High Paying Job? How to get one in 2019

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High Paying Job? How to get one in 2019


No gimmicks, no stories, it worked for me; it can also work for you. Do you need a high paying job? Let me show you how I got mine.

This would be the shortest article you would ever read, but it would certainly be the best. Just be sure you don’t miss any line while reading. You might miss important information along the line.

After reading this and you are in Lagos or anywhere in the country, go ahead and take action immediately. The more you procrastinate, the more time you waste. Getting a high paying job is simple if you know the tricks to apply and get it.


How can you get a High-Salary Job?

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Get a High-Value Skill

This is the only hard work in the steps I am about to show you. If you want to earn 200k and above, you must have the skill that the common graduate doesn’t have.

If you have ever been to a “Front Desk” interview before, you will see the large crowd hustling to get the single slot for the role.

Have you been to a “Java Software Developer” interview before? You wouldn’t see more than 5 people waiting to be interviewed for 3 slots.

The reason is simple; Software developers are high in demand because most of them choose not to work for anybody but themselves.

They don’t fancy the idea of using their skills to enrich their employers; so the ones who are willing to work are very small in number. This leaves a huge gap between the “Demand” for developers vs. the “Supply”.

If you are fortunate to be among those who possess this skill, you would have lots of options to decide the following;

  • Where you work
  • How much you earn
  • How you work
  • You determine how you get paid.
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Does anything sound better than any of the above? It is up to you to go for it now that the year is still fresh.

Decide on the skill you intend to learn

No need to bother your brains, I will show you some of the skills that you need to learn to get a high salary. I have researched this for so long, and I know them already.

No need to stress yourself over where you can learn all these for a cheap price, I will drop a link for all of these courses. You can do well to thank me later or even pay your tithe when the going becomes great and simple.

Revamp your CV and Cover Letter

I assume you have gotten your skill, now is the time to insert it into your CV. I have written on several ways to write a CV and Cover Letter that will make any employer beg you to work for them.

If you don’t know how to write, you can click here to contact me to help you write. It would come for a little fee that would serve as your benchmark for success.

Use good Job sites

I don’t think you would want to work for anybody after learning any of these skills. But just in case you would want to work, My Recommended Centre offers to help graduates find job placements after completion of their studies.

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This would be a good opportunity to get real-time hands-on job experience or get a real job in a company that would be begging for your services.

I have just two recommended job sites that are worth it, and they include;

  • Nairaland Job vacancy section
  • myjobmag.com

I can’t say for others, but I believe you would trust my judgment.

This was how exactly I got my high-paying job. I can’t call it luck because it worked for me, because I know that this process has also worked for others that used it earlier on.

What are you still waiting for? Go out there and get those damn skills that would make you a millionaire.

Don’t forget to drop questions and I will answer them.

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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