How to earn as a guest writer

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Guest writing is simply writing and publishing information on someones blog or website. Most times, the writer might either be a blog owner, website owner or just a freelancer looking to making some little cash. Before establishing this blog, I have been guest writing for lots of blogs and sites for a long time. I earn as a guest writer currently and will keep earning all the time.

One of the disadvantages of being and earning as a guest writer is that you lose automatic right to ownership of the content you wrote. This means that you are not allowed to reproduce that exact copy elsewhere. Aside that, the advantages outweighs the disadvantages.

For you to earn as a guest writer, you must be a great writer like I explained in Becoming a better writer. This will help your articles to become top-notch articles. You can’t go guest writing in a site, and give them articles that are well below their standards, nobody will give you a second chance.

To earn as a guest writer, there are lots of advantages like I explained earlier. Some of it are;

  • Gives you a chance to gain recognition: You can use your opportunity as a guest writer on someone’s blog to create a kind of recognition for yourself. I believe you are familiar with some guest columnists on several tabloids and newspapers in the country. It operates the same way online. Your name and several other personal information about you is placed online, and your readers can see it.
  • You earn money: Some sites online accepts guest post and also pay the writers for their service. This is a double added advantage because your recognition grows and also money in the pocket. You can download most of the websites Here.
  • Increases your portfolio: As a guest writer/freelancer, you need lots of proven written works to prove to clients that you are capable for the job. Most of them would love to see your former write ups to know if you are worth their cash. There is no better way of proving to them than showing them top quality sites you have written for.
  • It helps grow your audience: Since your details are attcahed to every post you make, it is normal for people to talk about how superb your work looks. This in turn will create an avenue where people invite others to read about you. That way, you will have an ever growing list of audience.
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  • Learn to write a sales pitch: You can see more explanation Earning as a writer
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Read other writer’s article.


We also accept guest posts at topwritersden. So if you believe you have what it takes, do well to send a mail to We will get back to you. Thanks!

Please share this post with your friends. It will also help them

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