remote Global title you are

testing” “` “Network indicator” Local_GT =”Local

global title assigned to you”

Remote_GT =”remote Global title you are

testing” “`

Commands for Simulating SS7 Network

Simulating HLR: java -jar server.jar hlr_config

Simulating MSC/VLR: java -jar server.jar


Running STP: java -jar STP.jar stp_config

Commands for Running SafeSeven

MS Related Operations: java -jar SMS.jar


USSD Related Operations: java -jar ussd.jar


Call Related Operations: java -jar

Call_Handling.jar client_config

Mobility Related Operations: java -jar

Mobility.jar client_config

Mobility Related Operations: java -jar

Mobility.jar client_config

How to Initiate SS7 Attack

You will use MapSMS.jar:

Later Steps Involved in the Hacking

Go to Facebook and enter the target’s phone number and hit ‘forgot password’. This codes as SendRountingForSM addressing MAP. Now, the Home Resource Locator will respond with:

  • Own address
  • Serving MSC address
  • International Mobile Subscriber Identity

Further Step

Input the phone number with you on the MSC provided. Now, the Home Location Register with alter the number destination. That is, it will tweak your location as the actual location for details to be sent.

How it Finally Works and Ends

Facebook will send an OTP to the new location. Now, the MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) will change SMS to SMS-C and this will affect how SMS responds to Home Locator Register. Instead of Home Locator Register to provide SMS with actual location, it will provide an MSC address which does not belong to the original user. This means that the OTP sent by Facebook misses the right road and arrives at your end.

Finally, SMS-C plays a role again by translating SMS to fake MSC (Mobile Switching Centre).

I should have shown the casual pattern but I decided to stress my life for you. To obtain the OTP which is the SMS, visit your WireShark. The WireShark is the executor that houses the SMS which you use to access the target account.

  1. Traditional Phishing

how to hack a facebook account

Spear Phishing

This is the normal way of hacking Facebook account. But it has lots of disadvantages because people have now been enlightened. It is even hopeless when you’re attempting to phish a young person because they won’t fall for it. However, attempting on the elderly may increase your chances of success.

Just like key logger, brute force and dictionary, it requires patience that may never pay. This means that the chances are 50/50 but still works. I’m bringing it in because even though it’s fast dying, it works, but not always.

Some Yahoo boys use yahoo plus rituals to phish target and it works.

  1. Hack Fb Using Kali Linux: Credential Harvester

For some reasons, I’ll will not publish the authentic link for Kali Linus download in this article. I will publish it once there is a request for it by any smart hustler in the comment section.

This method on how to hack Facebook without any payment is assured if you apply common sense. I will show you how to hack any Facebook account using a Social Engineering toolkit with Kali. The tool is called Credential Harvester and it’s a badass tool for hacking.

The Credential Harvester

how to hack a facebook account

Credentials Harvester Working

This is a phish-like engineering hacking pattern. This attack clones Facebook and makes it look like the original Facebook website. You will then send the generated link to the target account holder via email, WhatsApp or any other platform. The target will enter his/her Facebook username and password in the link and click login. The moment that is done, the login details are forwarded back to you. And guess what, the target is redirected to the main Facebook without knowing what just happened.

This method is powerful and I’ll show you how it is done using Kali Linux to hack any Facebook account.

What You Require

You don’t require things other than:

  • Your common sense.
  • A laptop.
  • Kali Linux software.
  • Social Engineering Toolkit (Credential Harvester).
  • Strong network connection.

Before Initiating Credential Harvester

The first thing(s) you have to do is to be friends with the target. Whether the target is a known friend or not, just be conversant with him/her. Earn their trust and eventually take advantage of it.

Most Facebook users have up to 5,000 friends and do not even know up to 1,000 of them. Trust me, out of the remaining 4,000, at least 100 are hackers. Make yourself available and lie to them during a chat that you’ll be sending them a Facebook link that upgrades their account. In short, formulate any sweet lie and give to them. They’ll certainly believe you, whether they like it or not.

How to Successfully Hack Fb Account Using Kali Linux with Credential Harvester

Let me show you how to hack a Facebook account with Kali for free. The first thing you have to do is to launch the terminal. You can use the shortcut button CTRL + ALT + T to access the command.

There are two ways to access the terminal for the hacking proper.

  1. As a root user.
  2. And as a non-root user.

As a non-root user, here is what you should do.

  • Type ‘sudo root’.
  • Input your PC password to proceed.

‘Application’. You will find it at the top left side of the screen. From the dropdown, select Kali Linux > Exploitation Tools > Social Engineering Toolkit > Setoolkit.


Type in root@kali~# setoolkit in the Kali Linus terminal.

Input y (yes) to agree to terms and conditions.

You can now proceed from if you were using the first pattern.

Now, select the displayed options for the hacking to proceed. From the menu:

  • Enter ‘1’ (Social Engineering Attacks)
  • Input ‘2’ (Website Attack vectors)
  • ‘3’ (Credential Harvester Attack)

Hit ‘2’ to enable the Site Cloner option and open a new terminal window. The reason for opening a new terminal window is to be able to find your IP address. On the new window, input ifconfig and hit enter to show correct IP address

Now, copy the IP address and paste it immediately after Harvester/Tabnabbing. It should be something like this.

Harvester/Tabnabbing :

When it asks for the website, input

You’re almost done now!

The final thing is to convert your IP address to by shortening the IP address with shortening services like, tinyurl, etc.

And finally, forward the generated to the target and ask them to follow it. It will appear like original Facebook and they will use it to login. Once they connect, the details are sent to you. You can find the details by doing the following:

  • Go to Home.
  • Click on Root.
  • Click on Var.
  • Click on www and you’ll find the .txt file containing the details.
  1. Submitting the Account to Online Hackers

I will provide you with some authentic websites that can crackdown a Facebook account password within seconds. Most of these sites are merely organizations carrying out experiments with their programming skills. Surprisingly, some of them are just engineering students exploring the dark side of science and tech.

how to hack a facebook account

Hacking Facebook Online

Moreover, they claim they do not teach how to hack a Facebook account nor advocate for it. They’ll also claim that they’re not responsible for any effect thereafter between you and the hacked Facebook account. But as we already know, most of them have hacking courses and you might want to contact them to learn. Apart from learning how to hack Facebook using SS7, you’ll learn hundreds more.

How Online Hacking Sites Operate

These sites operate just the way you would operate. The differences between them and yourself are:

  1. They have the tools readily available.
  2. More skilled personnel control the operations.

Disadvantages of Using Online Facebook hacking Sites

  • Some of them offer paid services.
  • You risk not obtaining the password when the successfully hack.
  • They are masked.

Top Free Facebook Hacking Websites

The SicZine website is not a free website but you can cheat them if you want to. They charge only after the hacking is successful and you can test whether it’s okay. After that, quickly change the password to something difficult to prevent them from having access.

Brute Force and Dictionary Attack

These two methods are just additions. Basically, I do not recommend these two, especially brute force. They are somehow outdated but still very effective if you have luck standing by your side. If you have the time to waste and enough patience, you can attempt them. They’re literarily not the juiciest method on how to hack a Facebook account.

I’ll also advise you that Dictionary Attack can crack difficult passwords while Brute Force won’t be able. Thus, Dictionary attack is better because the target might be combining difficult characters for Facebook account password.


These are the most perfect methods on how to hack Facebook account in Nigeria and abroad. What you require is just a simple confidence and common sense. And I stated earlier, these are just mere exposure of how these things are done.

You can follow this pattern to regain your hacked Facebook account. If you also feel that your spouse is cheating, simply follow any of these methods to access their messenger. You don’t have to confront them or nag about what you are not sure of all the time.

Note that these methods work and would always work as long as you execute them smartly. I experimented with my second Facebook account and it worked like magic. With this, I’m not afraid of any hacker who feels he/she can tamper with my privacy or steal my data. This could be you if you thread with sense and ask questions.

You won’t find something this elaborate anyway for free. And even if you do, it will be compromised. Here is an opportunity to do it yourself and succeed.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

Obinwanne Umunna
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