How to Get financial freedom fast – Secrets of Financial Success

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The idea of how to get financial freedom fast is one idea embedded in the hearts of virtually everyone out there. Everybody wants financial freedom; but painfully as it may sound, not everyone can get it. The term financial freedom has gained so much popularity in a dynamic financial setting we’ve found ourselves today. More than ever before, people are now looking for easier ways to make money online, home based business and opportunities that would enhance their financial condition.

A simple search on the internet would reveal to you the large number of “how to make money” searches on the internet. This has led to tons of programs, webinars, and seminars from experts, teaching people how to get financial freedom fast.

But here is something we should have in mind before we proceed further;


There is something we all have in common, and that is time. Celebrities, famous authors, CEOs and every other important person out there all have 24 hours to spend in a day. More often than we think, we always do exchange our time for money.

Day in and out, we spend about 12 hours or more at our workplace to earn money. We work extra hard to make more money, but we aren’t able to get financial freedom fast.

It is very simple to know how to get financial freedom fast, enjoying life without having a drastic effect on our income. This is achievable through simple, steady, and disciplined steps that would be outlined below.

Steps on How to Get Financial Freedom Fast

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To get financial freedom fast is a question of determination. We just need to continuously learn new tactics that would guide us towards our journey to financial freedom.  We must make a plan; set a goal, work hard to accomplish that plan and get the goal. Here are the 7 steps that would help you get financial freedom fast in life.

Create a Successful Image of yourself


You are who you think you are. The image you create for yourself is what you eventually become. The journey to financial freedom starts when we have a unique description of who we are. We must revisit the thoughts of ourselves, and recalibrate the way we think. We remember that we were once told that to be successful and earn money that we must work hard.

Once upon a time, a donkey fell into a deep pit. After several futile trials to bring the donkey out, the owner decided to just bury the donkey right inside the pit. There he went throwing in sands into the pit where the donkey was. The owner would throw sand inside the pit and the donkey would shake it off and climb onto a higher ground. Gradually it continued till it came out of the hole towards freedom.

You see; the dirt in the story represents the challenges that we all are going to face on our road to achieving financial freedom. The moment you are able to change your mindset, that is when you start making so much money. A healthy perception of money is one just how to get financial freedom fast.

One of the perceptions to change is the idea of working for money. Instead, I suggest you make money work for you. Remember we all earn money to be able to get our needs. In the end, financial freedom means self-liberation.

Know what you want


Would you possibly leave home without knowing where you are heading to? The same way we can’t start our journey to financial freedom without knowing what exactly we intend to get.

This is the most important activity that you need to do if you intend to reach your goals. Vision is the most important factor in your success. You should be able to define to define it before you start your journey to financial freedom.

“What do you want to get?”

“Why do you want to get financial freedom fast?”

You have to answer the above questions as you develop your visions.

As soon as you’ve answered the above questions, then you take the following steps below.

  • Write your vision and dreams in details.
  • Meditate on your dreams day and night. It is imperative to feel your dreams coming true right from within. When you start believing, you start achieving. An adage says that what your mind can conceive, your heart can believe, then your body can get.
  • Don’t give up.

The last point is the most important. There may be obstacles on your way, but it is necessary to be focused and never give up.

Earn as much as you can


The simplest way to fail on your journey to get financial freedom fast is to have just a single source of income. Nobody ever became a millionaire by having just a single source of income. It is similar to depending on just one water source for all your water needs. What happens if that source runs dry?

You should strive to have multiple streams of income. The higher the streams of incomes you have, the better your chances of achieving financial freedom fast.

Do a research on how to build multiple streams of income. Personally, I do recommend building strong passive streams of income. There are several legitimate home businesses, online business opportunities that are available on the internet. You must do an extensive research, and be careful not to fall into the hands of scammers.

The goal is to have several streams of income that generate money for you on daily basis.

Save as much as you can


There is a huge difference between saving to spend, and saving to get rich. Saving to buy a liability makes you fall into debt fast while saving to get rich is just how to get financial freedom fast. As soon as you earn from your streams of income, it is advisable to save a part of your profit before making any other expenses. With this method, you’d end up paying yourself first, and accumulating money.

There are several investment vehicles where you can put your money and expect good returns. These investment portfolios are secured and trusted. I would recommend savings accounts, mutual funds or possibly reinvesting into your own business. I wouldn’t suggest the stock market because it is kinda complex, and you might end up losing all you invested when the stock comes crashing.

You should always research where you put your money to avoid you falling for scammers who are ready to rip you off your hard-earned cash.

As the popular saying goes – “save in the spring to avoid begging in the fall”

Simplify your life


When the money starts coming in, you’d be tempted to start living above your means. You’d feel like buying things which you know are not important – but you’d want them anyway. It would make your journey to financial freedom pretty difficult.


There are many important things you’d need more than material things. Simplifying your life would help you get financial freedom fast. It will help you get rid of things that would act like liabilities.

Differentiate between things you need and things you want. If you don’t really need it, then don’t buy it.

Achieving real financial freedom lies in the relationship we have with others. You should spend time relating to people who share the same vision and dreams like you do. It would help a lot.

How to get financial freedom fast is pretty simple but requires dedication to your plans and goals. There’d be difficulties along the way, but those challenges are there to mould us and not to bring us down. Always focus on your goals no matter what comes your way.

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Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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