How to Get Guys to Send you Money

Money has always been a sensitive and vital subject in relationships. Women appreciate it when their boyfriends pay for dates and other expensive items. Some cultures around the world promote a culture where men pay for everything. Because of this norm, you should take advantage and learn how to get guys to send you money.

But in today’s world, it is obsolete. In a relationship, equality and balance are becoming the order of the day. We are no longer in an era where men can use money to get the woman they want, nor are women dependent on men for their survival.

Splitting bills and other expenses are now common practice among dating couples. No single party is responsible for all costs. Women can’t deny that they want to be spoiled by their men. Don’t worry; I’ll show you how to get guys to send you money.

It would help if you considered clever ways to get your boyfriend to give you money. Since men are very kind when they are happy, so it won’t be very difficult to learn how to get guys to send you money.


How to Get Guys to Send you money

The list below contains all the steps to take if you want to learn how to get guys to send you money. While you execute the steps, remember that learning how to get guys to send you money takes patience – do not rush your man. You can also learn how to ask your boyfriend for money.

Be yourself 

Strangely, being yourself makes a guy desire to pamper you. Demonstrate your independence that you are capable of taking care of yourself. As a girl, you do not need to admire his cars, home, etc.; remain calm, and he will know you are a strong lady.

If you are yourself, your guy will know that you are real, and you do not hide anything from him.


Be Kind

To get guys to send you money, you need to be as kind as possible. There are numerous ways to exhibit behaviours like paying for his launch or inviting him over for a movie date and purchasing him a ticket. It is often believed that the lesser kind gesture has a greater effect on males.


Make Him Dream Of You

One of the best ways on how to get guys to send you money is by making them dream of you. Your guy will be ever willing to send you money even without asking if he constantly has you in his dream.

Having wild sex and sexual situations, exhibiting marriage skills, and others are some of the ways you can make a guy dream of you. Others may include walking around half-naked or consistently making you feel h*rny.


Be Loyal

You must be loyal in a relationship, not simply to get your boyfriend’s money but because it is the right thing to do. Which guy will like to spend on someone who cheats? You have to prove your affection for him so he would spend his money on you.

Additionally, suppose he has confidence in your loyalty towards him. In that case, you have nothing to worry about money because he will even be the person reminding you that he is yet to change your clothes.

Loyalty on the girl’s part is important when seeking how to get guys to send you money.


Wish Him A Happy Morning

Men would always want to wake up to a great day. There are numerous sexy ways you can explore if you’re going to welcome your man into the new day. For instance, you can receive him into a happy day by giving him early morning s*x, breakfast in bed, walking around naked, preparing, etc.

Doing all the aforementioned treats will give your man no reason not to send you money and make you happy.


Don’t waste his money

Let’s suppose your lover is a really generous man who doesn’t mind you spending his money. Even when the above example applies to you, it is important to consider and not waste your money. In fact, wasting his money is sending wrong signals that you are not the one for him. And with these, you do not also expect him to send you money.

Instead of wasting their money, use it to get things for them to appreciate you and most likely send you more money.


Spend For Him

Another trick on how to get guys to send you more is to spend for him. As mentioned in the previous point, instead of wasting your boyfriend or other guy’s money, opt to spend it on valuable things and send it to him.

It would be stupid to expect their man to give you money when you’re so tight with him. It’s also acceptable to treat him to something unplanned this summer, and he’ll treat you better next time.

When spending on your man, ensure you do not buy him cheap gifts because he would begin to feel that you do not care or love him anymore. Don’t go about purchasing traditional underwear or singlet.

Expensive gifts to fully state your commitment to your man sending you money are by getting him expensive perfumes or smartphones. Besides, since your man can do it for you, what stops you from replicating his actions?


Never Demand Too Much

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is perfectly normal for you to ask for money from your man because it is the responsibility he has taken. On the other hand, when the request for money becomes excessive or constant, it turns into demands.

While your husband or boyfriend can overlook normal demand, excessive demand for expensive items like Apple Watches, iPhones, wigs, and others can deter your relationship. Asides from causing havoc to your relationship, it also means that the girl has nothing else to offer but only to ask for money.


Agree to his sexual demands

Learning how to get guys to send you money cannot be successful if you don’t agree to his sexual demands. If you really need to start getting guys to send you money, you need to be able to key into his sexual demands. For example, your man may want to have sex in the bathroom with you, have sex while using the toilet, have sex with you in public, and have sex in the pool.

Perhaps, refusing to key into his sexual demands like the one mentioned above means the girl is not interested in getting a particular guy to send her money. You must be willing to give your boyfriend or husband any sexual move, should and when he needs it.

Failure to complain about any of his sexual demands is sending a positive message to your man that you willingly accept – making him have every reason to send you money.


Assist him in paying some bills 

Whether you stay with him or not, assisting your husband or boyfriend in paying some bills is critical in getting him to send you money. When you help him in paying some bills, he will forever appreciate you and meet all your demands whenever you need them. Alongside appreciating you, he will also have confidence that he will not waste his hard-earned money on you.

Instances, where you can assist your boyfriend in paying some bills, can be in a restaurant, electricity bills, or subscription services.



Making your boyfriend or husband give you money doesn’t make you cheap. You are a girl, and you deserve all the love you necessarily need to get. Others may not like you if you keep squandering your boyfriend’s money, but hey, whose business is it?

While you learn how to get guys to send you money, remember to repay his kindness even if it isn’t equal.

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